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  1. Agreed I see all sorts of complaints of our circumstances but we still have a shot at #1 and no way Detroit should of dropped down to 4th. If Montreal had been there what do you think would of been the response!
  2. Chicago could surprise and then of course Edmonton would get the 1st overall to prove again that doesn't mean you'll win the cup.
  3. We still have a shot though I would rather have a deep (hopefully Cup) playoff run. That said I live in Michigan and if anyone has a ***** , the Wings fans ! Detroit had the worst record didn't do a big sell off to tank just had a bad season and they drop all the way to 4th.! If the Habs had been in Detroit's position and dropped that far what would this board be like.
  4. I'm not sure of Toronto , but Vegas is driven by tourism and the Casinos shut down the town went dark. I know people who live there and Vegas wants any business they can get at this time.
  5. Hopefully your friends daughter will be fine. The testing itself isn't a "farce" it's only a farce if you're required to go to work before getting the results back. That there in lies the issue. Having to be back before results come back is unnecessary risk. Unfortunately most everyone cannot choose to not go to work if told to do so.
  6. He's already a true #1. Still having Danualt, Domi , Poehling , Evans , I'd be willing to give up JK & Suzuki. I think Suzuki has the highest ceiling but Eichel is already there. He has size skill a great shot and is young. Even a top 5 pick we've already had two #3 picks gives a better chance but not a sure thing at a #1 center. Eichel, Danualt, Domi, Poehling I think would be a great line up. Domi would have great match ups , Danault is good defensively and offensively a perfect #2 and I think Poehling is going to develop into a strong two way center with speed and size. I think you may actually have to add a pick or two also. I really like Suzuki but Eichel is elite has size and young. Eichel with Drouin and Caulfield hmmmm? Or Kovy definitely give him a reason to come back for a year! The Danault line could stay intact.
  7. Well we will see. If the everyday workers employer can afford to test their employees and the everyday worker is tested at the same rates "daily" is something yet to be seen. Just because it's a billion dollar sports league with millionaire players shouldn't give them any more priority than the average citizen when it comes to health. That said I live in the US and know of quite a lot of people with no health care at all. I also know of a few friends personally that have always worked and yet have had to claim bankruptcy because of unforeseen medical issues that have happened within their families. So at least in the US there can be a huge disparity unfortunately.
  8. I agree. I love sports but it's not essential by any means. My job is deemed essential but no one has been tested just monitor for symptoms and react after the fact if someone does become positive. I absolutely do want more hockey and I am glad they will be kept as safe as possible. I just believe all who are required to be back or are being asked to be back in the work force should be tested. I understand not everyone may be able to be tested everyday, but should be before being put into the work force and then of course monitoring. I am definitely ready to watch though ……..GO HABS GO!!!
  9. I like the initial line up here. I would only switch Drouin ,Domi, Suzuki
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see a shortened season next year. Should be no pre season or all star break or additional breaks other than maybe Christmas.
  11. I don't think it's a resentment by any means it's a just being a realist. This is not normal circumstances. They aren't being asked to go to a war zone or even deep sea. They will be somewhere that they will have access to good cell service , high speed internet zoom facetime ect . ect. Also the time frame is a minimal inconvenience. Players come from all over there are several that are from over seas and don't have their families with them. All I'm pointing out it isn't a giant hardship that some are making it out to be.
  12. There are a lot of jobs where missing the birth of a child happens all the time. A lot of NHL players leave home in their teens to play in a higher league in hope of being someday in the NHL and are separated from their families for long periods of time, without being paid big money. Even those that go to college sometimes go a semester or longer before going home. My father was gone for 3 of the 4 children births. There used to be a time the man waited in the lounge or whatever wasn't in with the mother during child birth. Guess what everything still worked out fine. The alternative if it's such a hardship , they can quit and get a regular job!
  13. There are actually some ways to "slowly" open things up and get eventually back to a new normal. Trump down plays it but has his own staff tested frequently and does do contact tracing on all white house staff. All the experts say we need ramped up testing of all in the work force and going back to the work force. Which apparently can be done. The restart to any of the leagues that is the first step testing and tracking. We actually can do that with the general population we just have to be willing to make that happen as a nation. With Trump telling everyone get back to work but testing for everyone isn't needed is just wrong. Until a vaccine is available then we need testing for all available. Not just athletes politicians or the wealthy, everyone. It absolutely can be done. We just need the leadership to care more about the people than the stock market! …..Sorry rant over...………….GO HABS GO!
  14. I won't shed one tear if they don't get to see their family for maybe a couple months. There are a lot of jobs that people are gone for extended periods of time and the workers aren't spoiled in top notch hotels and making millions. So yes it may be unfortunate if it does happen but it's not the end of the world.
  15. I agree and I really don't shed any tears for Millionaire players. Especially when I hear any whine about maybe being separated from their families for maybe two months. As teams get eliminated most won't be that long anyway. There are several jobs including the military where people are separated from families for extended times. All without being spoiled at 5 star hotels or making millions. The ones that are hurting are those workers that work at the arenas unfortunately.