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  1. Long time pro players are rarely useless, got him for free too, good work guys.
  2. Underrated, an excellent find and good contributor. Nice shot!
  3. IMO, Latendresse needs better footwork he reaches, and extends and the they can push him around. Move his feet and his balance will improve and that battle will be won more often than not. That's how Crosby does what he does at that size. I was thinking that a speedster like SK would have had a big impact on the third line but I guess that isn't going to happen. Can we get Perezhogin to play and Patch to sit?
  4. Yeah he's got vision and hands and skates well, just what we needed. He also got up quickly and continued to play which is good. Got hit hard at least 7 times and messed up really bad once, glad they sighned him . Could be a difference maker. He can move the puck out of the zone right now I like that!
  5. SK is way better at this point .
  6. He should go to the Laraque school of havoc for a few weeks true. Goals will come.
  7. Reminds me of Stoll of LA. That's not so bad. Defence first toughness second scoring third to my mind anyhow, and he isn't a bad little fighter. I vote he stays in the system at least . He has the skills of a promising defensive specialist .
  8. Rang his bell so to speak, well he played the rest of the game anyhow dizzy or not that's good news. He looked dangerous before that I was surprised frankly, pleasantly so.
  9. Armstrong should get a pounding, no intent to injure there. If there was intent then hand him his head clean or not. Can't have our players run without consequences right?
  10. Latendress has good skill and I will support his continued employment so long as he improves which he has, they can't all be Malkins or Crosbys, Krogs and Moens have their names on the cup too. I'd rather have 4 quality lines of 3rd line type checkers than 4 bad defensively offensive lines. I never thought Corson MacPhee, Carbonneau, were especially gifted but they won the cup too. Latendress is in good shape to be a well rounded player and that's good news yes?
  11. Just suggesting a solution to your problem.
  12. Playing behind a vet like Metro is no shame, Stewart doesn't add much at this point.
  13. This is key to a puck posession team, he's playing fine and he handed it to Nystrom the whole crowd thought so.
  14. Thought they were trying to get a bigger centre, bigger than 200lbs but no , cut salary no, up grade skills debateable, letting him go was a dumb move!
  15. Well if Mike Ryder can be a star so can Latendress. He has a better all round game and hits.
  16. Sergei K can keep up with anyone in the league, he might be better all round than his brother. Pacioretty is still apprenticing. Moen is a proven warrior.
  17. I like the way he plays with Lapierre, they look like brothers , dogs off the leash so to speak.
  18. Moen Lapierre, and Latendress, is their most competent line thus far, but the first line needs beef and a physical element to succeed.
  19. Latendresse has better speed and anticipation of the play before, further he is one of their better defensive forwards. He's big enough to hit big guys hard and is doing so. He could score 30 goals and be plus 5 with 100 hits play pk and pp. That's star type numbers to my way of thinking. Will he do it, well I think so.
  20. Agreed they lack a sustained presence in the offensive zone. Mix up the lines might help Cammaleri is a pretty good centre maybe he might try a switch for a few games, let Lapierre move to wing on the first line. Moen has had success being the big guy on a small line if I recall correctly.
  21. He's got the tools to be a major player, needs to stay involved stay agressive. Hitting is a big part of the game where he makes a big difference.
  22. Playing better and better, big guy, rage around the ice a star in the making.
  23. I agree in principle. Plenty of guys out there have success without great speed that's not a problem. Maximise what you got big fella get angry get mean. Drop the gloves sometime it will mean alot.
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