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  1. Agreed with this. There are things I don't like about what Julien's done, but for the most part, he's put a system in place that works a heck of a lot better than the mumbo-jumbo me had with Therrien. He's got the top 9 forwards playing in the top 9. He's finally got the top 4 D men in the top 4 D slots. So with what he's been given, I think he's doing a pretty good job. Would definitely like to see the fetish with goons go out the window, and we obviously need to improve on special teams, but no grounds to fire Julien by any means. I think his new assistants have also been nice adds to the group and are likely helping even more than Muller at this point. If you look at the list of what needs to change, I singled this out in the GDT the past couple of games: Kotkaniemi is too good for his linemates. Armia and Lehkonen are perfect third-pairing wingers because they skate well, they have decent puck control skill, and they're responsible defensively. But neither can finish around the net, so it seems a rather large waste to play them with the guy who's probably been our best passer and set-up man. JK puts the puck in places you just don't expect to see from an 18-year old because his vision is so good. It's not because of line chemistry, it's because the kid has talent. I'd love to see him get a chance to play with any two of Tatar, Drouin, Gallagher, or Domi. Meanwhile, I'll come back to the fact that Danault and Lehkonen have always looked golden together, and whether the third guy on that line is Shaw, Byron, or Armia I don't think matters very much. But a simple swap of Danault to line 3 and JK to the top 6 suddenly makes your scoring line better at scoring and your checking line a demonstrable match-up force. The second thing that needs to be fixed is without a doubt the PP, which has been abysmal. I'll come back to what I think is the most useful PP stat, that being the number of scoring chances generated while that player is on the ice per 60 minutes... our top guys are in order Reilly, Shaw, Tatar, and Kotkaniemi, followed by Drouin, Lehkonen, and Domi. Weber and Petry are surprisingly low here, and I worry that when Weber is on, the team spends too much time trying to feed the point and not enough time with quick puck movement. The team has also struggled on zone entries on the PP, which Weber doesn't excel at either. And even though Drouin has decent relative numbers on the PP, it hasn't really worked out that well with him on the point, so it may be time to look at something new again. At this point, I would look at getting Drouin and Weber off the first wave and putting out something like Domi, Kotkaniemi, Tatar, Shaw, and Reilly. I'd have a 2nd wave of Weber, Petry, Drouin, Gallagher, and Byron and maybe see where that goes. Lastly, the 4th line has been a disaster of late, no matter which players have been there. The new guys haven't solved anything. On a team where the depth was thought to be a strength, the 4th line is regularly losing games for us now. Deslauriers simply needs to be sent down to the AHL, and I'd be looking at Byron-Peca-Hudon once everyone is healthy. A call-up like Belzile or Evans could also be useful to try and jump-start things. Not sure the old, slow dinosaurs are the way to go.
  2. Agreed that they may want to dump salary to some degree, but the fact they're silently shopping Huberdeau also tells you they deem him to be expendable. I know there is some dissent as to whether we should deal Gallagher for Huberdeau, but I'd do it for the following reasons: 1. Huberdeau is a tad younger, but not by much so that doesn't factor in a whole lot. What worries me more about Gallagher is his style of play and durability in the long run. I think he's a great player and he's on a fantastic contract, but I've always liked Huberdeau, so to me this is more about the guy you're acquiring and the fact you're giving up a guy whose health could be a question down the line (much like Shaw's). 2. This team has a wealth of smaller forwards... Gallagher, Domi, Byron, Hudon, Drouin, and so on. Huberdeau is a little big bigger and uses his size better, and I think he could be a better complement to the rest of the roster. If the Panthers prefer to go prospect and pick, I'd gladly give up our 1st rounder this year and a guy like Lehkonen, Hudon, Evans, Ikonen, or so on to get a deal done. Huberdeau is one player who would be worth it. Acquiring Huberdeau for other assets would also free you up to trade Drouin in a separate deal then, which might accomplish the same thing as trading them straight up against each other.
