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  1. You are always going to have players in and out of the line up for a variety of reasons. So if we could sign Benn for no more than two years at 1.5 - 2 per I'd take him back. He has looked a lot better recently and I think he can remain decent if used properly. Early this season without Weber back our d didn't look near as good. With a healthy full d it puts players back where they can do better.
  2. I agree I remember the 93 run and no one thought we had a chance of even winning a round. Roy and some other heroics later and we're raising the cup! Price is starting to play with confidence and swagger again. Carey is getting older himself. He might himself have a monster playoff just to cement his won career. He hasn't won a cup or really have had a stellar playoff run. If we we're able to get a LHD even a pending free agent and the price was right a 2nd or lower tier prospect or both and a center like Spezza I think it would be worth it. Someone who can win the important face offs and Spezza I think would look good with this team. As long as it wasn't a top prospect or player or a #1 pick I'd definitely Listen.
  3. Yes!!!!!! Man I'm glad we pulled this out!!!
  4. Byron "The Road Runner' man he can fly !!!!
  5. Yes!!!!!! Now that's what a clean face off does for you!!!!
  6. Passing up to many shots for one more pass.....just shoot it and get to the net
  7. I agree with that completely he can get off his game. We need him on the ice not in the box. I will say though for someone who is skilled and actually small he is tough and will stand up for himself which I do like. He just has to be smart about it and not let players get him off his game.
  8. I actually like Domi at center. To be a good center you don't have to put up big numbers every night. I like his defensive awareness. He helps out down low and back checks, his coverage for a center is what it needs to be. I'd like to see him with Tatar (good skill set) and Gallagher (great worker) . I believe these would be good wingers for him to work off of. Keep Drioun with JK .
  9. I know the song means we're winning , but I hate that song. It reminds me of soccer the worst sport ever!
  10. You've got to love Ron Macleans reactions !
  11. My favorite part of Hockey Night In Canada
  12. GO HABS GO!!! Not sure about the combinations but we do need the shake up. I thought being needing more offense that Hudon may stay in the line up? Any way I hope it works!
  13. I really like this line up to try. We definitely need a shake up. I think Gallagher is the perfect answer to jump starting those other guys. I also think they make good combinations on the other lines. Mixing it up sometimes is needed.
  14. I don't want to see Suzuki traded but , is he already projected to be a superstar? There is no guarantee he'll be a top six in the NHL. I like what I've seen but Junior hockey is hmm Junior hockey. There have been a lot of projected greats out of juniors that don't even make it or aren't top six in the NHL. Armia and others tore it up in the minors? I'm actually looking positive towards his future but I haven't been blown away yet. So far I like Poeling much better and he has been playing against men or at least others 18 to 24-25. I know everyone freaks out if something happens that us the fans weren't made aware of ahead of time. Guess what that is every team in all professional sports. Football actually reports the actually injuries but that is because of the betting that is going on, the NFL didn't always. Anyway it's a business teams have no obligation to tell the fans if a player will or won't be traded at any given time. Does anyone remember the Gretzky trade?
  15. I have to disagree completely. From what I've seen he has been great and does what he does best is defend. He has the physical aspect which we have been missing. What I've seen is his reach and positioning is what makes him defend so well. His poke check and stick positioning has been great he does a lot of little things to clear pucks from scoring areas. As the Russians proved many years ago you can pass faster than you can skate. He calms the play down and doesn't panic. It's rare his first pass is off. It doesn't have to be a long bomb to be an effective pass. A short pass that is on the tape should get you out of the zone. What the next player does with the pass determines what happens next. To many times our players instead of then making another quick pass try to skate the puck up ice even when a defender is close. I love Petry and the offense he brings but he isn't as strong defending just look at the +/- of both. Also factor in goals per games. Weber hasn't even been back what 20 games from being off over a year. He also isn't deep in the offensive zone and get caught very often. If we had a true #1 LHD to play along side of him he of course would look so much better. Because he is strong defensively and mostly positionaly he makes players like Mete look better because they can skate with the puck and he is there to back them up. Mete alone has looked much better playing along side Weber than he did earlier. Same reason Subban looked so much better playing with Markov than others. I actually thought Markov was the one who helped Subban look better , because he saved him so many times. IMHO