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  1. Another weak call from Meier. That play happens a hundred times a game... Meier looking a lot like he's being paid by the Bruins organization tonight.
  2. Brad Meier: "Uh, Marchand fell down, so whoever was closest to him, get to the penalty box now."
  3. Seemed like a completely made-up call on Evans there. No trip whatsoever. The refs apparently had to review the replay int he tv timeout to figure out which player they were supposed to be penalizing. #NHLlovestheBruins
  4. Well it sounds like Allen is out a minimum 7 days if he failed his concussion test... as I said, I think Primeau gives you a better shot at winning, but I think the odds of our beating Boston in the 2nd half of a B2B in two different cities on the road is not very high. Anything's possible, but it's a tall task. So do you really want that to be the situation that Primeau walks into for an NHL game? I'd rather he come in a play an easier game to win (like tonight's game). So my answer is this: Habs aren't going anywhere this season, so the 2 pts aren't that important to me. I'd rather not risk shattering Primeau's confidence. I'd put Montembeault in and play Primeau later in the week.
  5. I think Primeau gives you a better chance to win, but Habs at high risk of being walloped, and do you want to do that to your prospect's confidence?
  6. Going to guess Lehks will be okay. Looked like his tailbone going first into boards but at least he didn't get twisted up.
  7. Lehkonen to dressing room in pain.
  8. Nice play from Lehkonen to get that puck out while down and hurt. And Wideman didn't go... wide with that shot.
  9. Not loving Dvorak in the role he's been given. Not loving Hoffman this high in the lineup at ES. With Poehling playing well, give him two big wingers with speed and create a line that's a match-up problem for the other team. I'd like to see Toffoli-Suzuki-Gallagher Armia-Poehling-Anderson Lehkonen-Dvorak-Evans Hoffman-Brooks-Pezzetta
  10. Even if they think it, I guarantee you'll never hear anyone on the Habs say it. When Cunneyworth was put in a lameduck position as an interim coach for a team that was essnetially our of contention already and had a bad record with an absolutely terrible roster, he was lambasted in the French media and Molson was made to apologize for hiring an English coach. Yet Ducharme was given the full-time job, has a better roster, and has a record that's just as bad, and no one's saying look, it has/had nothing to do with language.
  11. On Savard, when he was with Chiarot, that was our worst pairing. When he was with Romanov, that was our worst pairing. Kulak-Savard has actually been reasonable on some nights, but they're still our worst pairing of the three current duos. Bottom line is that Savard isn't a 2nd-pairing D man. He needs to be on the 3rd pairing to make this work.
  12. Savard is a better player than Montembeault, he's just overpaid and being used above what he is. But similar if by what you mean is that they were both overrated by Bergevin likely in part due to an eagerness to add Francophone players to satisfy the political push for this.
  13. 4th line easily our best tonight. All 3 guys rocking Corsi over 63%. Romanov-Wideman only other guys on the team with positive possession numbers, and Petry and Hoffman the only other guys even over 40%. The Dvorak line is getting smoked. The Evans line is getting smoked. The Kulak-Savard duo is getting smoked. Of this, I'd say Dvorak is clearly not working out in his role. No offence and getting hemmed in every shift doesn't speak to a very good 2C or two-way center. With Poehling having two good games, I've said this before, but I'd love to see him get a regular shift with Anderson and Armia and let that line use their size to be a difficult match-up.
  14. Montembeault is so shaky. Two bad goals that need to be stopped and even though he settled down a bit after, he's still moving too much in his net. He's not square to shots, his lateral movement is not controlled, and he drops to his feet too early. All speak to a goalie with no confidence. Don't see him as ever being an NHL-quality goalie.
