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  1. So far I really like the third line with Metro, Patches, and Moen. It's looking good.
  2. He had an amazing game tonight, I thought. I was surprised with how eager he was to get into scrums after an injury.
  3. *ahem*... You forgot to knock on wood. I am holding you personally responsible for any blunders caused by this player tonight.
  4. Oh noes. I was just speaking to my brother(a huge oilers fan, and also a very good junior A player in his time) about MA Bergeron. Good things were not said about him. I'm not keeping my hopes too high, however, having a hard point shot could be good for us. ColRouleBleu: I agree with that. On the 5-3, they just kept giving it out to the point, but Ottawa was collapsing in front of the net. It was a pretty frustrating spectacle indeed.
  5. Apparently this guy has a boomer from the point. That could be neat for our power play. I youtubed him and when he was playing for Edmonton, he beaned a Dallas keeper in the mask and put him down for the count. So far there have been maybe a handful of point shots for us that have even made it to the net this year. Maybe this is what our team needs to persuade opposing defenders to allow our shots to the net.
  6. I would like to see Latendresse with Pleks and Kostitsyn. I think his play has warranted it. I think he could do well.
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