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  1. Maybe a few of you remember me and the poems I used to write, I am sure Kinot does,I couldn't get on this site very much because we couldn't afford a new computer,and the old one just would not let me log in to anything,but we have a new computer and so I am back,still as mad about the HABS as before,and I am going to the game in Vancouver tomorrow,I still can't believe it,I will actually see the boys live.

    I have still been reading the site nearly everyday,when I haven't been able to log on. It's nice to see all the UK fans joining,although I live now in Canada I am from the UK.


    GO HABS GO :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  2. Obviously line mates and ice time is important for most players but for a guy like Bourque its hugely important. As bad as he's looked for stretches, I dont actually think its been due to lack of effort most of the time. I am hoping he gets off to a strong start this year & can get back to a 20-25+ goal season again.

    I agree he never looks lazy to me,just unlucky,he started last season well twice he scored on PKs stretch passes,but nothing went in for him after that,he would look good holding the cup really high.

    GO RENE :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: GO

  3. Not seen him play much know nothing about him,but if he gels with Larry and Bouque and they play like they did in the playoffs,will be as nearly as good as any second line in the league and better than most,can't wait to see him play,being here with his boyhood team should motivet him just like Wiese.


  4. I have just had some really good news,after months of chemo and all the other things,my daughter had to go through,they say my daughters cancer is in remission.They do not know much about how long it will last or anything else,as very few people of my Suzannes age get this type of cancer,usually people get it in their 70's.

    There is no cure,but hopefully it stays away a long time,Suzanne has to go back for more dialysis,to harvest more stem cells in case it reoccurs,as they didn't get enough to bank it first time.

    This is such a relief,every thing else seems,like nothing now,this has been the worst time of my life.

    Another piece of news my oldest grandaughter is getting married next year,in December,she is contrary didn't want a summer wedding because most people get married in the summer,like Grandma like grandaughter,both my weddings have been in the winter.

    So now I should be able to get back to normal,and really enjoy things again.

    GO HABS GO :wub::wub: :wub: :wub::wub:

  5. It was an easy signing, i agree completely, we have way too many low pairing dmen. But the FA market hasn't opened yet, so there's still time to land a top 4 dman, who could slide into a top pairing role in case of injury.

    Are there going to be an decent UFA's this year on defence,anything even half good will be resigned by their teams,anything really good won't go to Montreal

    GO HABS GO :wub::wub: :wub:

  6. Please please Chicago beat the Gooins,then you will always be my second team,the Gooins do not deserve it with their dirty play,it is such a shame that these players who can really play,cheat all the time play and play dirty,you can't say that they are not talented,but I just dislike the way they play so much,just spoils all they can do for me.It will be interesting,because Chicago is all about playing fast offensive hockey,I think it will all be down to the coaching,I just hope Quenville can out coach the blubber ball.


  7. Played a good game against the USA,although he did cause a too many men on the ice penalty,they were saying about how he controls the blue line just what I said in my last post,they said he was one of the best in the NHL,Diaz blocked a shot off of Chucky,one of the best shots for the US,the Swiss really outplayed them.

    GO DIAz GO :wub::wub: :wub:

  8. I think you are being a bit harsh Weeps,Diaz was not bad last season,and was even better before he got injured,if Diaz is on the blue line,literally the only way they get the puck past him,is to take it past him,you can't ice the puck very often he nearly always stops it.It will be good to see him play against the US in the worlds.

    GO DIAZ GO :wub::wub: :wub: :wub:

  9. Can't disagree with you. We can afford to put off the search for an impact forward for at least a year, since we score more than enough goals by committee to get the job done, but the need on defense is dire.

    I agree about getting a D man,but you have to remember it was only this last season that we scored so many goals,hopefully this continues.I don't see Emelin back before January if we are lucky.Get some rest and get well soon Emelin.

    GO EMELIN GO :wub::wub: :wub:

  10. The swelling has still not gone down yet,according to HIO,they still don't know if he will need an operation,don't forget Gorges played for years with the same thing.What ever happens I hope he gets well quickly,we will need him next year,co's I don't think MB is going to do much in the way of changes.

    GO EMELIN GO :wub::wub: :wub:

    He has the sweetest smile

  11. [ 18] Colby Armstrong

    [14 ] Nathan Beaulieu

    [15 ] Mike Blunden

    [ 16] Francis Bouillon

    [7 ] Rene Bourque

    [ 17] Peter Budaj

    [ ] David Desharnais

    [10 ] Raphael Diaz

    [ ] Davis Drewiske

    [ ] Gabriel Dumont

    [ 5] Lars Eller

    [8 ] Alexei Emelin

    [ 7] Alex Galchenyuk

    [ 6] Brendan Gallagher

    [ 19] Brian Gionta

    [11 ] Josh Gorges

    [20 ] Jeff Halpern

    [ ] Tomas Kaberle

    [ 12] Andrei Markov

    [ ] Travis Moen

    [9 ] Max Pacioretty

    [ ] Greg Pateryn

    [ 1] Tomas Plekanec

    [ 2] Carey Price

    [4 ] Brandon Prust

    [ ] Michael Ryder

    [3 ] P.K. Subban

    [13 ] Jarred Tinordi

    [ ] Yannick Weber

    [ ] Ryan White

    I haven't taken part in much this season but life is better now and I don't have so many other things on my mind now,so I will be back to normal(if I could ever be called that)next season.

    GO HABS GO :wub::wub::wub: :wub:

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