  3. Lots of rumors out of Florida about Huberdeau being on the block. Boughner didn't deny it when asked about it, which is never a good sign for a player... if I were MB, I'd ask them if they were interested in flipping Huberdeau for Drouin straight up. Don't really know what Florida wants, other than to maybe shake up their line-up a bit and not get too old doing it.
  4. Armia and Lehkonen can't score but man do they do a lot of other things right. They just need to finish more (a little ironic given where they're from). I think they're good bottom 6 players, but JK needs to get better scorers to work with.
  5. Drouin deserves to be benched. More bad turnovers today and then a stupid retribution penalty there. He needs to be taught a lesson. That's the problem with the core of this team... good skill, but guys like Domi, Drouin, and Gallagher can't control their tempers sometimes and play like they're very immature. The coaches need to reign this in or it will be a long-term problem.
  6. Remember the Habs as an 8th placed team also took down Washington and Pittsburgh with Halak in nets. That Washington team put up a great record in the regular season and had Ovi, Backstrom, Semin, Green, etc. Even teams with lots of talent can be beaten, and this Lightning group has never won a Cup. The key would be to stay out of the box. I think we can play with them at 5v5, but we absolutely don't have the special teams to match up.
  7. He's done a lot of good things since taking over here. But he has two flaws here, which I mentioned during the GDT tonight: 1. His PP is crap. 2. He continues to employ goons in his bottom 6. We've had King-Ott-Martinsen and not only that, we had those players playing ahead of Galchenyuk! We've had Deslauriers now for two years and even when all the other 4th liners get rotated and traded, there he is as a constant in the line-up despite being one of the worst players in the league. Now we have Weise and Thompson, and that line has been utterly dominated by the other teams' 4th lines in two straight games. We've seen less talented players like Flynn and Froese and DLR and we've had bad defencemen like Schlemko and Alzner and so on too. Some of that seems to have changed with the new coaches this year forcing out some of the rubbish, but here we are again for the umpteenth time having to argue about why Hudon or another skill player should be in over a goon. Like I said in the GDT, I'd venture the 4th line has cost us 4-5 wins this season and hasn't really won much for us. That's 8-10 points in the standings, which is a huge difference.
  8. Refreshing from Julien's post-game presser to hear some of the truth. He stated that Drouin forced the play leading to the 2nd goal and that he did the same thing in Nashville. He also called the refs out for weak calls on Danault and Deslauriers, which is also true. I'm hoping the coaching staff does something to teach Drouin the lesson though. Saying it out loud is one thing, but when one of your supposed top players continues to make lazy high-risk passes, there has to be a real consequence to it. IMO, Drouin could do to be removed from the 1st PP unit. He isn't producing there anyways, so may as well use that as punishment.
  9. Why is TB allowed to change so late?
  10. Good games from Shaw, Domi, JK, Armia, Tatar, Petry, Weber... Awful ones from the 4th line, Drouin, Benn...
  11. Cirelli with a dirty takedown clothesline from behind after the play. Could have caused injury. No wonder Shaw was upset.
  12. I thought the Habs played really well through two periods. Pretty even. We lost this game for the same two reasons as usual. One is special teams, which we're awful at. And two, was our 4th line, which has cost us maybe 4-5 wins this season alone in itself. They need to get rid of Deslauriers ASAP and I'll take Hudon and Peca over Weise and Thompson too. The three guys we have in are terrible.
  13. The 4th line is built to be a goon line and that's what we're getting. This is on MB and CJ for making bad personnel decisions. Like I said, this is King-Ott-Martinsen all over again.
  14. Galchenyuk scored again tonight, slowly pushing his goal total up towards Domi's... AG with 13 in 48 games, Domi with 17 through almost 58 now.
  15. Stupidity from the 4th line basically blows any chance of winning the game now. Weise and Deslauriers better be in the press box next game.