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  1. False,,,,no room for any tree. :( ,,,,,but if I had room,,,,it would be a real one. :)

    The poster below will give at least one gift this year and mark it "From Santa"


    The poster below cannot understand why the habs have three days off and then back to backs so often

  2. LOL... i don't think there is a player I have despised more in my 35 years of cheering for this team.

    i dislike him more nananana

    I think he`s lucky if he doesn`t get a suspension for that hit on Downie.

    Maybe he`ll luck out since they didn`t toss him from the game.

    Stupid play though.

    I get a laugh out of him, but I see why some Hab fans don`t like him, and the fans of all other teams hate him.

    He`s basically the Ken ( The Rat ) Linesman of this era.

    he could not hold linsemans jock, linseman was a player not a side show

  3. I'm all about a Habs win, and I don't really care what Max gets up to... :unsure: But I can imagine he's continuing to make himself lots of enemies league wide by pretending to drop the gloves like he did with Talbot. Going as far as to shake his hands as if they were about to come off. Maxim walks a fine line. It would, IMO, be cooler to see him stay on the slightly respectable side a little more.

    I agree I really do not want a player likened to Avery on the habs. If you are gonna shake man up and do take them off. i did think he played better in against Toronto than I can remember in most games last year

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