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  1. It was a terrible thing to lose markov, but stop being so negative. If the whole team relied on one player to keep them together, then they didn't have much of a TEAM. Maybe losing markov will turn out to be a blessing in disguise, but i'm an optimistic person (must be the california sun). Now as far as MA coming up I'm excited to see what he can bring to the power play, because it was a good game Saturday, except there was no pressure on the PP. A 5 on 3 and you dont even move your feet or skate to open the d up, just shoot from the point... Is this a professional team? I've seen Pwee games with better PP's. I'm hoping that MA can turn into schneider for a lot less green. Once again though this is my optimistic side... let me try to see from the dark pessimistic side... He's small, but has a shot, he will do terribly, but if he shows up on fire, then i'm jumping on the band wagon and claiming I knew it all along. Here are some facts to chew on that might shift preset ideas about size, in a much rougher league Henri Richard who was only 5-7 and 160 lbs is one of the Best Montreal Canadien Players of all time, and one of the best NHL Players of all time.
  2. All I know is he showed up to a recent practice late and Martin blasted him. Before he was moved up to the big team, Andre had no discretions and after last season and the rumors of the trouble making brothers. I tend to lean towards that Serg was the fire under the problems. Maybe he does infact have a big attitude problem. I'm not doing a character assassination as cryer man says but I'm giving my thoughts about his shipping down. Maybe Gainey is working a big trade for that Big Center and he needs to make room. One can only hope.
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