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  1. I wouldn't say the team had no success. Between 12-13 and 17-18, they had 6 consecutive seasons with a winning percentage over .600, made the playoffs each of those years, and went to the conference finals twice. The years before and after Bruce Boudreau, they had a terrible terrible coach in Randy Carlyle and they aren't doing that much better with Dallas Eakins now. The last 3 years, they have absolutely been bad, but in those years, they had the 3rd, 6th, and 9th overall picks. Strong picks, but my no means were they in a position to draft a generational player like Crosby or McDavid. I do love the 3 choices they made with those slots though, and it's too early to see the effect of those players on the team's success. Prior to that, their best pick in the 6 drafts from 2013 through 2017 were picks 23, 50, 24, 27, 10, and 26, hardly great slots. And between 2008-12, Madden only had one top 10 pick and no top 5 picks. So I'd hardly say he's benefited from top-end picks most of his career. These last 3 years are more the exception and he's done great with them. In general, I've been more impressed with what TT has done in Rounds 2 and later, but Madden has been absolutely brilliant whether he's been at the top or bottom of Round 1, and that's really a huge key to building a successful team. I've said this before, but you want to build a legit perennial contender and you need to have two great centers and a true #1 D man. Madden has found Anaheim Zegras, Mactavish, and Drysdale, and I like their odds going forward. That core is solid, and it's easier to work to add around that than to have the supporting cast like we do but lack the top-end talent at key positions. So I like the way Madden has built the team and found stars at center and D, the more important positions than LW and RW and depth areas.
  2. Just keep in mind that scouting over the past two years has been hard with COVID. The database that each team has is already lacking, so to add a guy like Briere or Darche who hasn't done a lot of scouting and doesn't have that repository of information going into a draft where we likely have high picks could hurt. We can't afford to miss this year. So being able to add a guy with a scouting background be huge.
  3. Here are some of the Madden's picks in his role of head scout and then assistant GM for Anaheim: - 2008: Jake Gardiner in round 1; also drafted Justin Schultz, who never signed with Anaheim but has become an NHLer - 2009:Kyle Palmierei late in round 1 and Sami Vatanen in round 4 - 2010: Cam Fowler in round 1, several other NHLers thereafter including Devante Smith-Pelly - 2011: Rickard Rakell in Rd 1, John Gibson and William Karlsson in Rd 2, John Manson in Rd 6. All 7 guys drafted played games in the NHL. - 2012: Hampus Lindholm in Rd 1, Freddie Anderson in Rd 3 - 2013: Shea Theodore in Rd 1, one of the few years he only found 1 NHLer but only had 5 total picks in the draft that year - 2014: Nick Ritchie in Rd 1, Brandon Montour in Rd 2, and two other NHLers, for a total of 4 guys playing over 200 games among only 5 picks - 2015: Troy Terry in Rd 5, one of Anaheim's top players this year - 2016: 3 guys in the NHL already, including Sam Steel and Max Jones at the end of Rd 1 - 2017: no 1st rounder but has Max Comtois from Rd 2 - 2018: Isac Lundestrom in Rd 1 And Benoit-Oliver Groulx in Rd 2 - 2019: Trevor Zegras in Rd 1, who I said at the time would be the steal of the draft and my favorite pick in Rd 1 - 2020: Jamie Drysdale in Rd 1 is already a key part of the Ducks' D corps, and they have a couple of other nice prospects including Jacob Perreault - 2021: Mason Mactavish in Rd 1 looks like he also has star potential and played 9 games in the NHL this year It's such an impressive record, especially with respect to drafting D men. Look at that list: Vatanen, Lindholm, Drysdale, Montour, Theodore, Manson, Gardiner, Schultz, Fowler. At least 5 of those guys are or have been top-pairing defencemen and at their peak would be better than any D man on our team other than Petry. And he's nailed high picks at forward too... Zegras, Mactavish, Palmieri, Karlsson, Comtois... all impressive choices too. Yes, he's had a few misses but way less than the average head scout and the sheer percentage of his picks that ended up playing in the NHL is astoundingly high. Based on Madden's record, he easily seems like a potential star GM in the making. Put him with Gorton to go and get us the high picks and then let Madden make those choices and we could be golden.
