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  1. Try telling that to a cop when you get caught speeding in a school zone.
  2. Didn't read the article, admittedly, but the one question I'd have is who we're comparing Weber to here. What I'd find more useful would be say a comparison of possession metrics with Weber as our #1 D man vs. Subban as our #1 D man and to a lesser degree vs. Petry's pairing specifically when Petry was asked to be the #1 D man with Weber out. I'm not sure team metrics before and after Weber's return tell a big story because in all likelihood, when Weber came back, the guy who fell off the back end of the roster was a Schlemko or Alzner or so on. I don't want to dump on Weber because like you said, he's a valuable guy. But we're not comparing Weber to another possible #1 D man here. We're comparing Weber as your #1, Petry as your #2, Mete as your #3, and so on vs. Weber being out and all those being asked to take on more minutes in tougher roles and a guy who probably shouldn't be in the NHL joining the line-up. So I'd be surprised if the metrics weren't 10x better that way. All that's telling us is that Weber is a lot better than an Alzner or Schlemko... maybe I misinterpreted what you wrote, but that's the takeaway I have from this, and I'm not sure it means much about whether Weber is a #1 guy or not.
  3. Likewise, I don't believe in the untouchable notion... everyone has a price. That said, the core players I'm building around and looking to protect in a any trade talks would be - Domi - Kotkaniemi - Poehling - Suzuki - Caulfield - Brook - Romanov - Primeau There are other young guys like Juulsen and Mete and Ylonen that I think could end up being pieces here long-term but I don't think they're as hard to replace. For the rest... Price, Weber, and Petry are all getting up there in age and I'd be happy to trade any of them before their value drops off a cliff if the return was good. Gallagher and Danault are key players here but both will be due big raises, so I wonder if their trade value might outweigh what a future contract will cost us. The rest I see as being supporting cast players, even Drouin. I like some of those other players (Tatar, Lehkonen, Armia, Kulak, etc.) but I'm not planning a build around them. They are what they are. The guys I'd protect are the ones young enough to be here long-term and who have the potential to be top 6 forwards or top 4 D men for at least 5-6 years more in their careers.
  4. Yeah, boring is not the worst it could be, but if we're calling boring a win, then it's time for a new GM. Anyone can do nothing, and Bergevin's biggest move this off-season was adding yet another 3rd pairing defenceman. The problem I have with boring is that Weber is hitting his mid-30's and Price is getting up there and Petry is getting up there and if you take those 3 guys out of the line-up, this team probably wins no more than 20 games next year. So something has to give. either MB needs to make this line-up good enough to compete now or else he needs to move those aging assets before it's too late. We're in a division with maybe the best team in the league (Tampa), two other viable Cup threats (Bos and Tor) and a couple of teams that have gotten better in the past 6 months (Florida and Buffalo). It's just not enough to sit still and do nothing, especially when we have such a huge hole on the left side of our D. We watched the draft and saw MB fail to make a trade. We went through July 1st and had no impact signings and no trade movement either. And now we're getting closer and closer to training camp. The longer this goes on, the bigger the worry that MB just wants to go into camp and see how things go and then maybe thinks about scrambling to make a move 20-25 games into the season if things aren't going well and he's dealing from a position of weakness. I'm just not overly reassured by the position he's put himself in. There are a number of decent LHD rumored to be available, so is it that the asking prices are too exorbitant or is it that MB doesn't really have a plan... personally, I think he's committed to the mindset that he doesn't want to give up any of his top 10 prospects yet he also refuses to trade Weber, Petry, Price, and so on. And those two thoughts really aren't congruent with each other. Something has to give...
  5. Is it just me or has this been the most boring off-season in recent Habs history? I feel like nothing has really happened... no major trades, no major free agent signings, nohing much exciting... and all with a huge hole at left D. Hopeful Bergevin has something up his sleeve because if we go into the season with this line-up the odds are higher we miss the playoffs than make them. Largely disappointed with the lack of action to date, and September is closing in.
  6. Jalen Ramsey, who is a star player for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL, did an interview today whereby he said if he ever left Jacksonville, the two teams he would consider playing for would be the Tennessee Titans and the Las Vegas Raiders... when asked why, he responded that other than Florida, those are the two states they don't have income tax and where he could use that to make more money. Again, I don't think this is the driving factor for every player, but this is yet another pro athlete who has come out on record saying taxes matter. Definitely affects the Habs to some degree.
  7. He was the top D man UFA to hit the market, so if he hasn't signed yet, there are a limited number of reasons as to why that would be: 1. He hasn't gotten the contract he wants (be it term or money) and thinks someone will come around if they get desperate enough. 2. Teams are scared of his injury history. 3. He has a handshake deal in place but needs the team in question to clear cap space (be it the Leafs or otherwise) In the Habs' case, I'd argue it's unlikely that #2 or #3 are a big factor. If he comes here as a UFA and ends up on LTIR, then you don't really get hurt cap wise and GM or the insurance takes care of the salary. It's a pain but if that's the only reason then it's a calculated gamble that could also pay off. And as for reason #3, I just can't fathom a situation where MB trades Petry or Weber to make space for Gardiner... so the only way he's thinking about Montreal is if MB currently has the best offer on the table and he's waiting to see if another team tops it or if MB is thinking trade first and will circle back to Gardiner if he can't pull off a deal for someone better (or on a better contract than what it would take to sign Gardiner). In any case, I think the Gardiner to Montreal train has likely sailed. We do however know that Edm has been shopping Klefbom before. Who knows if new management thinks the same of Klefbom as old management, but maybe they think highly of Gardiner and/or maybe they want to bring fresh blood into the room and think Gardiner has got more personality/character/grit than Klefbom... if MB thinks that way, other old-school GM's may very well too!
