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  1. I was just writing a post and the board said I wasn't signed in,this has happened 3 times now,I understand it will sign me out if I haven't written anything in a while,but not while I am active,any one else this happen to. GO HABS GO :lol:
  2. FH10 Counting Crows is one of my favorite bands,i love them,most of the time i just have classic rock on the radio. GO HABS GO :lol:
  3. I am watching "Missing" very well made, good story line and "Touch" with Kieffer Sutherland,really good programs,a lot of you like old English comedies,most of them I don't like but one of the funniest ever was a sit com called "Porridge" some of you older people might remember Ronnie Barker of the Two Ronnies he wrote and starred in this one,one of the cleverest writers of all time,it is so funny look it up some time, and Waiting for God, I have seen this here. GO HABS GO :lol:
  4. I think you are right about that HTB,it should be Hockey around the world,can you change it I can't. I did know they played in Isreal,have heard about that guy before. I looked up the IIHF,wow what a suprise,the IIHF was started in Paris in 1908,founding members were,Belgium,France,UK,Switzerland & Bohemia now the Czech Republic.They have 51 full members,full members must have a governing body dedicated to the sport,the most suprising of these is India,Thailand,Turkey,South Africa,Isreal. There are 16 assciate members,among them Kuwait, Malaysia,United Arab Emerates,now I did know they played in Kuwait and the UAE. They have 3 affiliate members Argentina Chile and wait for it Nambia. I found some of these countries quite suprising,if you want the full membership you will have to look it up,can't write them all down.I found the whole thing quite amazing,I don't think it's any longer Canada's game. I know that a lot of these countries import players from North America,but apparently more and more locals are taking up the sport. There are differing opinions about where hockey was first played,they have found relics that look like hockey sticks in a lot of places even in Scotland,but I think the modern game was most certainly played in Canada.As with all sports there is always some debate about this except perhaps Rugby,which is named after the school where it was first played. I have got the bug now will have to find out even more.too much time on my hands. GO HABS GO :lol:
  5. I feel bad for Luongo too,I feel he has been let down by the fans the team and the management,I don't care what anybody else says,I think he is a great goalie and a classy man. GO HABS GO :lol:
  6. I checked the Finns actually were the first to use hockey skates,they made them from bones,the first one with metal were found in Sweden . GO HABS GO :lol:
  7. I just checked they have a national hockey league in India,but they are only able to play in certain areas of India as they have no indoor rinks,so it's only played in the mountains of 3 areas where they play outside on the highest rinks in the world,I don't care it's still hockey The diplomats and staff of the Canadian and US consulates,play with them who wouldn't want to play in the mountains of India. GO HABS GO :lol:
  8. I read on HIO that there might be a player in the draft from Australia,and every one was very suprised,I have said this before in the forum that Australian Hockey has the second oldest trophy for ice hockey after Stanley,Australia belongs to the IIHF,and they have players in Europe. There are a few NHL players playing there,who couldn't quite make it big here,just as there are players in New Zealand and England.These are mostly semi professional leagues. It would be interesting to look at some players from these countries, Aussie athletes are fanatics about their sports and the Kiwis are very dogged,and I wouldn't mind seeing a team from the Netherlands,the Dutch are the tallest nation on earth,and they have some of the fastest speed skaters,they spend all winter skating up and down the frozen dykes,I think they actually invented ice skates,or it might have been the first nations,I will have to look that up. I thought someone might be interested about our sport else where .I think I read somewhere they have a league in India,have to check on that,but they are one of the best field hockey countries. I have a brain filled with inconsequential facts about all sorts of things I soak them up. GO HABS GO :lol:
  9. No he didn't say anything to disparage the military, what he did say that the playoffs were war as if that was something great,something to be happy about,I am sorry but anything that makes war sound good is disgusting to me,he said that the fighting was as it should be and the bad hits.My son was at war, I have lived on the brink of war,I remember walking around as a kid looking at bombed out buildings,there is nothing great about war and for him to make it sound so is moronic. GO HABS GO :angry: First time I have ever used the angry face but he makes me feel that way.
