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  1. Great GDT as usual,can anybody tell me why TSN2 is screening an all American game when 3 Canadian teams are playing,and I am sick and tired of the Laffs on 3 nights a week,I think nearly all of their games have been telivised nationally and why the hell do we have to have the pens on so much,I am interested in Canadien teams,even when there are two Canadien teams playing each other, we have to watch the Laffs playing an American team,I know that their new owners are Bell and some other TV co,but CBC is even worse,just as well I have RDS but I can't speak french. GO HABS GO
  2. It makes me laugh,when people ask if DD or Gally can keep it up because of their size,size has nothing to do with anything,it is all about conditioning,inner strength and a lot of things,a small person has less wieght to carry around,the best long distance runners in the world are really small or tall and very thin,the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt,should not be able to run like he does because he is 6-4, according to the experts,the strongest player in the league per pound of body wieght is Cammi,you look at football players some of the big guys who look fat can really run,DD is strong inside and out,it might be easy for the big guys to push him over,he needs less space to fall and he never stays down long he is up in nano seconds and still has the puck,size has really nothing to do with durability.So many people equate size with the best of everything take it from a 5 ft stick of dynamiteit just ain't so. GO HABS GO
  3. I am watching this on RDS,I couldn't stand CBC any longer you would think that this was an USA homer network,absolutly spoils it for me hate HNIC GO HABS GO
  4. Now I just replied to HTL and lost my post I only had the main page on favorites not the board but I have done that now tnks HTL. GO HABS GO
  5. We can beat the Pens and the Gooins just play our game don't let them distract us. GO HABS GO
  6. I have just logged on,when I went to fan forum I still got the page that says IP board not available so I came through HABS Lines again and I had to change the theme again,I fixed my cookies yesterday and lost a lot of post's ,so I think I will just have to continue doing it this way,pain in the neck but I don't want to do anything to muck it up again. GO HABS GO
  7. Carey really has to be at his best this weekend,playing the Pens Then the Gooins,Pleks will keep Baby out of the shooting lane so not so bothered about the Pens,but I really hate to lose the the Gooins ,TR and Carey have the same number of wins,so Carey will want to be number one,it's easy to forget how competative he is,it's going to be one great weeekend when we beat them both. GO CAREY GO
  8. Thanks HTL got it,sorry I am a nuisance,but learning all these new things at my age is a bind,actually I am not that stupid but it is easier than spending hours going through it all GO HABS GO
  9. how the hell do I do that,I have no idea and how can I find my messages now not that I get any but you never know some one might want to send me one Kinot does once in a while. GO HABS GO
  10. Thats the way I have always got on here, but if I do that now it just come up page is not available.I have worked most of it out now and in fact it is much quicker,the look has changed but not a lot more really,just getting here is a bind will have to keep trying. GO HABS GO
  11. I just found the other forums but still don't know how to get through from the front page
  12. I have just managed to get the IP board up,and have found the help button which tells me a lot but not how to get from the main page to here, it looks as though we can block out any forums or topics we don't want but why the hell did they change it,it wasn't brocken and it certainly hasn't improved it ,but I haven't worked out how to get through to the other things like game day or players,I was going mad last night after the game and couldn't get on here,I suppose i am going to spend the day working it out,what a waste,
  13. I have just managed to get here through the lines discussion on the the fan forum segment on the front page how do I get to anything else,when I go to the fan forum it just says this page isn't available,I am not very computer savvy have an very old very small laptop and need some help here people,I need someone to walk me through step by step,I don't have face book and I don't have twitter or a mobile phone so I am lost can anyone help.Pretty Please
  14. Really sorry to see Eric go,Iliked him not sure it was a good move,All the best Eric,at least you will be in the sun.
  15. Really sorry to see Cole go,he was better than a lot of you gave him credit for,butI can't see Ryder getting many goals,I think we will miss Cole going to the net more than we will get from Ryder,not too happy with this one.It's funny I remember a lot of people happy to see Ryder go.