  4. Madden Jr is far and away the best candidate I've heard of and I've been saying this since before Bergevin got fired. IMO it should have been between Madden and Timmins, and TT is out. We need a guy who excels at drafting because in a cap world, that's how you build a great team. And we need a guy who understands the value of younger players and giving them a shot to win jobs. That's why I'm high on finding a guy who has been an amateur scout and worked the draft. I don't see any value in hiring a Briere, Luongo, or Darche. They have no experience at anything. I don't like the idea of Roy as a GM, especially in this shared responsibility model with Gorton. So to me, it's Madden ahead of others. I've mentioned Daniel Dore as another option before and Martin Brodeur at least has a bit more experience than the other names mentioned. Also no to Pierre McGuire and no to Vincent Damphousse. Again, I don't want to see a figurehead here just to speak French. Gorton seems to be strong at making trades in the context of a re-build but I'd like to see him get help with the amateur drafting. As for Anaheim, they obviously have first dibs on Madden. If they truly want him as their GM, they won't release him to interview with us. And I doubt he'd want to leave if he could stay in his own organization with guys he's drafted and a roster he helped build. So it hinges to me on what Anaheim does. But if Anaheim looks elsewhere for their own GM, I doubt they would/could block Madden from a promotion by joining us. They would look awful for blocking a guy from advancing his career. And Madden is from here, with his dad having been our head scout at one point. So there's a history there. It seems like the best possible fit.
  5. Yeah, but once you call it, you can't go back... what if Allen saw him raise his hand and took off for the bench? If Vancouver scores on an open net, how does St-Pierre explain his actions?
  6. Ref raised his hand for a penalty then changed his mind and put it down. Could have been ruled a follow-through on a shot and not a penalty, just odd that he was going to call it then clearly changed his mind after the fact.
  7. Poehling now has 4 goals in his 10th game, playing largely on the 4th line with no PP time. He's on pace for over 30 goals in a full season. Impressive progression this year...
  8. Poehling-Armia are pretty decent together, but they look much better when they play with a top 6 player as opposed to playing with Pezzetta or Paquette or so on.
  9. Or Bergevin is trying his best to get hired by the Blackhawks again so he can keep it.
  10. Right, I'm not saying Gorton is bad at drafting, I'm saying his record doesn't tell us that he's good at drafting either. It remains to be seen. He had that one good draft with Boston as I said and with New York, he hasn't yet done anything extraordinary. I don't think it took a genius to draft Lafreniere, just as I don't think anyone would have passed on Crosby or McDavid. It's hard for me to give him credit for Lafreniere and Kakko because those were the guys 98% of GMs would have chosen in those spots. So I give full credit to Gorton for making moves to put himself in position to have those draft picks, but I'm not yet sold on whether he makes the right calls once he has those picks. It's funny, because Trevor Timmins (who I've been a vocal defender of) has taken a lot of heat on this board and in other places for his failure at the draft, yet Gorton is given credit as being a strong drafter. I think here we're confusing "having high picks" with "doing a good job with them." Look at what Gorton had in New York in his drafts between 2016 and 2020: - 2016: no first or second round picks. Developed no regular NHLers from that draft. - 2017: 7th overall Andersson is a flop to date; 22nd overall Chytil is a regular NHLer but not a star and not a top 6 forward really; no finds deep in the draft to date - 2018: Kravstov at 9th overall is out of the NHL and refusing to rejoin the Rangers. Miller at 22nd overall looks like a regular NHLer but remains to be seen if he'll be top pairing or depth. Ditto for Lundkvist at 28 overall. - 2019: Kakko at 2nd overall is an NHLer but has disappointed to date and may be a middle 6 player when all is said and done. - 2020: Lafreniere 1st overall is clearly an NHLer but too early to say much more. Also too early for the rest of the 2018-2020 drafts. But thus far, knowing that guys may still develop over time, Gorton didn't find a single player who has become a regular NHLer from 2015 to 2020 outside of the 1st round. Among his 1st round