  8. And like I said, I am not commenting on what makes hockey sense. I agree that I'd rather keep Klebom over Gardiner myself... all I was pointing out was that of the 4 teams listed by Richardson, Edmonton is the one that best fits the description of a team that could move out a D man in order to make room for Gardiner.
  9. I didn't say there weren't other teams who could sign Gardiner by moving a D man. I'm saying Edm makes the most sense of the teams that Lyle Richardson posted in his rumor... compared to Fla, LV, or Pit.
  10. Just saying it's the only team where the money/opportunity really matches up with the info given, unless Yandle is waiving his NMC. Again, the info could be wrong. I also wouldn't move Klefbom for Gardiner, but maybe the Oilers would. For them, it also comes down to moving Klefbom for Gardiner and whatever they get in the trade, kind of like how Nashville saw Duchene as part of the return for trading Subban. So if they deal Klefbom to us for something like a 2nd rounder and Juulsen, they'd see it as Klefbom for Gardiner, Juulsen, and a 2nd, which maybe makes more sense to them... who knows.
  11. Further to Russo's speculation, more talk from Lyle Richardson that the teams other than the Leafs who could be the handshake team with Gardiner are possibly the Knights, Panthers, Oilers, and Pens. If we put those pieces of information together though, the question is which team needs to move a D contract big enough to be able to put Gardiner in the line-up, assuming Gardiner is going to be making in all likelihood upwards of 6-7M a season... - the Pens have basically no cap space. We know they want to move Jack Johnson, but that wouldn't be enough to fit in Gardiner. The only D man making enough to be able to move to squeeze Gardiner in would be Letang and it doesn't make a lot of sense to move Letang to be able to fit Gardiner in. Doesn't seem like a fit here if you believe Russo's info. - The Panthers have a bit over 2M in cap room, but they still need to add a couple of forwards to the mix, so they're also pretty much tied down. I doubt they're moving Ekblad to fit in Gardiner, and they just signed Stralman. That leaves you with Yandle's 6.3M AAV deal and Matheson's 4.9M one. The problem here is that Yandle has a NMC and I'm not sure moving out Matheson's 4.9M is enough to fit in Gardiner, nor is it really an upgrade to pay Gardiner 7M instead of Matheson 4.9M... also seems like it's not a team that could move one D man to make Gardiner fit unless Yandle has agreed to waive his NMC. - The Knights have about 1M in cap space and need to add a D man to the roster already, not subtract one. The only two guys making more than 5M a year are Schmidt (a RHD) and Theodore... if you move Theodore, you gain 5.2M in cap space, which again, is probably not enough to sign Gardiner. It's also not a brilliant move to dump Theodore for Gardiner unless the trade return blows you away. Skeptical of this too. - Lastly, the Oilers... 2.4M in cap space, so it would be tight, but maybe they could create cap room for Gardiner by moving out a 4M+ guy. That leaves you two RHD - Russell, who has a modified NTC, and Larsson - along with one LHD, Klefbom. We know Edmonton has shopped him before, albeit when Chiarelli was GM. But if you remove his 4.17M cap hit and tinker a bit with who makes the roster, it would give Edm about 7M in cap space to sign Gardiner... So not saying Russo is right or Richardson is right, but IF you believe both pieces of information, then Edmonton seems the most likely to meet all those criteria as a possible destination. It would also mean for MB that Klefbom could potentially be available without having to give up a roster player in return...
  12. He has to have them re-printed though... he meant to get shirts that said "you can never have too many defencemen, right?" but instead he got "you can never have too many right defencemen"... gotta send them back, he kept forgetting about the left side of our defence.
  13. Michael Russo is in my view a pretty reliable reporter... he also broke the Paul Fenton firing today, and he's dug up some other things before too. I think the information here is that Gardiner pretty much has a deal in place and knows where he wants to go but is waiting on another move to make it work. It also suggests there's someone willing to give him a longer-term deal. You're correct that teams can go over the cap by 10% but that doesn't mean they should. The 2nd buyout window is about to end, so imagine you're a team that no longer has a buyout option and you're sitting 5M over the cap. Other teams will hold you hostage knowing you have no choice but to move cap out within the next month or so. It's actually a smarter move to deal away your cap baggage first and then confirm your signing, so no one can hold the cap overage against you as a bargaining chip.
  14. Michael Russo stating that Jake Gardiner has a handshake long-term deal with a team, but that that team needs to move out another D man on a big contract first to be able to make Gardiner fit. That doesn't sound like us. We're not moving Alzner's contract without taking cap hit back, and I doubt we're trying to move Weber or Petry to make Gardiner fit. So if true, that would be the last of the free agents who could have helped our D's left side... MB better be hard on the trail of a big trade or our season is doomed.
  15. Cole Caulfield today stated that he "expects to play on the same line as Turcotte next year"... which would suggest he also expects to be headed the University route next season. Don't believe he's committed yet, but it would suggest that that's where he and the Habs see him.