  16. Ive come she said to eat humble pie As she choked on the crust, with a tear in her eye The tear was certainly not with pain But seeing her HABS on top again I hated it when they announced the coach But MT has behaved beyond reproach The team is laughing on the bench So different from last year,with the stench Of failure,that they took as the norm I'm glad Mr Molsen created the storm That shook up the office,inside out That really was quite a route But the team seem at last to be at ease Really trying to please and appease For the previous season when they were last Who cares now that's in the past So I will give the coach a B For an A we will have to wait and see GO HABS GO :lol: But I still think he looks creepy
  17. I liked Diaz last year,and he has been so good this year he rarely makes mistakes and his passing is always right on the button,he skates well and the other team have trouble getting the puck away from him and yet he takes it quite easily love him. GO HABS GO :lol:
  18. Even Carey was waiting for the whistle,last night when that goal was scored against him,as was the rest of the team,that goal was just good luck for the Rags and bad luck for us. GO HABS GO :lol:
  19. It's five years today,since I watched that game Since that day my life has never been the same I watched the HABS come back, from so far behind The way they played, they blew my mind Of course we have different players now But we can still show the Rangers how To play a game of speed and skill Just need to keep up our penalty kill We are still on a high from a shut out last night So our HABS know how to do it right We have to keep that adraline flowing And keep our fatigue from showing We need another win today If the Laffs get past us there will be hell to pay So come on guys,you have to give everything So our Ole song we can sing. Poor offering but I couldn't pass this one up, great GDT. GO HABS GO :lol: It's 5 years to the day when we scored 5 in the third to beat the Rags,I wasn't interested in hockey before that,it's strange what one game can do and if it wasn't for that game I would never have been on here and made all the friends I have.
  20. Kinot I just read your post about the pop,what the hell are you doing drinking pop it os so bad for you,drink water will do you alot more good or milk even beer is better for you than that stuff,it is one of the reasons there is such an increase in diabetes,you really should take care of yourself don't want to lose you,and you went to a burger place,I worry about you.
  21. I think you might find that this isn't the case,there are so many disapearing because of urban sprawl,drought and pollution,that they will soon appear on the at risk list.
  22. Dull and grey here in Vancouver but then it nearly always is but it's not raining supposed to get some sun this weeekend and 11 degrees lets hope. GO HABS GO
  23. Thanks people, love you lot,another of my problems is not having a decent computer,our old one died in the end, we were given another but that lasted a couple of weeks now we have an old very small laptop that is so slow,one day we will get a new one. I will find out tomorrow how my Suzanne is doing she is seeing the doc today,she has to have another 4 weeks of pills 42 a day,then she has to go into hospital,where they will give her dialisys to remove her stem cells,give her a very massive dose of chemo,then replace her stem cells and hopefully she will be better but there is no cure for this cancer.She will have to stay in isolation for 3 weeks as the chemo she is having will kill her immune system totally,i am so glad they caught it early,and that Suzanne has always been a healthy person and that genetically we all have good bones,Suzanne has a skeletal xray and they said she has a skeleton of some one much younger person,she is 50 this year,this particular cancer is usually found in older people,it usually hit's people in their 70s. They found out after Suzanne had shingles,she was very tired so she went to the doctor he sent her to find out if she was anemic,the doctor sent her to the hospital for a blood transfusion,because her blood count was low,they did some more tests and found the cancer cells,but she has no tumours on her bones which is another good thing,and she is a very positive person,has to be being my daughter,so hopefully it's going well,let you know how it's going. GO HABS GO :unsure:
  24. Sorry to hear about your leg Archey,I haven't been around much so I don't know how it happened,but I hope it sorts itself out. I have not been having a lot of good luck myself,3 years ago we moved to the sunshine coast to get out of the city it was a big disaster,we moved back to Vancouver a year ago and it's taken us this long to get settled,now my daughter ha cancer of the blood,it's called Myeloma,they found it really early so we hope it will be allright and she is responding to teatment well,but it's hard for me because I can't get to England,we used up all of our savings over the past three years and I let all my travel documents lapse,and it's going to cost a lot to update them, then the fare,so I am a bit in the dumps myself and since moving back to the city I haven't made any friends here again so I have no one to talk to only Mike,he is really good but it would be nice to talk to another women,I suppose I mustn't complain I still have a roof over my head and food to eat,I should think myself lucky. I hope everyone else is well since I have been away,and at least hocky is back. GO HABS GO :unsure:
  25. I am going back to the previouse conversation about war,my father was in WW2 his ship was bombed and he was always in the middle of it the only time I ever heard him talk about it was when my sister said she hated Germans(this was in 1951) my father asked her why,she said because of what they did in the war,my father told her she should never hate anyone and that bad things were done on both sides,he said he saw sailors being shot in the water by both sides,so they didn't have to take them on board.There are no winners in war.
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