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  1. If you've officially given up hope now and we make the playoffs and then cheer on the team....that's the definition of a bandwagon fan!
  2. If giving up hope before your team is actually out of it ( especially after outshooting your last opponent and by double and having over 45 shots) than those that do please don't watch the playoffs if we do make it
  3. switch shaw and lek, shaw works hard and is a better scoring threat than lek.
  4. To be real he actually has looked a lot better than K recently.
  5. It's not over yet, it's 3 points and we still play Columbus again.
  6. I really think the type player he is he needs to play with someone like Domi. I don't like rewarding players for lack of effort , but we need his skill and he is better with someone creative that can set him up. I'd say put Byron back with KK.
  7. He should be a shooter and I believe can be. Put him with Domi or KK someone that can set him up and he doesn't have to create his own space.
  8. I still don't understand on how when you play a back to back you play the weaker goalie against the stronger competition? So if or when we start the playoffs does Neimi start every game because it's not an easier win for Price? If we had a sure playoff spot I'd say different ( I still would start Neimi against the easier opponent because that actually makes sense!
  9. I will say again that in the playoffs usually the games aren't called the same. There are usually less penalties which actually works in our favor as we have been one of the top teams in the league 5 on 5 all year. I do really think that this team if (hopefully when) will really rally amongst themselves. We also have a fairly young team that will have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I don't think we'd get totally blown out by anyone and I'm sure it'll be fun to watch! Much more fun to watch than a draft choice of 10-12. Just missing in our conference it's still draft by overall standings in the league. The eastern so far has been the better conference points wise so either way it's not going to be a high draft pick. Hughes will probably go to Colorado .
  10. The year we beat Washington and Pittsburgh both anyone would of said the exact same for either match up especially Washington that year they were as dominant as Tampa is this year. I would say we would have a better chance at beating Tampa than getting a high draft pick. I believe the most you can move up is 5 places and we would probably end up at # 15 or 16 if we just miss the playoffs, so we can only move up to maybe pick # 10 or 11. We would have to completely bottom out at this point to get a draft of 5 or less and the team is going to be trying to make it.
  11. I will also say, if it was finish 29-31st. or just make a playoff spot then that's different, but to just miss or playoffs to me always playoffs!
  12. I would much rather make the playoffs. The intensity the crowds , playoff hockey is all a great experience. Usually games are played tougher and generally less penalties no 3 on 3 OT . The HAB's have been one of the best 5on5 teams in the league so playoff hockey actually gives us a better chance. Price gets hot you never know. Upsets happen.
  13. I would say McDavid's definitely looked intentional to me. Even though they were going back and forth It still didn't look intentional on the Chara hit and Kane did lean forward as he was reaching for the puck. I don't want players getting injured but we are getting to the point where soon there will be very little to none hitting because of how the other player may turn and what might happen. What ever happened to keep your head up and protect yourself and don't put yourself in a vulnerable position. I like a fast game yes but I like hockey to be a strong physical game also.
  14. Not a "giant" fan of Chara but he basically just stepped in front of him blocking him off. It was a hockey play it's just that Chara is so much taller.
  15. I would of preferred Hammer to Gill, but I do believe the dollar amount and term probally are the issue. With the current free agent market cap going up Beiska signing along with others. I believe Hammer is in a good position to test the market. This will probally be his last contract and as much as a HAB fan would want a discount because he may like the team and city. I don't think any body in the same position would take a big pay cut when it may be thier last contract. With the mention of Lindstrom signing a 1 year deal the last couple of seasons. These have been Lidstroms choice. Detroit has said they would sign him longer every year and his pay has not went down (not even considered). I thank him for his service to the HABS and wish him well if he dosen't come to terms here.