  15. Weber had strong advanced stats most of his career, then had a dip for a couple of seasons, then rebounded for a year or two before he was traded by Nashville. But his expected goals for % were always better than 50%. So he was never a bad advanced stats guy, and he kind of played out the same way here. The problem was never that Weber wasn't a good player, it was that he wasn't as good as Subban in terms of advanced stats, was older than Subban, and had a worse contract. And so trading for him at 31 without getting another asset in the trade didn't make a lot of sense. Most D men tend to fall off a cliff in their early-mid 30s, so that was a general concern for Weber. The expectation was that we might have gotten 2-3 good years out of Weber but then see his play drop off, and that's essentially what happened. Over the past couple of seasons, he was no longer a #1 or even #2 D man, but he was a good 2nd-pairing player. He just needed to be better-supported by a more mobile partner who could move the puck and make up for areas he was deficient in, and unfortunately, the Habs never realized that and paired him with the likes of Emelin and Alzner and Chiarot, and that was never the type of player to help Weber. Had we kept Sergachev or traded for a guy like Zach Werenski or Charlie McAvoy to play with Weber, the two of them could have made an all-star pairing. So let's look at some of the guys the Habs have traded for or picked up in recent years and their advanced stats just before we acquired them: - Chiarot: negative Corsi player in 3 of 4 seasons before coming here and negative expected goals in all 4 seasons. To boot, he was a negative relative Corsi player his entire career with Winnipeg, suggesting he didn't just have bad numbers because of the team he was playing on, he was actually a weak player himself. Although this absolute Corsi numbers improved in Montreal (under Julien's strong system), his relative numbers remain horrid, meaning the team is significantly better off in terms of puck possession with him on the bench than with him on the ice. - Savard: much like Chiarot, a negative possession player his entire career with negative relative stats as well. - Petry: a negative possession player with Edmonton BUT a positive relative Corsi player just about his entire career there, suggesting he was a good player on a bad team and a possible hidden gem. So completely the opposite of what we saw with Chiarot and Savard. Low and behold, Petry shows up here and he's a strong possession player both in absolute terms in a good system but also relative to his teammates. - Armia: positive Corsi player in 2 of 3 years in the league prior to Montreal. - Toffoli: strongly positive possession player his entire career and strong relative to his teammates too. - Kulak: strongly positive possession player his entire career and strong relative to teammates too. - Dvorak: weak possession numbers in both absolute terms and relative to his teammates his entire career. - Edmundson: a borderline positive possession player most of his career but with negative relative Corsi in every season. He played in two strong systems in Stl and Car and joined another strong system in Mtl under Julien. What did we see? Exact same thing: Edmundson put up positive possession numbers but his relative Corsi remained negative and his numbers fell off when he wasn't partnered with Petry. So suggesting that Edmundson was a passable player but one who relied on a good system and partner to carry him through. I'm curious to see if the wheels fall off from his play this year under the lesser coaching of Dominic Ducharme, especially if he isn't paired with Petry at times. - Mike Hoffman: strong possession numbers early in his career playing on good Sens teams. As the team got weaker, his absolute numbers fell off, but his relative numbers remained positive, suggesting he was done in by playing on bad rosters. So some hope for him to perform here, although with clear signs that his play has dropped off with age. - Chris Wideman: hard to judge, numbers prior to arrival here were all over the place, primarily because of small sample size, but he's been a positive player more than a negative one in his career. - Matthieu Perreault: mostly a strong possession player his entire career, but with significant drop-off the past two seasons. Still good relative numbers though, suggesting there was some drop-off in his level of play but that he was also done in by playing on weaker teams in Winnipeg at the end. - Cedric Paquette: poor numbers all the way along. ... so I don't know, you look at a lot of that and the advanced stats would have predicted success for players like Petry, Kulak, Toffoli, Hoffman, and Perreault. It would have predicted struggles for Chiarot, Savard, Dvorak, and Paquette, and it would have suggested Edmundson being passable if sheltered. Other than Perreault maybe not being that fantastic, I don't think any of those predictive models were really that far off to be honest.
  16. But it's not an albatross in the sense of it being a surprise. You look at some of these guys he's acquired... Alzner had terrible advanced stats in Washington. Savard has had terrible advanced stats his entire career. Dvorak's were also weak. Much of this was foreseeable.
  17. Montembeault vs. Wings and Allen vs. Bruins... if the team has any shot of climbing back up, they can't be aiming to win 1 out of 2 games. Need to hope SM can bring it against the Wings, otherwise he's not very useful.
  18. We'll finally get to see if Tyler Bertuzzi makes a difference to how Detroit plays. Wings are 0-3 in Canada without him.
  19. We've seen a few guys really pick up their level of play in the past couple of games... Romanov is playing a lot better, Evans is doing more, Gallagher seems to be Gallagher again, Chiarot is playing his best hockey in a long time. Then you have guys who are playing well but where you're waiting for more results to come... Lehkonen, Petry, Toffoli, Wideman. Would still like to see more from Savard, Kulak, Armia, Paquette, Montembeault, and Dvorak. Also feel like Allen has been a little bit shaky with his positioning and rebound control. He's fighting to stay in games, but he hasn't looked technically sound for the past little while. The team will need a more complete effort top to bottom to be able to have more prolonged success.
  20. Monahan hits Petry after the whistle more than Pezzetta hit Gudbranson. How come no penalty there too? Zero consistency.
  21. Not sure what Pezzetta did to get a penalty there. BS reffing yet again.
  22. Bit of a shame that Toffoli's hit on Gudbranson didn't hurt him. If refs won't throw him out, he deserved to be sent out of the game one way or another.
  23. So not from behind but a cross-check to the face way after the play. No different than what Scheifele did to Evans really. No way that shouldn't be a game misconduct.
  24. Gudbranson should be expulsed from game. Dirty hit from behind way late.
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