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  1. We should get some sort of movement today. I would hope we can beat Fla at home, but even if we can't, Ott and Tor also have tough road games, and you'd like to think that not all of Bos, NYI, Car, and TB can win their games... so hopefully we're able to put some or all of those teams in our rearview for good tonight. For tomorrow, a Pittsburgh regulation win over the Rangers would virtually lock the Rags into a wildcard spot (not 10% certain but very close). Combined with a Boston loss, NY would almost be assured of facing the Atlantic winner in the first round. A NYR win though opens up the door for Pit to fall into that wildcard still.
  2. It's confusing, but the MN is still technically 3. It is only 2 if we win in regulation or OT to get the 2 (for now). If we win once in the SO, for example, we'd sit at 97 points with 40 ROW. Tampa could still win out with all 7 wins being in regulation/OT and thus also sit at 97 pts and 40 ROW. If they win out, they'd also win the season series and tie-break against us. If their win against Boston came in OT, then Boston could also still max out at 97 points, and as long as Boston picked up at least three of their wins in regulation/OT, they would pass us in the first tie-break of ROW as well. As I said, it's confusing but there is still a very remote possibility two points wouldn't be enough (would take a string of about 20 games not going our way to happen though, including a specific TB over Bos in OT result). As for clinching scenarios for Thursday: - Habs win in regulation or OT seals it - If we win in a SO, any loss by TB (or a win by them in a SO) seals it OR any loss by Boston (including in OT/SO) seals it (because TB plays Bos and one of them will lose a pt later on in the year) - If we lose in OT/SO, any loss by TB is still enough as long as the Isles don't win in regulation or SO also - If we lose outright, we'd need TB, NYI, and Car to all drop points, so it's more complicated but still possible.
  3. For the rest of the division, Bos can max out at 98 points, so we need 4 points to stay ahead of them Tor can max out at 101 points, so we still need 6 more points to stay ahead of them (as long as we get two more ROW's); otherwise we need 7 more Ott can max out at 105, so we need 11 more points to guarantee the division win
  4. - Car can still max out at 96 pts but can't pass us in the ROW tiebreak any more, so we need 1 more point to stay ahead of them for good - NYI can also max out at 96 pts, can tie us in ROW if they win all their 7 remaining games that way. So two more points to stay ahead of them. - TB can mx out at 97 points and only match us at our current 40 ROW's. So if we get to 97 via one more regulation/OT win, then they can't catch us either. That means we can potentially clinch with a ROW as early as Thursday!
  5. Only 2 more points if it's a regulation or OT win!
  6. Bad start, otherwise a good game... My 3 Stars: 1. Lehkonen 2. Gallagher 3. Beaulieu Honorable mentions to Price, Jordie Benn, Radulov, Byron, Markov... Dwight King once again absolutely invisible.
  7. Now the books will look like the refs called an "even game"... that said, that was a pre-meditated attempt to injure from Benn as retribution for Emelin's clean hit earlier. That should absolutely be a suspension.
  8. kinot probably deserves some of it. It's his fault Markov got all those points.
  9. So Bos win, Car win, Ott SOL, Tor up 3-1 late in 3rd... everyone's banked points tonight.
  10. Beaulieu has played a strong game, as has Benn. Solid duo.
  11. Still ridiculous how the refs ignore hits from behind and dangerous plays but call a soft hold.