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  1. There will be hockey one day. GO HABS GO :wacko:
  2. there will be hockey some day,and I can't wait GO HABS GO :wacko:
  3. My name is Maddie born in England now live in Van City,I know a lot of you know me but I have been away all summer and a bit longer,missed everyone on the Forum so much,brocken hearted about the lockout,but I just came on here to say I'm back,got so much reading to do to catch up,but will love every word.Just wanted to welcome myself back and tell you to watch out troubles back. GO HABS GO :wacko:
  4. I want to wish Happy belated Birthday To all those I missed while I was away Although I didn't have the means to send my best I didn't forget you, while I had my enforced rest, But now I'm back and I send those wishes to you now All those I missed please take a bow I couldn't wait to come here and see If anyone on my birthday had thought of me But out of sight is out of mind,seems to be the rule But thats Okay I am cool. GO HABS GO :wacko:
  5. guess what it's me I am here at last,still no got new puter but this one at least gets me here,no hockey to talk about, but I really missed you lot. Mike and i were driving through Van City when we saw this older sort of guy walking down the road with a new laffs jersey on he didn't have long hair but a really long grey beard,Mike said he had still had his playoof beard feom the last time the Laffs were in the playoffs,then he said he looked sort of familiar he thought he recognised him playing for the Laffs last season,that made me really laugh. It's really good to be back,I really missed you all I have a lot of reading to catch up on. GO HABS GO soon please :wacko:
  6. Hey Folks I am back AGAIN,my computer that was given to me was a dud,I am in the library typing this.So far I don't think we have improved a great deal, a bit more toughness but not a lot of scoring,which is what we so desperatly need,just have to wait and see when they get on the ice,D doesn't look that bad. GO HABS GO
  7. Interesting read MLB not sure if this is the right thread,but very interesting none the less,but what about the monies paid by American networks,I have no idea what they are but they go into the pot as well,there is also the money paid by TSN. But does Hockey Night in Canada pay for itself,the advertising revenues must be the largest for any program on CBC the viewer numbers must be one of the highest,so they can charge more. I am not sure if this does actually make a difference to our chances of winning the cup,Vancouver could have won it last year,but I do not know what it was like before they had so many teams, but even then I know there were more American teams than Canadian,and I think the HABS inabilty to win the cup has nothing to do with the way the league is run more about how the HABS have been run for years. Everything is about the bottom line,in this world I may not agree with it but I am a realist.In England untill Man U were floated on the stock exchange and Elton John bought Wimbledon the footbal clubs were owned by the the fans,that was before the premier league,I must admit it was better then,they were never private owners. I do not think there is anything anyone can do about it,and if CBC lose the rights to HNIC,will we be better for it,it might be a good thing to lose Grapes and a few of those pundits on CBC. GO HABS GO :wacko:
  8. I love this thread,I always check to look at the pics,just wish I could post some,so thanks to the few people who post on here,I love it. Your butterfly Clues is proberly a western tiger swallowtail(papilio rutulus) it's hard to say from a pic and your clematis is clematis laserstern which I think is a hybrid,the original clematis came from China but now there are so many hybrids,it's hard to get an original. I loved the steel insects and things kinot and your take CRB on the one we didn't know what it was supposed to be was great but don't you think it's too pretty for a Gooin. Thanks again people. GO HABS GO
  9. I don't know if there is any way that something can be done about this,but every time I turn to the HABS page I cringe at the photo on the front,it looks like a lot of kids with dirty diapers,it's a negative picture,I know it is to say thankyou for our support for last season,but lets forget that now and look forward,with optimism let us have something with a bit of life and a smile we all just want to forget last season,it's time to get on with it. GO HABS GO
  10. Lidstrom is a gentleman and hockey will be lost without him,he is truely one of the greats.sad to see him go but he knows it's time to go.Perhaps now Pleks might get a look at the Selke. Good luck to him he will be missed. GO HABS GO
  11. You have to be kidding I was laughing all the time,it was an adventure,I love when things happen like that,I have a badge or a button as you call them here on it it says"everyone else has one of those days,I have had one of those lives" it was bought for me by a friend she said she had to get it when she saw it,because thats my life and I love every minute and yes Archy the dress was what made it so funny. GO HABS GO
  12. I remember when I was out on the road,driving home at 1 am after doing a promotion night,in the middle of nowhere,no lights just trees all around but there was something in the road ahead of me,I thought it was deer but as I got closer I realised it was young cows.So I stopped and tried to chase them off the road,they wouldn't budge,I looked around for a farmhouse,no light couldn't see a thing,all I see see was a lane,so I started walking up the lane,just mud and stones I had on high heels and a tight skirt,at last I could see the outline of a building so I went there and knocked on the door. Some one yelled out the window asking what I wanted,I told them about the cows she said she would phone the farmer.I went back to my car and there were even more cows there,I had to wait for about 10 minutes for the farmer to get there,but he needed help to move them so there I am in high heels and a tight skirt herding cows at 2 am,tired out after a very long day,but it was very funny. GO HABS GO
  13. Happy birthday TBHF,hope it's a really good one,maybe they will announce the new coach for your birthday,wouldn't that be great,remember you can't stop growing old, just don't grow up,I was always the oldest kid since I was 17, hhmm years ago,it's the only way to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXXX
  14. I just cried,can't stand to hear of suffering like that,especailly if it was poisoned which is very likely,you can usually tell if an animal has been sick,by thier wieght and coat or feathers,I feel for you Baubie it's not good to see anything suffer.But I am sure it knew you cared,all creatures have instincts.
