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  1. I'll echo this. I thought we would generate chances but not finish very well, and I thought we would have more difficulty on defence. What I didn't expect was a change in team philosophy to do things like keeping Kotkaniemi and benching Plekanec and Alzner in favor of younger, skilled players. This is the type of thing fans have been calling for for a while, and it's paying dividends. I'm not really into this season for winning. I don't think we can win a Cup and I'm still hesitant to say we can compete for a playoff spot. But I'll take playing youth and playing fast exciting hockey as a win.
  2. 1. I wouldn't do Drouin for Sanheim. I'd want more coming back if that were the basic part of it. Remember we also gave up a conditional 2nd to get Drouin, even if we ended up not having to give it up. Drouin is still our forward with the highest ceiling for now... but all in all I rank Sergachev ahead of Sanheim. 2. I pretty much agree with your list of untouchables. I'd be surprised if he deals Byron, Lehkonen, or Juulsen either. They all seem like Bergevin-type players. And we know he balked at dealing Poehling for ROR, so got to figure he's high on keeping his young center prospects after what he went through to find them.
  3. Looks like we've got Pittsburgh's number this year. My 3 Stars: 1. Tatar 2. Drouin 3. Gallagher Good games from Danault, Lehkonen, Ouellet, Mete too. Wasn't as impressed by Petry, Domi, Armia, Plekanec tonight...
  4. 3 chances to win it... 1 goal for us or one save from Niemi and it's ours.
  5. Drouin had a great game and tops it off with the SO goal.
  6. My 3 guys would be 1. Tatar 2. Kotkaniemi 3. Byron
  7. And that is why Domi has so few goals. Wide open empty net in OT and he misses... and empty nets are his specialty too.
  8. Luckily for you then most of the period was 4 on 3 for us and then 4 on 4!
  9. Now Letang hits Mete from behind. Right in the numbers.
  10. A 5 on 3 and now a 4 on 3 in OT and nothing on either.