picks, he hasn't found a player who has yet to establish themselves as a 1st line forward or top pairing D man, although there are several candidates there. He's had 7 first rounders including 4 of them coming from the top 9, and thus far I'd say 4 (Lafreniere, Kakko, Miller, and Chytil) are near-locks to be regulars. Andersson, Kravtsov, and Lundkvist are not. Now look at Timmins over that same timeframe. He's had 5 first rounders to Gorton's 7. He's had just two of those inside the top 9. Of his five first rounders, Kotkaniemi and Sergachev are established NHLers and Caufield and Poehling are both getting there. Guhle is still too young to know, although I like his odds too. Hard to know if any will become a 1st line forward or top pairing D man, but Sergachev, Caufield, and JK all have a chance, and I'd say just as good a chance as a trio as Miller, Kakko, and Kravtsov). Then tack on that in that timeframe, TT already has Romanov and Mete playing as NHL regulars and Norlinder knocking on the door. Over his career, Timmins has found a higher-than-average number of gems outside the first round like Gallagher, Subban, Lehkonen, Emelin, Streit, Sergei Kostitsyn, Grabovski, Evans, Primeau, etc. as well. So looking at their bodies of work, I'd argue Timmins has had better success finding hidden talents and at making later-round picks that have hit. I'd argue both guys are running around average for the 1st round, with the major difference being that Gorton has had more 1st rounders to select and a higher average slot to pick at. Again, I'm not saying Gorton is bad at drafting, just that he hasn't shown me he has any special talent there, while Timmins has done more with less. As I've said, Gorton's strength seems to be finding ways to get those high picks and multiple 1st's and that's absolutely something we need right now. I'd just like to see a Martin Madden Jr in the seat next to him to give us a better shot at nailing those picks when they come.
  11. Except he doesn't really. Gorton's drafting in his one year as GM in Boston was solid. His drafting with the Rangers was average. He got good picks in Lafreniere and Kakko but they were top 2 picks who were largely consensus picks at their spots, and Kakko has underwhelmed thus far to boot. It's not like he made a bold choice against the grain. His other 1st round picks have been mediocre to fair. Lias Andersson has been a flop so far. Chytil has been average for a late 1st rounder. Kravtsov has seemingly refused to play for the Rangers again. Miller seems to be a decent pick but still too early to know if he'll be more than a mid-tier defenceman. Where Gorton has been strong is trading aging assets to be able to acquire picks. He's recognized that you need to sell assets you can't win with and stockpile lots of chance to nail a pick. He's also recognized that this largely comes from 1st rounders, not large quantities of mid-round picks. And he seems to understand the value of puck-moving D men and going after high-end skill players. So in those regards, I'm excited for Gorton to bring a fresh/better perspective that Bergevin failed to develop despite a decade in charge. But if we're going to be honest, Gorton's actual drafting isn't his strength, hence why I would have preferred to see him keep Timmins and/or go after a guy like Madden Jr. who has more experience with scouting/drafting. Let Gorton make the trades and acquire picks and let someone else do the drafting for him.
  12. Interesting. i wouldnt have thought Briere would rank that highly. 2 years of management, all in the ECHL... unless he's indeed being hired to be a figure head/mouthpiece for Gorton. Yes, but despite what Molson says publicly, my feeling is that they're looking for a GM with limited powers. An inexperienced person would take that opportunity, an experienced one with better qualifications might not want to and may wait for a better opportunity with more control.
  13. As I've said, I like Madden Jr. the most of rumored candidates, but my feeling is that they'll likely put someone in place who is less experienced and will take orders from Gorton. I don't think Gorton was brought in to be a figurehead, he was brought in for his expertise at rebuilding. So to me, someone like Darche or Lapointe fits the bill of being the spokesperson for the front office without necessarily challenging Gorton for top billing on how to build the team. Martin Brodeur could be an option too, in addition to Roberto Luongo and then there's also Daniel Dore, who has ties to Gorton and could be moved to a GM role from a scouting role.
