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  1. I got my Lapierrre shirt signed by him the other day!!!!! I was sooooo excited!!
  2. Hes training with Hameltessier performance, good gym
  3. Ya i think 15 points or more would be awesome!!
  4. Im at the same place he is everyday through the summer!!! And he is SERIOUSLY really good!!! Its soo much different from watching him on tv!! Judging by what i've seen during the summer, im pretty optomistic that he'll get 20 goals!!
  5. Hi everyone!!!, My name is Jarret and i'm from Thunder Bay. I'm not really NEW to the fan forum (id be a member for 1 full year on the 9th) but i just wanted to introduce myself. Im 14 years old and my friends call me a "superfan". Me and my dad are Huge habs fans and watch habs games religiously!!! id just like to say how happy i am to be apart of this community, and hope to be apart of it for many years to come!!
  6. Nope was born in 96 i dont know who won the cup that year, and i don't really care, cause it was'nt the habs. So, teah i haven't ever seen the habs win the cup.
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