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  1. I love it...Boston wouldn't pay Metro a 2 year deal for $1mil a year, but gives Sevard(aka..biggest wossey in the league) a 7 year extension. Good for Canadiens, Metro has beat him all night...Interesting, the habs play well when Metro is on a top line and PP, instead of 4th line ***** and PK. Maybe a journeyman can be the spark>
  2. Still a lot of bang for the buck. Has been a great addition for depth on ANY line. Still did a good job, tired or not. Allowed to have a slow game.
  3. I enjoy the Metro no sayers, it's funny to see people don't understand the pecking order that has held Metro back. One of the best conditioned guys, most prepared, great hands...BUT no pedigree, public leagues and born in a project. It held him back when he first went to the N. Coaches, like Julien, figured out what a cheap price he had and used him effectively. This year has been the same as at Boston, coaches love him, players love him, and now as a vet they are willing to use him instead of their inexperienced high priced(or potentially high priced young guys). I think he will excel all year and many of you are underestimating his scoring ability. He will get 40 points this year. The question is, will he return, or get more money elsewhere, even on a one year deal?
  4. Metro"s career has been all about chances. Not being drafted and a journeyman, coaches have balked at putting him in important spots. Boston did and he thrived. 110%, responsible and a deadly passer. Gainey knows that. Pat him on the back and he will respond. Plus, he's playing in Canada..not Toronto, but Canada. if he stays healthy(which he has his whole career) we are in for a treat. Ask the players, he's a guy you want on your line!
  5. Any update on Metro, TSN still says questionable for Saturday. How serious is the rib injury?
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