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  1. Markov requesting 2 year deal at 6M per season. Hopefully that's just a starting ask because it's a bit ridiculous for him to think he deserves a raise on top of what he's earned the past ten years. He is way past his prime despite the fact he had a good (albeit injury-shortened) season last year. His cap hit past little while was 5.75M but his actual salary last year was 4.25M. To me, the cap hit has to end up in that 4-4.5M range. If he wants 5-5.5M a year then it's a one-year deal for me; I wouldn't guarantee him two years at anything in that range, never mind 6M... MB really should have addressed this before trading Sergachev and Beaulieu because he took away all his own leverage, but I'd rather go into next year with Schlemko/Davidson and then someone acquired via trade or free agency than pay Markov 6M. Alzner, on that subject, is not the best fit. He's a declining asset as well without the footspeed to keep up. I'd rather go after Del Zotto or Kulikov if we're trying to find a UFA, maybe a bit cheaper and a tad younger...
  2. In addition to Yakupov, Grigorenko and Chiasson also didn't get qualifying offers and are UFA's... all guys who never quite panned out but who could be low-risk, potential-reward players. Danslescoullisses is reporting that in addition to Alzner, Jordan Weal also came to visit the Habs this week.
  3. Friedman says he gets the impression Habs haven't liked any of the potential deals for Galchenyuk and that he's likely going to be staying with Habs... would be good news if it's true.
  4. No big losses amongst the guys we let go... which means our decision-making now was fine but once again shows how bad our development system has been that we are letting half our AHL team walk away for free.
  5. This team has been in dire need of goal-scoring. Drouin addresses some of that, but it would be somewhat negated if Radulov doesn't return. I would be on board with signing Yakupov to a cheap, incentive-based 1-2 year contract. We did that with Semin, and it didn't work out, but it didn't cost us anything. We did it with Radulov and it worked very well. It's a low-risk proposition, and you try to bank on Galchenyuk having chemistry with him. I'd much rather have Yak than a guy like Martinsen or DLR or Flynn or so on.
  6. ^^ I don't like the job MB has done. I think he has lacked any sense of direction to be honest... he trades for grit and toughness then realizes we're too slow and dumps those players for younger, faster guys then realizes we can't score so goes for guys with net presence then realizes they can't play D, and so on... he trades some players away to get older but then doesn't go all in when he has a window and refuses to trade prospects, yet 4 months later, he's dumping our best prospect. Zero focus, zero actual game plan, he just seems to be making things up as he goes, and he continues to throw away assets because he doesn't like guys. That said, it's a bit simplistic to say we have no one good other than Price. Pacioretty is an elite goal-scorer and every other team in the league would take him, especially with the contract he's on. Reports are that at least 15-20 teams have called about Galchenyuk. Drouin is a skilled player who drew a lot of interest too. Weber, even though he isn't as good as Subban, is a #1 D man and was great in the playoffs. Petry and Gallagher and Danault and Lehkonen are strong pieces to have. Look at the Pens' roster and ask yourself whether they have better goaltending than us? They don't. Better D? Nope, not without Letang and probably not even with him. Their supporting cast is decent but nothing to brag about. That team was being driven by Sid, Malkin, and Kessel and a bunch of lesser players. Nashville had 4-5 good forwards, 4 strong D, and then a bunch of younger players or journeymen who were strung together. In a cap era, you can and almost have to build your team around a few core guys and you have to accept not every position will feature an ideal player. The Habs are no worse off than anyone else, and we certainly have pieces other teams would die to have.
  7. League parity... can say that about a lot of teams. Do I think we're a favorite? No. Do we have enough good elements with Price/Weber/Petry/Pacioretty/Drouin/Galchenyuk to make it work? Yes. We need to add. But if MB can find a way to get a top 6 center and then brush up his D at the trade deadline, we could easily make a run. No doubt the team has been mismanaged in terms of its player assets and coaching staff decisions, but we still have a shot (even though those odds could have been even better). We continue to play in a weak division, even though those other teams are likely better next year than last year. I believe the division is still ours to lose, so if we don't self-combust like we've done in the past, we have a shot for the next season or two (assuming Price stays).
  8. 4th Period says Thornton has drawn lots of interest, as has Marleau. They say Thornton camp is asking for 3-year deal.
  9. So keep him for three years and then say he puts up 14 goals and 20 assists in that third season... now he's 34, he's got 4 years left on his deal, and he has a cap hit of 6-7M per season. Find me a team that's just going to take him like that. You're either not trading that contract or else you're taking an equally bad contract back. It almost never works out to give a 30+ year old a 7-year deal.
