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  1. Probably not farfetched. The cap is going up again, and most agents negotiate as a percentage of total cap, so 12M three years ago is maybe closer to 14M next year and if Matthews is signing a long-term deal, maybe 14M next year is 18M 5 years from now. I have no doubt Matthews could get 14M on the open market. Now he's an RFA, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Leafs pay him, and he's definitely worth more than Tavares for his UFA years.
  2. PP down to 11.96%... sub-12%, joining the Hawks in that regard.
  3. Feels like we will score a weird one soon.
  4. Shaw cross-checked in front without puck, no call.
  5. Wow those dirty Bruins just can't stop dumping the puck into the stands.
  6. Hopefully we have a good intermission. These guys need a monster pep talk.
  7. Price knocked down, no call.
  8. Shaw hooked by Pastrnak, no call..
  9. PP has now slipped to 12.06%. Slowly headed to sub-12%.
  10. 2nd PP wave once again outplays the 1st wave. Just start the damn 2nd wave every time.
  11. I say they try 5 D men on the next PP. Everyone except Schlemko.
  12. Dumping the puck out for delay of game has got to be the least satisfying penalty to take. You didn't inflict pain on the other team, you didn't prevent a goal, you just made a boneheaded play...