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  1. IMO he should stay on the team. Weather it be center or wing. He fills his roll nicely, now more so that he is fufilling quality pk minutes. It just seems like its always the same people talking negative about him.... this makes me question their hockey smarts. different players have different roles, these people seem to think his is to become a superstar. he is gradually molding into his role that he was drafted for.
  2. so far in the games he has played he has looked good. I think that there are too many people on here looking for every excuse for him to fail. He has got to be one of the best players on the team along the boards more often than not he comes out with the puck. but that is where the problem usually starts... he has not much to pass to. BGL is terrible. stewart had a hard time as well. max has been playing better there on that line, definatley brings skill but sometimes out of position. When metro comes back if either him or chip shifts to the wing along with max and BGL sees some press box time we will definatley have a much stronger 4th line that won't feel like a liability everytime there on the ice
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