  10. In England we have lots of vintage car shows and rallies,steam fairs where they have all the amazing steam engines,that used to be on fair grounds and steam organs, all sorts of things,there are places you can go where they combine all these things together,along with fairgrounds, craft markets,collectors tables,just so much,one of the biggest is in Dorset not far from the south coast,where it takes up fields,there are fields of camping,you cannot take it all in,in a day.People come from all over the world to see it or to show things,it is quite amazing and even if you think you wouldn't like it there is something there for you. We also have huge agricultural shows,which combine many things,at these places you can ride hot air balloons get helicopter rides,there is just a lot to do and you can spend all summer going from one place to another,if you want,I always liked some of the small shows because you can get amazing things there and you can see it all.Of course there is a certain amount of commercial companies everywhere,but not overdone. I remember when I was at a show in the early 70's,there was a stand about acid rain,the people there were Swedish and they were asking passers by if they knew what acid rain was,I was the first person who had passed by who knew the answear,at that time they were losing forests at a huge rate due to acid rain,I wander if they have any left. GO HABS GO :unsure:
  11. I have written in another thread that i think my processor is dying,but it might not be that,maybe some one can help me,you must bear in mind that my computer is nearly 10 years old and I am still running xp,but every time I turn my computer on which takes forever it will go for a short time then turn itself off and on again,then off again, the screen goes blank but I can still hear the computer running,so then the only thing for me to do is disconnect the power,then start again ,it has taken me hours and I mean hours to get here today.I don't think it is my moniter because the light on the computer is flashing,as it does when you turn it on,anybody any idea what I can do that does not cost money. GO HABS GO :lol:
  12. Absolutely love it dwdemonwolf,I think we should all go to U tube and play it so it get's to be one of the top views might do them some good,that was really a great version,please let us hear something of your own,if you like I can write some lyrics for you,I am quite good at poems. GO HABS GO :D
  13. I would have been in my element,love bikes,nearly had a 1922 Ariel once,love the old ones too.Used to have a cafe near us where a lot of bikers would go on a Sunday for breakfast,but these were all top end bikes like BMW or Ducatti's and some really wonderful old Triumphs,and Nortons would go there just to look at the bikes,my son has a Kawasaki Ninja,he couldn't get the biggest ones his legs were too short so he had to settle for 750. GO HABS GO :D
  14. I am totally disgusted with what he said yesterday,as if war was a glorious thing,has he ever been to war or suffered the atrocities of war,or had to wait for some one to come home from war,he should ask the families of the Canadian soldiers who are away fighting or the men who come back from war traumatised. Please CBC shut him up. GO HABS GO :o
  15. If I seem to disappear,there is nothing wrong with me but my computer is dying,it is nearly 10 years old and has been fighting the good fight for a couple of years but I think the processor is about to die,every time I start it up it goes for a few minutes then turns itself off and on again,a new one is not on top of our priorities at the moment so there is no need to worry If I disappear,thought I would let you all know so you don't wander. GO HABS GO :D
  16. Thats a hard one I love both so I will go with land as long as it's on the shore Boots or Sandals
  17. Nothing wrong with being a westerner there are a few of us on here,and just because we live where it doesn't snow all winter doesn't make us any less of fans,just kidding we know how much we all love our team GO HABS GO :lol:
  18. Yes but that was a bit late,it's hard to say what he could really be like,he was injured right at the start of the season,and with the season we have had and the changes game to game nobody can really tell,how good or bad anybody was,the only constant was the first line and looked how well they did.If he had played every game like he did the last few I would say keep him but I am not sure. GO CHRIS GO :unsure:
  19. I especially like the one of Pleks encouraging Pulshie Nice one Clues GO HABS GO :lol:
  20. Is it not the law that they should wear helmets,if that was me they wouldn't go out without one,what kind of parent does that GO HABS GO :lol:
  21. Totally agree with you Kinot,I think all young people should do a years community work before going to uni,wether it be here or abroad,years ago they had to do time in the army in the UK,but that was stopped but it taught them discipline.I would not like to see that again.I was always taught how well off I was,and how some children had nothing to look forward to,but young people or the majority,don't seem to care.All they want to do is get drunk and fight,I know this is not all of them, but so many. Don't they realise they are on the brink of extinction,that there are so many important things they could put their energy into. I hate it when older people talk about the young,forgetting they were young once,I believe they should enjoy their youth ,and it has to be their education wether in the home or at school,but so many just don't seem to care about anything other than having a good time.When I see Clues and Baubie and some of our other young posters on here I feel quite proud of them,at least they seem to care why can't all young people be like that. GO HABS GO :lol:
  22. Happy birthday Archie,HABS gave you a nice present 2 points,couldn't ask for more GO ARCHIE GO ;)
  23. Your right CRB,but I am always proud when they attempt anything,even if they don't succeed at least they tried,I think that trying is just as good as winning,nobody can win everything they try but giving it a go,can mean just as much. GO HABS GO :lol:
  24. I have done lots of things in my life,that could I suppose make me proud,but my children are what really makes me proud,neither of them are rich,or have top jobs or done anything out of the ordinary,but they are two happy well adjusted compassionate caring generous adults,who are both very good parents,what more could I ask for,and they would both have you laughing in no time. GO HABS GO :lol:
  25. Yes drives me crazy I always think if you can see their lights they can see yours,so you should never have high beams on when you can see another persons lights,and people out here do not use their turning signals,it's so dangerous but they just don't bother,I thought the Italians were lazy drivers,but the people here take some beating,I bet one in thirty ever uses their indicater and that is being kind. GO HABS GO :lol:
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