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  1. Actually, by definition he was INDIRECTLY responsible. Directly would be O'Byrne's gaff last year. And MAB has done exactly what we signed him for and we haven't lost since he got called up AND our pp is MUCH MUCH better with him. He will do much more good than bad and we are clearly better off with him, so quit dwelling on singular mistakes when the boys are winning.
  2. What I'm hopin for right now would get me kicked off this forum. Do you even like the Habs? Are you just going from thread to thread to talk jibberish? Did you ever get in trouble growing up (assuming you're not still in the process though the odds don't look good based on your posts) for having WAY too much to say without ever actually saying anything? I know I'm supposed to lay off other posters but I feel like forgetting about that little tidbit every time I read something ridiculous like this.
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