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  1. So refs miss an automatic 4 minute high sticking call and then call Lehkone for "holding" on a clean body check? 6-minute BS swing that leads to a goal for Nashville. Utter crap.
  2. I think Wideman's been strong on the PP. A quarterback doesn't need to shoot a lot. Much more effective if it's someone who can move along the blueline and distribute the puck quickly to players in more dangerous shooting positions. That's what he does. Markov was great at it. Much more valuable than just having a Shea Weber who has one weapon only.
  3. I think Poehling only scores hat tricks, so he's due one more as well.
  4. Me neither. I thought they would win tonight and score a bunch of goals. They were due, and Nashville isn't a very impressive team. The Habs had to be motivated after getting pummeled last game.
  5. Habs 5 Preds 3. Goals for Armia, Anderson, Petry, Gallagher, and Norlinder.
  6. - As far as veterans go, I'd have traded Gallagher before signing that deal? We got him at a bargain for years and he plays hard, so I think there was some guilt there that led to his being overpaid this time around, but he's a winger (a position of lesser value) and he's been hurt a lot, playing a style of game that doesn't lend itself to continued success in one's later years. Hard to do emotionally, but I'd have swapped him out while we had the chance to get 2-3 good blue chip assets. - In Petry's case, also an aging player, the major difference being that he plays a far more vital position and we were/are extremely thin at RHD. I think there's more of a case there for having re-signed him, although MB absolutely should have sniffed around to see what the market was for him. Petry's had such a substantial drop-off in play this year that you have to wonder if he's hurt or bothered by something, but despite this, he's #2 on the team among regular defencemen in terms of possession stats this year behind only Wideman. And this despite having worse D partners and playing 24 minutes a night, the highest average of his career. So I think he likely rebounds at some point, especially if Edmundson comes back, but I also think you need better depth on the right side so that you're not playing Petry 24 minutes a night. He's good enough to be a #1 D man in terms of level of play, but I don't think he can play at that level for 23-24 minutes a night. If you give him Edmundson or maybe even Norlinder as a partner and you give him 21 minutes a night instead, I think you'll see a step up in play. But frankly, the guy is slumping and still outclassing the likes of Savard, Kulak, Romanov, etc. in advanced metrics. The numbers suggest we'll see better things here from him as the season goes on. - As for other teams, Dallas went to the Cup finals two years ago, so I feel like they're doing okay. My point was not that every team will be good, just that the salary cap allows teams to poach better teams' talents more easily. I doubt Atlanta/Winnipeg ever gets Byfgulien if Chicago isn't tight against the cap, and Winnipeg was able to be a strong team with Byfuglien for several years and then developed a major hole on D without him. That one player being available changed a lot for them. Arizona recently has been able to poach draft picks from other teams by taking on cap. Carolina grabbed a 1st rounder from Toronto to take Marleau, also on account of the cap. That pick became Seth Jarvis, who was one of my favorite players in the draft and a guy I had been hoping the Habs would have a shot at. Carolina also used trades to grab Niederreiter and Teravainen and Trocheck when other teams were casting them off. Conversely, look at Tampa being a recent Cup winner and having to dump the likes of Coleman, Goodrow, Johnson, and Gourde. No stars, but good supporting cast players that other teams swooped in to get. All I'm saying is that you can use cap space as an asset to catch up to better teams, who have to spend more money to try and keep their rosters together. If you can draft well and find two elite centers and a stud D man, then you can supplement that with good supporting-cast players via trade or free agency. - As to your point about drafting, agreed that you need to get lucky down the draft every so often, but I still believe having top-5 picks is the easiest, fastest way to being a contender. TB may have nailed it on Kucherov and Point, but they wouldn't have won a Cup without Hedman (and Stamkos to a lesser degree). Chicago wouldn't have won without Toews and Kane, Pittsburgh without Crosby, Malkin, and MAF, Washington without Ovi. There are different ways to a Cup, but having a core built around verifiable elite players found at the top of the draft is the most common. It doesn't mean all top draft picks lead a team to glory and it doesn't mean you can't find other ways to get a stud nucleus, but it's much harder and much more rare to build a great team through late draft choices/free agency instead of high picks.
  7. My argument against this is that there aren't really any French-speaking coaches or GMs currently working with NHL teams who are due to be fired or have their contracts run out at the end of this season that we'd likely be interested in picking up. You want Brisebois? He's employed. TB also just signed Matt Darche to their management team. You want an assistant GM or coach, most of them have outs to be able to take on a better job, so there's nothing stopping us from doing that now. My guess is that Molson has already chalked this up to being a lost season and is already paying MB and two coaches right now, and he figures he's not going to spend the money to pay a 3rd coach and a 2nd GM at the same time. I'm hoping/expecting he'll make the move as soon as the regular season is over, but he has to know already who he's considering. IMO Martin Madden Jr in Anaheim has to be a prime target if he doesn't get the Anaheim job. Only move I could see making sense right now is firing MB and putting Timmins in the job as he's internal and would be able to lead you into the draft seamlessly. Past that, I think it's too late for any moves to make a difference this season and at this point, I think Molson is just trying to save money by not moving.
  8. ^^ With the 7 D, it sounds like they might try to limit Norlinder's ice time at ES and play him more exclusively on the PP, which would be a shame given he was our best player at ES last time out.
