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  1. I just wrote my thankyou in the senators HABS thread then I come back and here this is,but I don't care I can say thankyou again. Thankyou for a really suprising season love you all. GO HABS GO :wub:
  2. Poor Diaz hasn't been quite the same since he came back from injury,by the time the training camp comes around,hw will be back to his old self. GO DIAZ GO :wub:
  3. Have to agree with that,he was the only one still trying to play GO GIO GO
  4. Flying back from England one year and the final game was on,the captain kept us all informed of the score.I am sure if you ask they will tell you. Not worried about the Sens we can do this,just make Eller and the kids first line,give them 25 mins apiece and watch them go,they have more energy and stamina than the old guys, played world championship games last year,much bigger stage than this,this is local,and none of them have made really bad glaring mistakes this year,yeah give the kids their heads much more fun,and they can match speed with anyone,I may be crazy but I would love it. GO HABS GO love my team
  5. Sorry we have to knock the Sens out but there it is,I think they will be harder to play than the Laffs,but will be better practice for the next round,although anything can happen,I am just so pleased with the turnaround this year,I shall be happy with whatever happens as long as they play hard and don't give it away which I don't think is likely.Has anyone heard any rumours about Spezza being back,I heard he could be. GO HABS GO :wub:
  6. I vote we send him home with Gally in the off season and let Gally's Dad work with him,seem to have done a good job with our ball of fire.He would help to fill him out. GO TINORDI GO
  7. Sorry I'm late Manatee but congrats on your new job,but you do know that you have to chase trolls back to their home bases don't you,at your own cost,co's we don't want none of them here. KNow you will do a good job. GO HABS GO
  8. All it takes is guts and will and a desperation to succeed,it's what got us where we are this season,we did it with our little guys who mostly can outskate anybody or keep pace with them,every one is always on about being tough,do you think smaller people can't be tough or hold their own,well I think Gally proves your wrong . Smaller guys have more stamina because they don't have to carry such a load,you don't know what a difference that can make,and it has been proven that it is not relative in several studies,into why the best long distance runners are small. Any way White isn't all that big,but just looking at his neck and nobody on the street in their right mind would take him on,Cammy pound for pound is supposed to be the strongest in the league,but it is against his nature to fight,and I am afraid a lot of people are going to be dissapointed in Tinordi,he said after he was drafted that he wasn't a fighter and he didn't want to fight. No just leave it to the guys they know how to do it. GO HABS GO
  9. Not worried about Diaz he will get back to normal soon,at least he has not made any glaring mistakes. GO DIAZ GO
  10. Can't say I am really into this game but from what I've seen the give aways are bad,stiil 10 mins to go can do a lot with that if they get it together,time for a time out. GO HABS GO You trying ti jinx him kinot
  11. Hope you feel good tonight Diaz,we need you to be at your best,I know it's a lot to ask after being out so long,just be careful. GO DIAZ GO
  12. Gooins lost to the Birds,we need to win this one not just for ourselves,but to return the favour that the Jets did for us last week,and I really hope the Sens win,we can do this we have shut Ovi down before we can do it again,Carey has to watch out for Ovi his best goals ever have been against Carey,alright they have to be good to get past Carey when he is on his game,which of course he will be tonight,we really have to be all in tonight. GO CARE GO< GO HABS GO :lol:
  13. Can't wait for this,last year a lot of people said he was a waste of space but I really loved to watch him,he is a very smart hockey player and really helps to keep the puck in the O zone. GO DIAZ GO :lol:
  14. Great GDT FH10 but what is the fuss all about,we are only playing the Laffs,do not understand the fear of the Leafs,perhaps because I have only been watching hockey for 10 years.But I do not see what they can do that we can't do even better,perhaps some one could tell me,no don't bother it's very windy here today and I looked out of the window and I saw the answear it was blowing in the wind. GO HABS GO :lol:
  15. I can't post pictures but if I could you would see a tiny little volcano spewing out all sorts of things and bad language in 10 different languages,I can curse words that you have never heard and couldn't understand, beside the words of a fish wife,I am little and tough like Galley not as fast now but just like him I can't stop laughing even when I am mad or bad. GO HABS GO :lol:
  16. I think some one was reading on here and what we had to say. GO HABS GO :lol:
  17. First one this season and the last team to allow a shorty,see just turned your negative into a positive ,now please be quiet cos I am getting mad at the negativity and that is something you don't want to see,5ft of burning hell,I don't lose it often can't remember the last time I really lost it,but if I do look out or run for cover. GO HABS GO :lol:
  18. Totally agree with you,I don't care about possibilties or proberbilties or stats that you can change to suit any argument,I have complete faith in my team and I never felt let down last year, it was just life,you have to take the rough with the smooth.But this year we can do anything we want,just have to want it more than the other team and play our game cos we have a TEAM and that is what it takes to win. GO HABS GO :lol:
  19. Please stopposting in the negative thread,it's ridiculas in a season like this,just sit back and enjoy the ride,it's so much fun. GO HABS GO :lol:
  20. Nothing stopping us,we are as hungry as any team out there and as determined as any,the thing is our guys are having fun,that makes it better,our team has proved in the past,how resilient we are,all be it with different players,it is still the HABS. If we don't go all the way I don't really care because they have been a revelation this season and what ever happens they are still our HABS,and heaven only knows they tried and gave it their all. GO HABS GO :lol:
  21. Hope it's not too bad,we need him come the playoffs,I really think he great. GO EMELIN GO
  22. I know that we don't see a lot of Ryders defence,but I remember when Timmy went down and Ryder stopped our goal in the net,it was a great save,Ithink it was Cammy that shot it,it was a beauty of a shot TT was on his backside and could never have stopped it but Ryder did.He does seem to have been a little better last couple of games though. GO RYDER GO
  23. Yesterday,I have already forgotten that, it doesn't matter anymore ,we have an oppurtunity here lets use it.We just need to not let ourselves get distracted and play our game,we have to meke up for the loss of 2 of ou best players and show we are a team.We know we are better than goons we are a fast skilled team of players,lets prove it. GO HABS GO
  24. Good news,Diaz may not be big but he is smart,I liked him last year, even more this year,hope he's game ready soon but not before time.This is one move that PG did well. GO DIAZ GO
  25. Don't think we need to do a thing.Not at the expense of our picks and prospects. GO HABS GO
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