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  1. Olli Maatta traded to Chicago for Kahun and a 5th rounder... not a big asking price to acquire a 2nd-pairing D man. Based on that, there might be hope that we can grab a similar player for a cheap trade cost. You look at Gostisbehere (who is better), Ryan Murray (who is pretty comparable to Maatta with an extensive injury history and who was rumored to be a target for Chicago too), Nick Leddy, Matheson, etc... maybe the return we'd have to give up would not end up being as high as some of us worried.
  2. Apparently Florida buying out his contract doesn't make a ton of sense because they'd be out 3.2M against the cap next year for nothing. But I wonder if we couldn't structure a deal around dumping a guy like Dale Weise... something like Reimer and Florida eats half his contract in exchange for Dale Weise and a 6th round pick, or something like that.
  3. The thread or the GM?
  4. Other rumors popping up... - Eberle has signed with the Isles for 5 years and about 5.5M cap hit. Decent contract, so he's off the market. Not a rumor I guess, but might affect other things. Apparently, Isles also progressing in talks with Lee, so he too may never hit market. - According to a SJ reporter, Sharks have offered Karlsson a contract in the neighborhood of what LA gave Doughty... 8 years, 88M total. He won't get that on the open market, since everyone else can only offer 7 years. So if it's about money and term, EK might just end up staying in SJ. If it's about location, as it was for Tavares, then we have a shot. - Panthers reportedly looking to trade or buy out James Reimer, given speculation they will sign Bobrovsky and Panarin. He could be a useful back-up to Price if he's available as a free agent, not sure I would pay for him on his current deal, even if Florida eats some of the contract. - Edm rumored to be interested in Corey Perry, moreso if he is bought out by Anaheim though rather than via trade.
  5. 1. You're free to use it as you see fit, but I don't put a lot of stock in +/-. If you look at Ghost's season last year, he had a low PDO, which means you'd expect his chances of rebounding to be high. He got bad support from his goaltending, and he was unlucky at the other end too, with a low team shooting percentage while he was on the ice. There's good data to suggest PDO is a more accurate reflection of what is likely to happen in the future, and +/- can just be a result of bad luck. Boston in general has been a much better team over the past few years, so you'd expect Krug's +/- to be better just because he's on a better team. 2. Why does Philly want to trade Ghost? No idea. They do have quite a few decent young D men, including Sanheim and Provorov and Hagg and so on. I'm guessing they see Ghost as being expendable and rumor is that they feel the need to address team toughness and help on the wing as their priorities. I'd consider trading Shaw or Tatar or Drouin if the return was right to help us at left D, but it doesn't mean I think they can't help us. We traded Eller a few years ago, and he was a relatively young guy I wanted to keep and who was ultimately a great player for Washington in their Cup run. Just cause a guy's on the block, doesn't mean he has no value. Same goes for Krug... 3. Agreed about not over-paying for Ghost or Krug or anyone else for that matter. The deal has to be right.
  6. Krug is a good player, not disagreeing with that in the least. But like I said, if you look at point production per ice time and possession metrics, the two guys are pretty neck and neck. Their number of shot attempts against per 60 and scoring chances again per 60 are also pretty comparable at 5v5, with Krug having a very slightly better absolute number but Ghost being better relative to the team he's playing on. Krug has also had a pretty significantly higher rate of starts in the O zone, again probably a product of Boston being so much better than Philly. Again, it's not to say Krug isn't good. He is. But Ghost's numbers (both in terms of offensive production and in terms of possession metric and chances allowed against defensively) are very similar. I'd venture we probably don't see Gostisbehere enough to appreciate what his value is, whereas we see Boston games much more frequently. I'm not saying I'd choose one guy over the other if they were the same age and on the same contract, but like I said, Ghost being younger and with his reasonable long-term contract, it's clear to me he has higher value than an impending UFA deal. FWIW, Fluto Shintawa, who is a reporter in Boston, reported this week that Krug's camp is rumored to be looking for a long-term deal in the range of 6.5-8M per season (starting in the year where he's already 29 years old). Compare that to Ghost being locked up for 4.5M for 4 years at age 26. Cap hit, value for dollar paid, and age over the duration of the (expected) contract are all hugely in favor of Ghost here, which is why for a comparable player, I think he has much higher value in a trade.
  7. Hard disagree for me. Gostisbehere is worth more than Krug. Why? Well, they're both good players. They both contribute offensively, and their point productions per ice time are pretty similar. Krug's possession numbers are a slight touch ahead but when you look at their Coris relatives, Ghost's numbers are actually better. Krug played a for a strong team, and Ghost played for a bad team. There's IMO a bit more potential for Ghost to be better than what he's shown than Krug. All in all, though, I think you're getting pretty similar value from each guy. Now take their situations. Ghost is 26. Krug is 28. Krug is in the last year of a contract with a 5.25M cap hit. He could either walk after next year, or he could re-up for a higher cap hit (he's not making less). Ghost, on the other hand, is signed for 4.5M for another 4 years. That's almost a perfect contract in terms of getting a guy through the rest of his prime, getting out of the contract as he hits his 30s, and having a lower cap hit than the older Krug is going to be on, if you're even able to re-sign him. So similar production, similar possession metrics, but a younger guy on a friendlier contract with some long-term assurance that he'll be here on a cost-controlled deal = much better value by trading for Ghost.
  8. Steen also a former Leaf. Maybe others too... no former Cup winners on the roster though if I recall.
  9. Bettman just said the Cup is "going back to Stl after 50 years" but it was never there before... this is their first win. You would think Bettman should know that.
  10. ROR... right decision IMO.
  11. ROR turned it on in the playoffs. What a big game performer he became. Binnington came out of nowhere to be the catalyst for the turnaround. How about Pat Maroon taking less money to go home to be able to live near his son? David Perron who kept coming back to Stl... Bouwmeester winning a Cup deep in his career. Lots of great stories, not the least of which was this team sitting dead last at the halfway point of the season.
  12. Except the Smythe is based on play in the playoffs alone.
  13. Feel bad for Halak. That's about it.
  14. Not even. He actually opened the cage and pulled it off his face, then just spat in it.
  15. And in a league where MB whines about how it's impossible to trade for top centers, the Blues just won a Cup having traded for both their top two guys in Schenn and ROR.