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  1. Gotta give the boy some love he's always stuck at the bottom,unless he does something really bad,I think we take him too much for granted,love you Josh and I know there are often complaints about you on various sites and threads,but if we put you up for sale there would be 29 GM's on the phone,but don't worry you are not going anywhere. GO JOSH GO
  2. That was such a bad day for the Gooins,bet they all went home and cried themselves to sleep,especially the big man,I couldn't stop laughing. GO HABS GO
  3. Poor Gooins had a bad day,they pick up a guy off waivers who they were all hating on last week, their captain get us the tying goal,they get beaten by a 20 year old rookie in the shootout to give us the game,Then they don't get Iggy when every one said they would. I feel for you poor poor Gooins. Yeah I Feel REALLY REALLY GOOD GO HABS GO + a million
  4. Are we sure Kristo is coming here,we need a scorer,there are no good ufas that we can afford,and I think thay have all been resigned,not a lot in the way of scorers on the Dogs roster,we don't know when Borque will be back,we let him walk ,then what is the alternative,I like Ryder was upset when we let him go,but not that mad about him,but who can replace him.the good forwards don't come on the market much. GO HABS GO
  5. Games in hand hasn't helped them so far this season,not going to help them now GO HABS GO got my smilies back
  6. We are still above the Gooins even though they won in the shootout,gotta win this week. GO HABS GO lol lol
  7. How can anybody find negative things about this season after last year,is beyond me, so we need to be a bit more efficient on the pk,and we need to get more shots at the net but having 80 odd shots at the net means we have puck poscession,less time for other teams to score against us,thats all I have to say about that( I love Forrest Gump) GO HABS GO lol lol My smilies won't come up
  8. I don't agree with Weeps very often,but it was obvious from the get go,that the pk was not as efficient,it was one of the few bright spots last year,the very first game this season it was glaringly apparent,that they had tried to change it and as far as I am concerned it doesn't work,they are trying to take puck poscession,from the opposing team, instead of defending,I can see the thinking behind this,but to me it is not working,we have had only one chance that I can remember for a shortie this season last year we scored a few even when we were 5 on 3,Pleks got that one,and we don't clear the puck any where near as often.GO HABS GO
  9. CBC showing the Laffs game in BC AGAIN,although the last game they televised the HABS here I turned over and watched the game on RDS anyway,couldn't stand the commentary,and although I don't understand French at least I watch the play,more intently,so there is an upside to watching RDS,but if I can't watch the HABS I would rather watch the Sens at least they play and not fight all the time.But it's ridiculous that they show the Laffs week after week,I don't think there are many Laffs fans here although I did see one once,an old guy with a long beard,Mike thought he used to play for the Laffs last time they were in the playoffs. WE ARE going to win tonight. GO HABS GO
  10. The special teams looked much better last night and there didn't seem to be so much board work on the pk,they were closing shooting lanes much more,I was particularly watching for that,because Weeps said that was what they were doing different from last year cos I was a bit put out by the pk. GO HABS GO
  11. Pk looked better last night read the positive thread GO HABS GO
  12. I think he looks composed and confident,but still aware of his inexperience,ot looking bad at all. GO BIG MAN GO
  13. Of course it's a positive it means that we don't give up,as long we can keep that up we will be alright ,that was the problem last year they just seemed to give up,can't ask for more. GO HABS GO
  14. People keep writing in the negative thread so I have to write on here,what anybody has to be negative about when our team are doing so well beats me.WE should be gratfeful for all the good things we have not just,not just hockey.If your happy and you know it clap your hands. GO HABS GO
  15. Now I have to go write in the positive thread cos you wrote in here can't have the negative thread ahead GO HABS GO
  16. Knew it had to be you 27 was just making an observation of course we don't want to give other teams that many shots on goal,that would mean we were not playing our best,and I hpe we always do that. GO HABS GO
  17. Got to post here to bring it above the negative thread,Carey really seemed to enjoy the third period last night,keeping the puck out of the net,perhaps we are doing him no favours,letting him have hardly any shots to stop,he just looked so good instead of bored,back in top spot for a couple of hours,got to say it .go pens go OW that hurt. GO HABS GO
  18. I hate it when I see the negative thread above the positive,especially in a season like this,so I looked and most of the negative posts are by Canadiens 27,so there was 18 shots against but we won,thats why we have Carey Price he can handle that,in fact he's better when he's working like that,come on C27 enjoy the season there is nothing to be down about,you are alive. GO HABS GO
  19. Noticed it the same Weeps,the goal they scored although it was from a different side wide open again,gotta play the PK tighter,this is really bugging me now,our players know how to do this,just let them do it,I understand that new coaches want to make their mark but this one is a big black one. GO HABS GO
  20. Why is it that last year when we had so much to worry about the positive thread was always above the negative,now we are number one it's the other way round,come on people enjoy it.This makes up for the heart break of last year.I don't know how long we can sustain it,I am pretty certain we will be in the playoffs,at what seed I don't care,but it would be nice to be number one,but our away games have been as good as our home games,so it's no big deal.It just proves what a lot of us said last year was a fluke , the room was unhappy and this transfered to the ice. Have you noticed how when other players and management on other teams are interviewed now they are saying about the team concept,copy cats,but this is what alot of us have always said " it's the team that makes a difference". It makes me feel good to be able to write this,not just for the team but for me, most upbeat I have been in a while,things are looking up in every way. I do realise we have more pages on here than the negative thread GO HABS GO
  21. This is what I think too,from day 1 of the season I saw the difference,watching our PK last season was the only really good thing about it,it was a thing of beauty,every angle covered every shooting lane totally blocked,and it really bothers me,to see it go downhill,but it seems Weeps you and I are the only ones who have noticed.Perhaps it doesn't matter so much when you are in first place but that can chamge very quickly,we will have to be much better in the playoffs,killing penalties can be a game saver. GO HABS GO
  22. I agree about Carey I am quite worried about him something doesn't feel right,but apart from that,the gaps in the Pk always seem to be on the right side of CP,I can think of at least 3 goals that were scored from there,like Alfredsson's last night.Last year all 4 players were in the shooting lanes with their backs to CP ready to fall back if the puck got near him,they just don't seem to do that anymore.I don't know who our special teams coach is now, we seem to have improved the power play at the exspense of our PK,we are doing fine 5 on 5,so forget the PP and get the PK going,that to me is the most important,we don't even get any break aways on the PK anymore,which I loved. GO HABS GO
  23. I have always believed if it's not brocken,don't try to fix it,so who the hell is trying to fix our penalty kill.Last year as one of the most penilised teams in the league our Pk was one of the best ,now it's rubbish compared to last year.the players are all over the show we don't cover the shooting lanes anymore or the players, we are just chasing around after the puck, leaving great gapeing holes,if our penalty kill was as good as last year,we wouldn't have to fight so hard to win games,and we still scored short handed goals we don't have many this year,we even had a shortie 5 on 3 last year,now I don't complain much but this is really bugging me,there wasnot a lot to praise about last years team,but the PK was always good. GO HABS GO
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