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  1. kinot kinot-1 kinot-2 ... kinot-18 covid-19 Just saying.
  2. I haven't had Edmundson, Kulak, or Drouin there in recent weeks. Danault has actually been okay the past couple of games, but he was invisible offensively despite being okay defensively in period 1. Chiarot has been there almost nightly. Armia has had more off nights than on nights thus far.
  3. Furlatt's been inconsistent. He doesn't even follow a standard just for himself. He was bad last year too.
  4. Good so far: Petry, Price, Suzuki, Anderson, Tatar, Gallagher, Kotkaniemi Need to step it up: Edmundson, Chiarot, Drouin, Danault, Kulak, Armia
  5. Edmundson is having his worst game in a while. Getting caught looking like he's stepping in cement.
  6. Which one? Perry getting called for a body check or Byron getting called for being directed in by Hughes?
  7. This definitely helped him. But Subban was dominant at even strength too, not just a PP specialist, and in fairness to Subban, Markov was there on the PP for most other years too, and PK still put together this one year that was stronger than the rest. There were other players like Souray and MAB and Wisniewski and Streit who were great on the PP here too but never got Norris consideration because they didn't put that together with dominance in other areas of the game, so there was more to Subban than just playing next to Markov on the powerplay. It was without a doubt an asset that helped him
  8. I also worry about Petry being able to handle that. Like Weber, he's on the wrong side of 30 and he's shown fatigue over the past few years too. I don't think the Habs have a great solution in house, but I also don't think they're acquiring that solution via trade this year. Kulak-Petry is likely the best of what we have. It is what it is. I'm not sure MB is going to add another LHD with the ED coming up next off-season and I think he also believes at least one of Guhle, Struble, Harris, or Norlinder will be ready to join Romanov in the top 4 by 2022-23, so I'm not sure I see him committing bi
  9. 1. Yes. I think the Habs are a better team than Edmonton and Winnipeg. Those teams lack defencemen even though their forwards are better than ours. In a shorter season, anything can happen, but I think we'll stay ahead of at least one. And I don't think catching Toronto is out of the question. 2. Yes. I don't think JK or Danault will get there, but Suzuki has shown he can put up points in bunches. He's struggling now but I don't expect that to last. If JK's line stays hot, they'll draw harder match-ups and Suzuki should benefit. Will also help that the PP is in better hands than Muller's.
  10. In 2013, Subban spent the following amounts of 5v5 ice time with each D partner: - Josh Gorges 339 minutes (his primary D partner) - Francis Bouillon 225 min - Andrei Markov 74 min - Tomas Kaberle 19 min - Beaulieu, Emelin, and Drewiske 6 min each In the case of which guy was driving the other, Gorges-Subban put up a 55% Corsi (pretty darn good). But Subban was even better without Gorges (58%), while Gorges was 49% without Subban. Markov-Subban played at 62%. Subban without Markov played at 56%, while Markov without Subban was at 51%. So Subban was primaril
  11. Haven't done this in a while, but here's a new series of 5 burning questions to answer and discuss: 1. Will the Habs finish in the top 3 of the North division? 2. Will the Habs have a centerman who hits 15 goals this year? 3. Will Cole Caufield play in the NHL this season? 4. Will Danault and Tatar be re-signed before season's end, traded by the deadline, or head into the summer as free agents? 5. Who will be Shea Weber's defence partner on April 1st?
  12. We can probably refrain from trying to make this personal... Subban-Weber will always be a subject that divides Habs fans, just like Halak-Price. My view on what it would take to trade Weber's contract: - If we're dealing him to a "contender" then those teams are likely tight against the cap already. They're also not likely to be looking at adding a 35 year-old veteran with 5 years left on his contract. If they are, they're going to want assurance from Weber that he's retiring after this season or at worst, the one after that. I don't think any contender is locking in for 5 years at
  13. 1. What teams do you think have the cap space and willingness to take on Weber's contract? 2. What return do you think we're getting in a trade? He may well retire in a year or 2-3 years, but again, it's not a guarantee and in this case, we seem to be saying that best-case scenario is that he walks away for no return. At that point, I still don't see how this trade was "the best trade I ever made" as per Marc Bergevin. The player here controls whether we are stuck with his AAV or not, not the team. And if the player does opt to retire, we're not any further ahead. We would also be ou
  14. I think Weber would have had decent value before this season started. I'm not so sure any more. When you're 35 and your play drops off a cliff, GM's are going to want to see him bounce back and prove he can do it again first. I don't see a big line-up for a guy who is 35 and struggling as much as he is this season when there are 5 more years left after this one. If Weber gave them assurance he would retire after next season, say, then maybe. But I don't think a contender is risking giving up 8M AAV for 5+ years, and I don't know that a non-contender with lots of cap room is going to see Weber
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