  14. ^^ On the subject of how many hometown players each team has, I just mentioned the Rangers have 1 player (Fox) from NY state. The Isles have only Palmieri from NY state. NJ has no one from NJ and only one from NY state (Miles Wood). The Flyers have no one from Pennsylvania and the Pens have one. The Caps have no one local, nor do the Canes. The Blue Jackets have 2 from Ohio. Boston has 2 players from Massachusetts. Buffalo has only 1 (Alex Tuch) from NY state and they just traded for him (and he's on IR). Detroit has 3 from Michigan, including their best player Dylan Larkin. Florida has no one from their home state and only two Americans total on the entire roster. Tampa also has no one from Florida. The only two teams in our entire conference with more homegrown players are the Sens with 8 and Leafs with 10, and we all know Ontario has a much larger pool of players to choose from. Ultimately, most teams just don't have a lot of homegrown players and they certainly aren't actively shopping or reaching to add those players to their rosters.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I actually like what Drouin brings. He's one of the few Habs who can carry the puck successfully from our blue line into the O zone. That said, his contract expires in a little over a year and I have a hard time believing he'll be back if he's finding it hard to cope with the pressure of being in Montreal. So if he's not part of the longterm plan, when is his trade value likely to be highest. When he has two playoff runs left in his contract while in his prime. This is Drouin's prime right now. It's unlikely he ascends more than what he's giving us now. He's a 45-50 point 2nd line player if healthy and that's fine. But I don't see a future for him in Montreal and I want to maximize what we get back for him, so I'd look at dealing him this season. I think he has value and trading him has nothing to do with not seeing value in him. I'd much rather trade Paquette and Perreault, but they have minimal value. As for French players, well we're stuck with Savard and we still have Montembeault (who would likely still be here if we trade Allen). Paul Byron also speaks French, albeit that may not be enough for some politicians since he's not from Quebec. They could further go and grab a prospect like Xavier Bourgault in a trade if they swung Chiarot to Edmonton, for example. As I've said many times before, we shouldn't be building at team around making sure we have X number of French players here. It's a bonus if you can make it work, but shouldn't be your primary raison d'etre. You look at the Rangers, where Gorton is coming from, and they have 7 total Americans on their roster, only 1 of whom is from NY state. That's Adam Fox, the reigning Norris winner and a guy who forced himself onto the team but refusing to play for anyone else. The Rangers didn't go out of their way to rebuild around native New Yorkers. To boot, they have 3 Quebecers on their roster. So I frankly couldn't give a care as to whether Drouin is French. If the best move for the team is to trade him, he should be traded.
  16. Some thoughts on your thoughts: - I'm not retaining that much of Price's salary. He's signed for another 4 years at 10.5M after this season, and frankly, the Habs' goal should be to return to being a Cup challenger during that period. With Suzuki, Romanov, Norlinder, Ylonen, Poehling, Primeau, Guhle, Harris, Caufield, etc. all in the system, you would hope that you can re-tool around some of those players. I doubt we're a contender next year and maybe the one after that, but in Year 3 and 4, you absolutely need to be relevant. Look at what Gorton did with the Rangers. You trade guys for 1st rounders, and you look to add players who can be difference makers the way NY added Panarin and Fox. The Rangers are in the mix as a competitive team already and have a .725 winning percentage so far this year. So in that regard, you can't be eating 5.25M of dead salary for the next 4 years. That means that if you sign another half-decent starter at 5M, you're still paying 10.25M in money to get one starting goalie and you're no further ahead in getting a good one. If another team wants us to eat 2M or so, fine. If they want us to eat 4 or 5M, it's a no-go for me. Price is still an asset. If I'm trading him, it's because there are assets coming back and/or I'm getting out of all or nearly all of the cap hit. There's zero point in paying Price as much as the team getting him for 4 years. - Allen, as I've detailed before, is a much more interesting asset to trade. He's signed to a reasonable deal, he has experience starting, and his numbers are virtually identical to Kuemper, who was just dealt for a 1st, a 3rd, and a blue chip prospect. If I can make a deal like that, I'd gladly sell Allen. - Chiarot should be done and should garner us a 1st. I'd move Kulak and Wideman too, but I think we're looking at mid-level picks for those guys, so it's not moving the needle much. Savard, yes, should be dumped ASAP, but I doubt we can move him. - At wing, I think Lehkonen is a guy to move. He's still young and he's a free agent after this season, so there's no commitment for the acquiring team, yet he's an RFA, so they can still control his rights and/or get compensation if they want it. That's high value for another team. I think he could also get you a 1st or high-end prospect. He's a good player and highly-valued across the league (other teams have inquired about his availability before and there were rumors Sakic wanted him two years ago), but I think he's pretty much at ceiling. He'll be a great defensive player, excellent forechecker and poor goal-scorer. - I'd also deal Gallagher if we could, again because I think he has value across the league and because I worry about his ability to not wear down over the duration of his contract. He has more value to someone who can win now as opposed to a team like us that's a couple of years away. Like you, I'm listening on Toffoli if there are offers but I'm also fine with keeping him. And I think the other guy to maybe go is Drouin, who has shorter term left on his contract and can provide value on a return. - Veterans I'd keep for now would include Petry (who has low trade value right now but who I see as rebounding in the future, not to mention we have absolutely no one behind him on the right side), Anderson (unique skillset and a guy who puts in big effort every night and who seems to want to be here), Dvorak (not loving him as a player but I think we need to wait for his value to go up), and Armia (like Dvorak, I'd wait a bit to see if he can re-establish value). So in order, the players I'd most like to try and move now based on likely return value would be Chiarot, Lehkonen, Allen, and Drouin. If you can move a Price, Gallagher, Toffoli, Byron, Perreault, Paquette, Wideman, Kulak, etc. for a decent return, then go for it, but I'm not in a rush to sell and eat salary for the first few guys and I don't think we'll get much for the others. If we accomplish selling those 4 guys I mentioned, I'd recall Ylonen and Vejdemo and maybe RHP up front and I'd be pushing hard to sign and play Jordan Harris after his university season is over.
