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  1. Post-game April 13/13
  2. Well, it wasn't that much fun as obviously they lost. I did have wonderful seats - 6 rows from the ice!! I did manange to get some great shots of the players.
  3. Go Habs! I'll be cheering from the Platinum section (but in Leafs starting zone, boooooo)!
  4. I have actually been on these forums before, just haven't logged in for a long time. I figured I should reintroduce myself haha.
  5. I went to the March 30 game against the Rangers and it was a blast! It was my 30th birthday and I travelled from Toronto to Montreal to go to the game with my dad (he lives in Montreal).
  6. My name is Roseanne and I live in Durham Region (just outside of Toronto). I recently turned 30 two weeks ago and I was lucky to be at the March 30 game with my dad for my birthday. I was born in Montreal but moved to Toronto when I was 7. Was and will always be a HABS fan!! I am going to the Habs - Leafs game tonight!!
  7. The first is my player picture from roller derby and the second picture was from a scrimmage against Kingston(I was sporting my Habs shirt as my league had to wear red shirts). I'm too lazy to make the pictures smaller.
  8. Pay it Forward (2000) - 8/10 Survival of the Dead - 5/10
  9. A win tonight would be a great birthday present for me.. :) GO HABS!

  10. Black Swan - 7/10 The only reason I'm giving it a 7/10 is because of the balls it took Mila Kunis to give fake oral to Natalie Portman and for Natalie's great performance of a fake *****.. lol.. I've gotta admit, it was kinda hot. Grown Ups - 8/10
  11. I have three cats: Precious, Gizmo and Odin. The cat collages were made 7 months ago, hence the ages are now incorrect. Precious: Born Oct. 2005 (makes her 5 yrs & 4 mo. old); currently weighs about 19 lbs, but I'm trying a new diet (MCRC Calorie Control)! She's a DSH, orange and white. Gizmo: Born March 2006 (makes her 4 yrs & 11 mo. old); grey DMH, although I think she could be from the "nebelung" cat breed; she currently weighs about 14 lbs. Odin: Born May 2008 (makes him 2 yrs & 9 mo. old); DSH tabby; weighs about 10 lbs and still acts like a kitten!
  12. At my work we are being filmed for a docu-series called "ER Vets". It is filmed at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto and airs every Friday at 8:30pm on CMT or channel 38 on Rogers. You can also watch the videos from the first two episodes (which I am in! I work in Cardiology) here: http://www.cmt.ca/Shows/ervets Check it out guys!
  13. Can't wait to buy tickets to see St louis vs Toronto (I live close to Toronto) so I can cheer for Halak!
  14. I wish I would have known and I would have taken the VIA to Montreal yesterday.. I will miss him!
  15. Law Abiding Citizen I gave it a 7.5/10. It had a good storyline and it starred the sexy Gerard Butler
  16. yea, as he climbed off the ice into the bench, he looked at it and smirked
  17. oh and I made Sergei a special poster for the game..as you can see, it's cut off in the picture (obviously he's #74 and not #7):
  18. Here are three somewhat crappy quality pics from the March 20 game taken with that ***** camera I borrowed:
  19. Anyone have gameday pics from March 20? I was at the game in platinums behind Montreal's player bench, but I borrowed a camera from someone and it was the shittiest camera ever. My pics turned out not so well....
  20. I know...it's funny though, I don't meet many DRI fans anywhere else either...
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