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  1. Easily Weal for me. Still the worst forward on the squad thus far.
  2. Gallagher's stick hacked out of his hands. That's supposed to be an automatic penalty but nothing called.
  3. Good back-check from Suzuki to prevent a scoring chance there.
  4. Folin had two decent games, got a game off and is now back to being awful.
  5. Have been saying for years that the Habs PP needs more lateral passing... all they have been doing previously is passing it around the perimeter and back to the point. I've always said you need to get the goalie and D moving side to side. Much harder to defend. You need good passers to make it happen, but with JK and Suzuki here, there are two guys who have the ability to do it.
  6. Pietrangelo was dirty last game and here he is again. That could/should have been a major.
  7. I remember that... the Skrudland goal is the fastest one I can remember off the top of my head.
  8. That goal by Gallagher is excellent proof of why +/- is a crummy stat. That's all on Allen. No Hab really earned a plus, not even Gallagher, and no Blue deserved a minus. But that's what the record will show.
  9. Record is 4 seconds. Pretty close.
  10. That's gotta be one of the fastest goals from the start of a period.
  11. I think Thompson has been pretty good for us this season. He fills a role. As long as he stays in that role, he's fine. Cousins has also been decent in a short stint. Weal has been weak thus far (not withstanding his goal today). Chiarot has been bad in the top 4 and okay as a 3rd pairing guy, which shows he was overpaid on his contract. And Kinkaid is a signing I wasn't a fan of, but I think we need to be patient to see how he does. He theoretically should be better than Niemi, but I think there were better options out there.
  12. Weak defence from Folin. Lost his man then got him back and was soft on him again.
  13. From pressbox back to the PP and has a goal for his effort... Jordan Weal, ladies and gentleman.