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  1. false habs fans for life the poster below secretely admires the leafs
  2. why do the canadiens play lady gaga and katy perry... it is a friggin hockey game no wonder our team plays such a fem style.. no lady gaga in boston or philly i would guess I just do not get it
  3. true the poster below believes "the bucket list" could have been waaaaaaaay better but was still goood
  4. I like pawn stars and even the Storage Wars. God I am getting old
  5. There is no hurry right know. Lets give him a month before we hand him the key to the city. The habs will probably not sign him because he is too young, relatively cheap and fast for our D
  6. true the poster below will watch the game alone
  7. false the poster below did not watch the entire islander game
  8. false I have not skated in four years, actually sold my skates because they were to small I guess even you feet get fat when you get older The poster below likes to stay up till midnight to watch habs games
  9. true The poster below cannot understand why the habs have three days off and then back to backs so often
  10. He is magic on the pp , but I don't think we need him
  11. false the poster below prefers chicken wings to the boneless wings
  12. true the poster below me wonders why in the heck that is in Here
  13. What a steal great job for $$ and probably should get a little bump in ice time if gomez is hurt for long period
  14. judas priest queensryche iron maiden get me up and ready for the day newer stuff papa roach saliva
  15. I felt good for him a hard worker
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