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  1. The thoughts of Subban and his skill set are intriguing. I just feel that this team has some nice chemistry and I hate to think Subban could keep his ego in check. I actually think it would be a disruption. I also believe that New Jersey would have to eat some of his contract. I know we have room but at 9 million a year it could hurt moving forward.
  2. Great article
  3. I actually think the O'Reilly comparison could be close. If that worked out it would be great because as someone else posted a strong two center with some offensive upside could be worth more than just an offensive guy. I know we are all hoping stardom for them all. I hope between the three at least one will be a definite #1 center. That said with the three we are talking about they may all end up being very strong #2's or #1-B's. It does seem all three have defensive awareness and puck smarts. JK seems to have flashes of skill but gets knocked off the puck a lot and down in the corners. He's still a kid. Suzuki seems to have a nose for the net and good hockey smarts. Poehling has good size and strength. I think all three have potential to be equal value and different skill sets. Not a bad future to build around. I'd have no problem if any one of the three ended up on wing or 1st/2nd/3rd line center. They will all get plenty of playing time utilized differently and I'm sure against different teams that we play.
  4. I would have a hard time believing that the team with the overall pick would do that trade. Also if he wanted Lafrenier (because he's French) it might take JK or Suzuki and that's depending how JK even finishes the season.
  5. Hopefully we get through this stretch all right and then finish the season into the playoffs healthy!
  6. There is a reason when ahead a goal late in the game in their own zone Draisiatal is in more often than McDavid. At this time I think Drasital is a better overall player. When Bowman made Yszerman start to play better defensively that's when they started to win cups.
  7. Actually when Suzuki was drafted he wasn't expected to be more than a 3rd line center/wing. All players develop at different rates. Poehling playing with and against top players had a great world juniors , not just his first nhl game. I think he "could" become a 1st or 2nd line center easily enough. It may take a couple years. Bergereon wasn't a top center for a long time. If Poehling ends up like Bergeroen or Danualt or Toews I've got no issue. He could end up like Eller also (who was a first rounder ) which is fine too. Suzuki to me looks like the best shot of the three to be a 1 or 2. I like JK but I don't know if he'll ever be a #1 a #2A like Poehling as in a Toews Bergereon type maybe but he's never going to be Mathews , MacCinnon ect. I'm not trying to argue my opinion and none of us will know until a couple years from now. (If anyone does know absolute , please send me next weeks lotto numbers)
  8. I really like Poehling and am disappointed. That said I completely understand the reasoning. We now have enough depth with good developing young players that you don't want to lose them along with giving them opportunities. Later in the season the roster will expand and I'm sure he will see more action. Byron does have speed and is a good penalty killer also.
  9. Personally I am one who liked the trade initially but really didn't dislike Subban at all. I just preferred Webers style of play. I did honestly always think that once he got older "wiser" he would actually become a more rounded better defenseman. He always was a great skated and has great natural skills. At the time I just thought he didn't think the game yet well enough and would learn to be better defensively and a better decision maker on when to take a chance and learn to give and go instead of hold on to long and try to do to much himself. Even players with great skill are usually better players when they keep things simple. Lindstrom was probably the best example of that. A smooth skater who thought the game and made it look simple, while rarely ever getting caught and knowing when in the game to take the chance ect. I really think the defense corp they had at Nashville helped him a lot to look a lot better. P.K. as skilled as he is , is much better along side of another great player. The year he won the Norris (1/2 season) with us is when he had Markov sending him those beautiful flat passes and to cover for his risk taking. I hope he turns it around (not against us though!)
  10. We can only dream!!! and there is no one more deserving!
  11. I thought they said Price retrieved it for him, which if true is real class!
  12. That's what the future also looks like!!!!
  13. I have to say Chariot has been playing a lot better lately!
  14. Whew........................................Oh Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Remember The Sens just beat Boston also. I don't think it's the end of the world yet. That's why the game is played on the ice not on paper!