  10. Trading for Giroux would be a huge mistake. Declining asset, nowhere close to being worth what his contract pays him. If Philly wants to talk trade for Chucky, then my ask would be Couturier and Gostisbehere and work from there. Forget Giroux, trading for him would be a Gomez situation all over again.
  11. ^^ No way Galchenyuk is taking 5M a season on a long-term deal. Comparables say he is worth around 6M. No way Markov takes under 4M given how desperately we need him at this point.
  12. Thornton or Marleau makes sense to us (on a short-term deal). A team like Phoenix or Vancouver can't use those guys realistically because they don't have a Cup window now. Teams like Pit and Dal and Chi have already got 1C's, so can't offer a guy like Thornton first-line minutes. We're a team that actually makes a lot of sense as a fit for one of these players. Radulov is definitely one of the top UFA's, but Radulov for 6-7 years makes less sense than Thornton or Marleau for 2 years. Look at teams that threw big money around to UFA forwards last year... Lucic in Edm, Backes in Bos, Ladd with the Isles, etc. Those types of deals are really working out. Radulov is on the wrong side of 30, he's at risk of a sudden decline akin to what we've seen with Plekanec in the past two years or Kovalev and Gomez and Gionta before that. So you simply can't afford to lock him in long-term like that. He'll be untradeable 2-3 into the deal. Ideal contract length for us is about 3 years, you could maybe push 4-5 if the cap hit is lower, but 6-7 is completely out of the question. I'd rather Jumbo Joe for 2 years and then let him walk once our Cup window with Price/Weber/Pacioretty is closed...
  13. My offer to him would be 6-7 years at 6M a season. If he wants more, I'd got to 6.5M per year on the same length. He'd only be 30 by the end of that deal. As I said, comparable players signed deals in the 6M range, so we're not going to be able to argue for much less than that. If he wants north of 7M a season, he's probably not getting that reasonably and at that point, I'd take a 1-year deal so that he's still an RFA next year. But a 3-4 year deal is pretty much the dumbest contract length we could give him from our point of view.
  14. Fair points, and you're right about Drouin not playing in his first year of his ELC contract. On AG, I still believe he could be a PPG forward under the right conditions. It's just funny to me that we've seen him put up near-PGG totals in a 50-60 game sample size and yet don't continue to play him at center, don't increase his ice time to see what he can do, and actually give him worse linemates as time goes by. He was playing with the likes of Ott and Martinsen by the end of last year! You see teams like Edmonton letting McDavid go wild and not caring about his faceoff percentage or Pit doing the same with Malkin and so on. Not sure why we feel such a need to stifle offensive creativity and then complain that we can't score goals. We did the same thing to Subban, trying to change the way he plays instead of letting him flourish offensively the way Ott allows Karlsson to play as he wishes or SJ does with Burns. We already managed to screw up the Subban dossier big-time, so it would be nice to not give up on or give away a great offensive player like Galchenyuk the same way. Maybe he's not a PPG forward in the end, but for Pete's sake, he's shown flashes he can be and yet we've played him behind the likes of Danault, Desharnais, King, etc. Give the guy a full season as the 1C, give him 18-20 minutes a game, and then come back and re-evaluate what your long-term plans are. I will live with a guy's inexperience as a center defensively if he's putting up 70+ points a season. It would not be unreasonable at all to play a 1st line of Drouin-Galchenyuk-Gallagher and give them sheltered zone starts and then use a 2nd line of Pacioretty-Danault-Lehkonen and give them tougher assignments. It's very doable. We can maybe even improve on that if we sign/trade for another option. So frustrating to just see us toss talent away like this.
  15. I'd probably say no to that too, but most of the other young guys with his level of production have gone for about 6M a year on long-term deals with teams like Edm and Fla... I think anywhere from what Drouin got (5.5M) to about 6.5M would be fair-market value. Again, I'll come back to this though, but if Chucky wants 7M x 7, the smart move is to counter at 6-7 years but a lower dollar value. Don't let him become a UFA in 3-4 years, because you will undoubtedly pay more per year after that or you'll lose him for nothing. If the Habs sign him to 3-4 years and he becomes a UFA at age 26-27, the offers from other teams will be huge. How many 30-goal scorers hit the market at that age? Not many. Smart teams lock up their own players so that doesn't happen.