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  1. Hmmmm, warm sunny state , team close to cup contention (should be) , no state taxes , no media pressure Hockey not major news in Florida along with he's not the focus of his current team VS Montreal beautiful city weather ...well , taxes ..well , Fans great (as long as you're performing) , Media well , but you never know maybe ?
  2. That is very interesting, The have Sergichev and also Hedman already. McDonaugh still looked good and may be a good stop gap. We could still try to draft a future LD maybe even trade up in the draft.
  3. I believe at this point with all that has gone on is this seasons playoffs, the GM's need to allow all goals to be reviewed during the playoffs. During the playoffs it's most important to get it correct. The NFL already does all scoring in the last two minutes and all scoring in the playoffs already. Toronto has all network and rink angles and feeds which the refs and general public doesn't. It's time with the technology to get it correct at least for all goals during the playoffs.
  4. One of the things I think is quite interesting that the article does point out is that only two of the top 25 scores is still in the playoffs and how the need for a top elite sniper or player isn't really needed for a long playoff run. The difference might be though during the season that top sniper may help insure you make the playoffs. I do think there should be always be a great deal of caution though about offer sheets. We could possibly be in a tough situation if say KK, Suzuki , Domi all exploded and were top flight players. Would we want to lose Suzuki in 3 years if he exploded and Poeling KK Domi and maybe others were now all needing big money at the same time while still having Price Weber ect. on the books. Once you do it other teams will target you and also may make it that no one else wants or will deal with you because of the offer sheet. I'm sure all GM's are wary of this especially with the cap. So you make a great deal and help cripple another team , but then all the other GM's decide no one will deal with you again. Small knit group with good memories. I would like to see Panarin of players available but don't want to break the bank either. That doesn't mean we couldn't make an offer to Toronto for Mariner we have some good right D prospects they may be interested in maybe add Suzuki and a first and second pick. Suzuki may help replace the offense and be cheap Jullisen Brook Flurey ect. may entice them because they need defense and they wouldn't hurt Toronto's cap. I like Suzuki and our upcoming young d but realistically you're not going to get Mariner for journey man we're willing to give up. Montreal - Mariner Toronto- Suzuki, Julliesen , 1st & 2nd pick.
  5. I definitely think Suzuki has potential that said there have been a lot of players whom do great in juniors against teenagers that don't always translate to the NHL against men. I do think he would be a good option to try at wing because it generally is easier to ease into the NHL at wing and he could possibly a fit with Domi and on the PP. It is possible he may need a year in the AHL we'll see. I'm hoping he could have chemistry with Domi and Drouin and Suzuki could possible be a line with high end skill and offense. Be fun to see!
  6. I like a line up like that and to be truthful Weal at the end of the year was actually playing better in JK's spot. It could of been because of the knee , but whatever weal can be moved in and out of a line as needed along with Thompson. Injuries happen and the kids may not make the jump quite as easy as everyone is hoping even JK could have a sophomore slump as the rest of the league will also know him better. Having depth is actually good and competition should be there amongst the players.
  7. I guess if you're saying it's "good" for a defenseman to be on for more goals against than for when at even strength. because that is what +/- actually measures. Corsi means nothing if more goals are scored against you than for you at the end of the game!
  8. The team may have wanted to protect him some also. Anytime an opponent knows of a weakness then they will target that area more. This is a business along with a sport. As the playoffs wind down and teams are eliminated all fan bases will find out injuries that their teams players had. As much as fans may whine about it , we the fans actually don't have any "right" to know! The only reason the NFL does (they didn't always) is because of the pressure big $ in the betting industry and now fantasy leagues which are big money.
  9. I agree and once Weber came back the players all slotted into where they should be. Weber once back was also on every PK and against all the other teams top lines. He is still our #1 D and would be a #1 just about anywhere. He makes great passes which don't have to be 100' bombs down the ice. A simple play allowing the forward to then move the puck either another pass or skating is fine. Also he is one of the best positional players there is. In this playoffs alone a lot of goals are happening because both d are behind the net or chasing the puck. It is often better to play solid position and use your size and stick to break up plays usually. Yes we need another left d but we should deal from strength a winger or prospect than to hurt one side to help the other.
  10. If that was going to be true don't you think that those 1st overall picks would of went to Phoenix or others instead of McDavid and Mathews to Edmonton and Toronto. I do think taxes can hurt teams seeking free agents but Bettman has nothing to do with that.
  11. I agree and think Lek could be a good fit because he already is good defensively and if just starts to capitalize on chances his totals could go up easy. I really do think you need to plan to start Drouin with Domi that combination and skill set with the right fit of another winger could be a great line, maybe even Suzuki at right wing on that line. I actually agree about JK starting again at the 3rd line spot. He's still really young and needs to develop a little more. That wouldn't mean as the season went along that he couldn't move up the line up. I would like to see Poeling given a center spot even 4th line. I like that he has size something we're going to need down the middle. That's what the team was hoping to do with MaCarron. Though they were trying to convert him to center from wing were as Poeling has always been a center. I also believe that we don't actually need a 'true" #1 #2 #3 #4 line. We actually have a pool a guys that can skate that you could roll 4 lines fast and be a tougher team that way.
  12. Actually at the deadline we were in a playoff spot. I think as he said he wasn't going to mortgage the future but also he gave faith into the guys that got them there. I think believing in the guys you have says more than I'll get you help because I don't feel you can make it without. I believe there was a lot of us that thought we are going to make it in. I'm glad he didn't give away 1st or 2nd rounds picks or good prospects because it probably wouldn't of got us far enough to waste it. The team this year sort of grew together also and believed in each other. I would of liked to seen him give Lingren a chance though.
  13. I think a lot of this also is similar to Chucky. The first part of the season he played with mostly Domi the teams most creative center. When he was moved down the line up his points dropped off and his defensive side of the game was more exposed. The big difference is that Chucky wasn't trade for what most fans thought was a pressing need and then compared against. Also Chucky as our own pick was given a lot of latitude with the fans , always 'just use him in offensive zone draws and "shelter him". I really believe that Drouin can be useful if he plays with another gifted forward. I think Domi because of his speed and creativity is the right fit. Yes he has to continue to work on his defensive side of the game. I think though with say Shaw or Gallager or maybe Lek. alongside Domi they could strive. He's the type player the more offensive chances he gets he's more into the game and motivated. A lot of players that come up through the Q are offense first as that is the style played there. I also think that it would enhance Domi's game because the second half he basically was given projects. Let's get Lek's going , put him with Domi. Domi with his speed and vision and defensively has proven he is the #1 center moving forward. Give Domi the offensive guys to explode. Drouin Domi Suzuki , Tatar JK Gallager…..then Danualt and Poeling lines.
  14. Absolutely the refs in that game didn't keep control of the game they let it get out of hand and that is how things like this happen. When players like Tavares are high sticked and worked over this will happen.
  15. I do think it's Tampa's to lose, they have depth everywhere and youth and experience. I wouldn't mind seeing Toronto or the Islanders , or Winnipeg or St. Louis anybody but Boston or Nashville!