  15. Just read Spaceks interview and all of the comments,really opens your eyes to what was going on,pity he couldn't have played here in better times,hope he gets a offer somewhere,but I think he will return to the Chezk republic if not and we will never see or hear from him again. GO SPACEK GO
  16. Yes seems about right to me too,just one thought himself. GO HABS GO :lol:
  17. When I was on the road,I once saw a brand new Ferreri hitting a bus ,the bus pulled out where it shouldn't have,the guy was just driving home from the dealership,with his new pride and joy then it was totaled.Your guy obviously lost control more money than sense. GO HABS GO :D
  18. I don't know why they added not using his signals,no one uses theirs in the west. GO HABS GO :lol:
  19. I went to my inlaws last weekend they live on the Sunshine coast,where we have just moved from,when we were getting up in the morning,we were looking out the window and there was a really big bear with 3 cubs,the cubs were about the size of a field spaniel they were rolling about and playing behind their mother,she was really healthy looking,beautiful coat and our camera was in the car,I could have spit. GO HABS GO :lol:
  20. I hope the fertilizer is organic,I don't know if you can tell if it's a male or female, with some plants it's easy but not sure about tomatoes. GO HABS GO :lol:
  21. If you want some really tasty tomatoes feed them beer now and again,it's okay it's organic,and don't forget to take out the shoots when it starts to get bigger,lots of water,feed and water at the base of the plant,just give Tommy lots of love but female plants get the best fruit. GO HABS GO :lol:
  22. HRF just for you I am going to say a word or two You make me laugh you make me smile Your very wise once in a while I am proud to say you and your partner in crime Are both very good friends of mine You deserve all the best wishes that we can give I hope you will be my friend as long as I live There is a great big heart behind that grin Your always able to take fun on the chin So today this is what I say to you Have a wonderful life in all that you do HAPPY BIRTHDAY HRF GO HABS GO
  23. Henry V111,another of histories megalomaniacs,if you go to England you can still see the results of his reign,the country is dotted with the ruins of churches, monasteries and abbeys,all because he couldn't get his own way,talk about stamping your foot and throwing a tantrum,but overall I don't think he was a bad king,the people didn't suffer that much when he was king.If you go to the dockyard in Portsmouth,you can see the ruins of his flagship,they raised it from the seafloor,in the eighties I think it was. GO HABS GO :lol: I think you must be bored Clues,you have gone through half the threads in the lounge.
  24. Glad to know that is normal and that it is not my old computer or something. I hate that picture on the first page of the forum,it looks like a lot of toddlers with dirty nappies especially Carey. GO HABS GO :lol:
  25. I am a bit bored so i am going to write a story,it's a bit of a rant really. My mother was not particularly well educated, but she was intelligent( she must have been to give birth to me with my IQ!!!!!)but she always taught me not to waste things,like paper because it came from trees and we needed the trees to keep the air clean,how she came to be aware of this I don't know,but that was the way she was,you have to remember this was in the 40's,my mother only had a basic education. I have said before that my father died when I was 9,a couple of years after he died,My younger sister and I were sent to a charity boarding school for service men's children,my father spent his adult life in the navy. I hated this place,most of the other children were officers children,my father was a chief petty officer( stoker) so he was in charge of the guys stoking the engines,some ships then were still fueled by coal.So most of the girls were quite stuck up,even then I was very down to earth and never saw anybody as less than I was,another of my mothers teachings. The only thing good about this school as far as I was concerned were the years of National Geographics in the library,I was at the school for less than 2 years and that was how I spent my time.Some of these books dated back years but I loved them,they taught me that my mother was right and that deforestation and desecration of natural habitat would have disastrous consequences in the future,both for mankind and the flora and fauna of this earth. I don't remember how old I was when my mother first told me about the hole in the ozone layer over the south pole,but I was quite young,she explained that it opened up and closed according to the seasons and that every year it was closing less,and that we were getting more and more ultra violet rays and that the world would heat up. When my children were born,i obviously became more concerned about this,so I read and watched all the program's about this, that I could.In 1963 I had just got my first TV couldn't afford one before,both my children were babies and one of the first things I watched was a program about how we were treating this earth.In this program they used the computer at the US space station,which at that time was the most powerful in the world.In the program they fed all sorts of data into the computer,population growth,deforestation,pollution,use of natural resources and everything you can think of.They controlled each of these things in different combination's,every way they could and the answer they came up with was that the world would last 30 years.Of course if you did the same thing today the answer would be a little different,there is much more data available and much better computers,but I still see it as the world is on borrowed time. We all loved to watch Jaques Coustau when my children were young,he said even then that the oceans were warming up and that the coral and kelp beds were dying,and that we needed the kelp beds like we needed the trees to produce oxygen,and the coral was a sign that things were really wrong in the oceans. I know a lot of you might find this really boring,but to me it is really important,I have grandchildren,I want them to have children,this is about survival of the spieces,some people are quite philosophical and say that it just the natural progression of things,others choose to ignore it, but the ones that really make me mad are the ones who say they don't believe it,like Tim Thomas and that Wild rose person,how can people be so stupid when the evidence is there. Global warming is not a new thing i have been reading about it since I was a child,from books that were printed at the turn of last century,over a hundred years ago.I don't think I will be here to see the end and I hope none of the young ones here see it either,but before it happens it is going to get pretty bad.This government and others really need to sit up and take notice,and every one needs to make their voices heard,there is no time to think about it. I hope any one who gets to the end of this wasn't too bored. GO HABS GO :lol:
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