  17. With Gorton in, I wonder whether the team would consider Geoff Ward as a coaching candidate. Ward was an assistant in Boston while Gorton was there as assistant GM. Ward was also the head coach in Hamilton for a year as the Habs' affiliate. He's from Ontario, not sure whether he has any working knowledge of French.
  18. Because he's one of the few French-speaking GM candidates who has qualifications to actually potentially do a good job.
  19. With Timmins gone, we should be hoping for Martin Madden Jr, but again, Anaheim (his current organization) also has an opening so I doubt he comes here unless he's out of the running there. Otherwise, why get into a power struggle with Gorton?
  20. I do like the hiring of Gorton on paper. He made some good moves in limited time with the Bruins as GM and he re-built the Rangers. Don't think he made fantastic choices with all his picks, but what he did recognize was the importance of stockpiling lots of 1st rounders, which will be needed him. As for Geoff Molson, it's about time he got around to firing Bergevin, albeit way too late. But for goodness sake, grow a pair and just announce Gorton as GM if he's the one who is going to be making the hockey decisions.Stop hiding behind the title to say the "GM" will speak French because you don't have the guts to stand up to the politicians.
  21. Timmins and Wilson also gone. Gorton in as VP Hockey Ops. Next GM to speak French.
  22. Louis Jean reporting that the Habs may be looking to hire Gorton as President of Hockey Ops to support a young/inexperienced Francophone GM. Basically, giving Gorton the power to make hockey decisions in the short term while having a puppet figure to please the Francois Legault's of the world. Other reports saying Bergevin blindsided by all of this news tonight and that he found out on twitter like everyone else. He thought Mellanby would be his successor and had recommended him as next in line and now finds out his supporters are being tossed aside. All pointing to the end of Bergevin here, which would be great. I've personally supported Timmins or Madden Jr. as next GM and this structure suggests it's less likely to be either of them. Timmins likely wouldn't be a puppet figure if they wanted a Francophone (doubt they'd hire two anglos back to back) and Madden is in the running to get the Anaheim job. He could be lured to be a GM for sure elsewhere I'd think, but I doubt he'd leave a possible GM job to take a job where he has no control of his own decisions. So Matt Darche, with zero experience, really a name that jumps more to the forefront with all of this...
  23. Which is fine for Allan Walsh to say, but there have been players who have flat out said that taxes went into their decision on choosing places like Dallas, Tampa, etc. as places to play. I think both Radulov and Bergevin referenced that as one of the reasons Radulov opted for Dallas over Montreal given similar salaries but much higher take-home pay in Texas. If someone said to a player, here's a million dollars, you can keep 80% of it or here's a million dollars, you can keep 50% of it and get some financial advisors to pull off some fancy accounting maneuvers to bring it up to 75%. I think this statement over-estimates people wanting something simple as a set-up and not wanting to have to juggle money around and pay financial advisors when they can have the same or more by doing less work. Plus, you never know if governments will close loopholes like this at any moment. I'll trust what comes from players own mouths as their perception of taxes and how it influences them as opposed to what an agent thinks they could do in theory.
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