  9. The other thing, as I've said before, is that a "rebuild" doesn't have to be a long arduous process in today's NHL. Why? A few reasons: 1. The speed of the game. The game is so fast now. Players are so big and fit. And as such, it is much harder for 30+ year-olds to keep up. You can't be an unfit 35 year-old who smokes and drinks between games. The guys who are able to stay in the game at 35+ are the ones who are physically and medically fit enough to compete with 20 year-olds in their athletic prime. Right now, players are hitting their prime at age 22, 23, 24. So you can draft and trade for prospects and have those guys become high-impact players very very quickly. 2. The salary cap. At the other end, the cap prevents teams from being powerhouses for too long. Look at Chicago, having to trade away the likes of Byfuglien and Shaw and Ladd and so on. Look at Tampa having to shed players recently. You can't keep everyone. So it allows lower-ranked teams to catch up faster than they normally would if there were no cap, both by top teams having to shed talent and by bottom-feeders being able to grab some of that freed-up talent too. 3. You only need a couple of top-tier pieces to be competitive. Pittsburgh built around Crosvy, Malkin, and Letang. Chicago built around Toews and Kane and Keith. Tampa around Point, Kucherov, and Hedman (and they probably didn't even need Stamkos). You can get 1-2 high draft choices and make one good trade or signing and be relevant again. But as I've said, you've got to be strong at drafting when you get the chance and you need to have that chance to get top 5 picks. If you're always drafting at 23 or 27 overall, you need to get lucky to some degree. All that to say, the Habs could very easily be competitive within two years. Look at how quickly the Rangers have grown a strong line-up, for example. They got Lafreniere and Kakko. They signed Panarin. They acquired Fox. And now they're a pretty decent team after being bigtime sellers at the trade deadline just a few years ago. They did it right. They got a few first-rounders in trades, they added prime talent when they had a shot to do it.
  10. Turns out people with legs can just get up and walk right out of the arena.
  11. Norlinder probably our best player tonight in his first game ever. Savard once again one of the worst. Couldn't stay on his feet or in position most of the night. A lot of the other defencemen right there with him.
  12. Legault's a politician and his gesturing is all for votes. His primary interest is in riling up nationalistic support and has nothing to do with the success of the Habs. Sure, we'd all love to see local talent do well, but you ask a true fan and they want the Habs to win no matter whether the players and coach are of any particular nationality, race, or language. Legault is likely a fan, but he's got his own interests that he clearly places above the team.
  13. We're missing - Byron - Paquette - Perreault - Price - Edmundson - Hoffman - Allen Not going to count Weber since he's for all intents and purposes retired and not someone we're waiting on to return. MB seems to have known since the playoffs last year that he'd be done and could have/should have planned for that. But look at that list. We talk about how we'll be better if/when the injured players return, but other than the goalies, who on that list is moving the needle so substantially that it makes us a playoff team. We were bad even when we had Paquette, Perreault, Hoffman, and Allen in the line-up. And Price coming back doesn't suddenly make the D corps more competent or give us a second top 6 center. Byron last year had trouble cracking the line-up at times and was for the most part a 4th liner. Edmundson played well with Petry but less well when not with him and is really a supporting cast player who doesn't address the biggest deficiencies with that D corps. And let's remember that Price played poorly for long stretches in the regular season and is hardly the savior he once was. I think even with a fully-healthy roster, this team is a bit better but still far from being a playoff team.
  14. Very clear that CUnneyworth's leash was shorter on account of language. He never had a chance. 3 years in a row out and as you said, 4th year where they were effectively out as well and where a COVID-related technicality got them in despite finishing 24th overall. And then last year, they really only got in because of the weak division they were in. They weren't one of the top 16 best records in the league and they achieved their mediocre record playing against horrible teams. I'll give them the fact that they stepped up in the playoffs, but this has been 5 years in a row that we would have effectively missed the playoffs if we had played normal seasons. In other words, the roster MB built was bad for the past 5 years and was not a playoff-caliber team for the past 5 years. I'd argue the roster was better last year than this year, and I'd argue the roster was better when MB took over the team than it has been the past 5 years too. He's continued to make this team worse, so very unclear how he still has a job.
  15. Why? Goodrow tripped him first and then took a dive. He was lying on the ground smiling and looking at the ref.
  16. The good: Primeau, the Evans line, Drouin at times. The bad: Chiarot-Petry, Suzuki, Gallagher, Anderson, Dvorak (despite his goal), Pezzetta and Belzile, Wideman...
  17. Goodrow also diving afterwards. You could see him covering his face but looking up through his gloves at the ref and then getting up once he saw the penalty was being called.
  18. Goodrow trips Gallagher, Gallagher punches Goodrow. How are we the only one with a penalty?
  19. Good Corsi: Evans line, Kulak-Savard, Romanov. Bad Corsi: 4th line, Dvorak line, Chiarot-Petry
  20. Entire defence corps has been awful tonight at the offensive blueline. They're bobbling pucks and when they do get them on their sticks, they're taking too long to move it or creat anything. Easy to defend. No puck movement causes plays to stagnate and allows the D to reset.
  21. Primeau bails Drouin and Savard out there. Both players took themselves out of the play with terrible defence.
  22. Can we fire Ducharme and Bergevin yet or do we still have to wait?
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