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  1. have fun watching the game it should be a good one with vinny in

  2. 71 and have an autograph team picture of that year
  3. i think that for every guy you see thats a fan,there wifes or girl friend will either be a fan or a hater.I would love to walk into a bar and just laugh at the leafs during a game but the chances of me walking out with my teeth in my mouth are well u know

  4. I was born in 71.I have a 70/71 stanley cup winning MONTREAL team picture thats autograhed framed and hanging in my office.Im very proud of it. HABS FOREVER
  5. nice to see we have female hab fans in whitby

  6. Hello to all the HAB fans in here.Fan since 78 new at this what happens now lol
  7. been a hab fan since i came to canada in 78 and living in toronto i rub it in their faces every chance i get habs forever

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