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  1. I say we bring up Henry for Monday's game to teach Powe and the flyers a lesson in respect.
  2. Is this guy a habs prospect now or a loaner from the Avs?
  3. Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Couldn't agree more.
  4. It's so exciting to see Max playing with that same fire he had in the playoffs. I sure hope he can keep it up all year long. One of the better habs last night for sure.
  5. Maybe I was watching a different game but I thought Benny was invisible last night.
  6. He cleared waivers today and is on his way to Hamilton.
  7. Benny has got to take a good long look at his linemate Gionta and style his game to mimick his, hard in the corners and straight to the front of the net. Just imagine Benny's size with Gionta's style of play, he would be a BEAST!
  8. Looks like he's finally finding his confidence, He's been playing with alot of spunk.
  9. Your not alone trust me, but I'll eat crow all year don't bother me. Metro's been awesome love his intensity.
  10. When I saw Metro on the PP I was thinking here we go, but I have to admit, it looks like Metro has a whole lot more tools in his backpack then I gave him credit for. Great game Metro
  11. Sounds cool welcome to the team Phillipe
  12. Great pick up for Hamilton and Injury spot duty on the habs. Plus never hurts to have more competition at camp. Don't get me wrong Sanford would be a quality back up but with Halak and Price theres just no room for him.
  13. I think he would fit in nice on the 3rd line with Lats and Laps, Although Moen might have that locked up. I really beleive that Sergei might have to dedicate himself a bit more or will be playing elsewhere come seasons end.
  14. Metro is good defensively and on faceoffs, as much as I would like to see his spot go to a younger player (for cap and developement reasons), they still have to earn that spot. Nothings written in stone so IF he gets beat out of a job then I'm sure he'll be waived, if not then I'm glad we have him. Camp competition is never a bad thing.
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