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  1. Coyotes lose. Sens lose. Wings now down 1.
  2. Another bad tank night... Det tied late but blew a lead. Arizona blew a two goal lead and is now losing near the end of their game. Ottawa about to lose. Buffalo blown out. All our closest competitors in the tank are managing to avoid gaining points.
  3. Price. Weber. Pacioretty. Those are the three big pieces we've built around and we'd be better off moving them for younger assets. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with Drouin either... I have a hard time fitting him into line-ups I try to build. Yet those are the guys MB seems to love the most.
  4. The goal will be transferred to Scherbak... it hit him on the way in.
  5. Bergevin said he wants guys who hate to lose. I think Subban hated to lose. I don't get that feeling from Price or Weber or Drouin.
  6. Terrible goal for Carey, just whiffed with his glove hand... he's having awful games on a nightly basis. Based on this season alone, he's not good enough to be a starter, never mind be the highest-paid goalie in the league soon.
  7. At some point, you have to ask why Niemi can be a .930 goalie and post shutouts and play well and Price can't. Sometimes a goalie can play well and still allow 3 goals, but it seems like Price is giving up 3 or more every time he's out there. Either he's been playing hurt a lot of this year or else his head isn't in it. I wonder which it is...
  8. I think both guys are good at what they do. Gallagher is a more complete player, better defensively, and better along the boards, but Galchenyuk is a more skilled player with a better shot and better skating ability and puck control. They also complement each other well, and their PPG totals over their careers are pretty similar, with Gallagher probably having had more opportunity over that span. And by that, I mean they're close in terms of ice time (with Gallagher getting slightly more every year under Therrien and AG getting slightly more under CJ) but with AG spending more time in the proverbial doghouse and getting stuck with incompetent linemates. AG has been more effective as a center offensively, and I think his defensive miscues are blown out of proportion given that we've accepted poor defensive play at center from Drouin and Desharnais with little complaint. Like you, I think it's getting a bit late in the game to develop AG as a center, but I think that's mainly on the Habs for not giving him the chance to play and develop there. The hypocritical Claude Julien stated a couple of weeks ago that he might go back to Drouin at center next year because he's improved with time and it's important to allow him to learn the position despite his mistakes... yet that same attitude was nowhere to be found with respect to Galchenyuk. As another comparable outside of Schenn, look at Tyler Seguin, who also bounced around the line-up under Julien and put up 121 points in 203 games with Boston. After the trade to Dallas, where he's been allowed to play as a 1C, he's put up 4 30-goal seasons in 5 years (and might hit 40 this year) and has 377 points in 380 games. So his production has almost doubled and he's essentially a PPG player now. Granted, Seguin was younger when he got his opportunity, but you could see the change in scenery and opportunity allowed him to grow into the position. I truly wonder if we had given AG a new coach when he was 20 or 21 and allowed him to play freely as an offensive center, would we now have a PPG #1C too.
  9. Galchenyuk's cap hit is higher right now. Last year, Galchenyuk had a cap hit of 2.8M (lower than Gallagher's) and he put up 44 pts to Gallagher's 29, despite playing fewer games than BG. In 2015-16, AG put up 56 pts at a 2.8M cap hit, and the year before that 46 pts at a cap hit of 925k. Who cares about the cap hit, who cares about where they were drafted, and for what it's worth, AG suffered a serious knee injury of his own and is apparently playing through a hand injury as we speak. So that goes both ways. I'm not here to ride on Gallagher. The guy has been a best for us, he plays his heart out, and he's having a phenomenal season, particularly in the goal-scoring department. He's also done that despite playing a good share of games with Plekanec. That said, he's never been put in the doghouse the way Chucky has on repeated occasions. AG probably spent 8-10 games on the 3rd/4th lines early in the year this season and at least a dozen towards the end of last year, when he was playing behind the likes of Dwight King and Martinsen and Flynn. I'm not going to sit here and argue over which of Gallagher or Galchenyuk should be getting ice time because they both should be getting more than they're given. But to have nights where you play a guy like Galchenyuk 12-13 minutes while players like Froese, Deslauriers, King, Flynn, Moen, or whoever get more just doesn't make sense. Give me more AG, BG, Hudon, Scherbak, Lehkonen, Mete, Juulsen, etc. and let these guys grow and be the future of the team. What I don't want to see is grinders and slow character guys getting ice time over skill players, and I also don't think it's fair to try and single out Galchenyuk for playing poorly when he's having as good a year as anyone on the team.
  10. Not a good tank night thus far: - Rangers lose - Islanders lose - Coyotes lose to Canes, which is a consolation prize but not what we wanted - Oilers up big on Sens 5-1, which is again a consolation prize only but not the best - Wings losing 1-0 to Caps in 3rd - Canucks up 3-1 on Hawks, which is the only decent news thus far
  11. Galchenyuk actually has 5 goals in his last 27 games... it's not really that much better, but if you look at the entire team, they have just 65 goals in those 27 games as a whole. The entire team is struggling to produce. They have just 2.4 goals a game in that span. Galchenyuk has the 5 goals but 18 points, which means he's been in on one in every 3.6 goals. That's better than most of his teammates. So sure, he hasn't been producing goals all that well. But he's doing better than a lot of the other guys on the roster and he's 1 away from the team lead for points, so I don't get singling him out. Rychel deserves to get a shot with the team, and it would make sense for us to know what he can do. But Rychel should be in for someone like Froese, Logan Shaw, or Deslauriers. And no, Rychel shouldn't be getting Galchenyuk's ice time or PP time.
  12. Everyone should go and check out the goal Cam Ward scored on his own net tonight...
  13. Odds: 29% 4th last 24% 5th last 18% 3rd last 8% 2nd last if we play .500 hockey the rest of the way, our most likely finish is 4th last. if we get only 5 points, it's 3rd last...
  14. We're not going to be a top 3-5 team just by adding Tavares, but there is a fine line between being 6th last in the league and being able to win a playoff series or two. We're not perennially sunk like Arizona because of a lack of a budget. That said, Jack Hughes is a small forward but expected (currently) to be the #1 overall in 2019, and he's projected to be a #1 center. Alexis Lafreniere is setting all kinds of records in the Q and is a possible #1 overall in 2020... he's a LW, but I'm sure the Habs would love to have a homegrown star. I'm not too concerned about where we finish and pick in the next couple of years... if we're good, so be it. See where it gets you. If you're bad like this year, then you go all out for a tank in that season and try to get the best pick. But no sense going into a season hoping to lose all the games.
  15. Why yes it would make sense. Which is why we will continue to use Froese, Deslauriers, and so on.