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  1. Would much rather have Sanheim than Ghost , IMO Lainie is overrated. He's too much of a one dimensional player to me for what he probably wants to get paid and what you'd have to give up for him. He did end up in the dog house a bit with the Jets because when he wasn't scoring his effort really wasn't there, and that was in a 'contract year".
  2. I am 60 and I thin k I missed 7 or 8
  3. I would much rather go after Marnier or Connor myself. Laine is to much of a one dimensional player. He's not great defensively he's not used on PK if he's not scoring and he has had a long drought he's not a great player. I think it would cost way to much for what you actually get. Caulield or Suzuki may be able to give us what he brings.
  4. As much as our young crowd has a lot of potential I don't mind this because just because someone is projected to be great or tore it up in a lower league doesn't mean they shouldn't still have to earn their space. Because we always want things now especially projected star players doesn't mean we need to rush the players. Let them develop. If any of them end up time in the AHL that doesn't really hurt them sometimes its actually good. No need to rush players then complain later we don't properly develop them.
  5. He's our replacement for Aho!
  6. I actually don't see it that way. We moved out Shaw who I really liked and DLO whom didn't really care. We have Armia who has some size to help offset Shaw and we have what most think a good rookie crop whom a few could make the team and supply his offense. Yes we still need the LD. That could still happen? We did get a back up we'll see how it works out and good thing not expensive. There still is a lot of time before the season and then you can still start the season and make moves as the season goes.
  7. The full rebuild has no guarantees . So we give up a franchise goalie which we may never have again , a solid star defenseman with Petry just a step down. We've been lucky with our current drafts and Suzukl if he does pan out was a trade addition. With the way the draft lottery is set up now we could be out of the playoffs for years in a total rebuild. Even with McDavid Edmonton isn't a lock to even make the playoffs and Phoenix is right there after all those losing years. We actually aren't far away now we can build around what we have. With the young pieces in place to get where we need we might actually have to trade one of the future pieces if we don't get it through free agency. To tear it down at this point would be a waste. You never know where the teams may be at trade deadline we may be in position to make a deal then even. It's July 1 a lot can still happen. I also think with the current roster this team isn't that far away.
  8. I will say I wish the time frame to match was 24-48 hr.'s not a week. The owner could have it in his head I'll match no problem, but since they did this I'll tie the Habs hands as long as I can. He may have an e-mail all set to go just waiting until the last minute to hit send.
  9. The only big risk is now when our young core all come up for RFA status JK,SUZUKI,POEHLING,CALFIELD ECT. I would almost expect offer sheets to come after some of them. We will have a few coming in close to the same time frame so we'll see.
  10. It has been reported that after the Canes run this year they have already sold 3000 more season tickets than last year. So it's going to be tough for the Canes to then let their best player go especially when the actual value of the contract is fair for the player. The up front bonus money will be the point they may have to swallow. The owner recently said he'd match any offer on Aho now his bluff is being called , so we'll see what happens. Most are saying they believe they will match , but it is a great play by our GM. I hope they don't match. If they do than maybe Suzuki Calfield ect. get a closer look sooner.
  11. It all depends on how quickly our current young guys do and our future youth develop. With an adequate back up and an additional LD from within or via trade I think it will be possible in 2-4 years and could last for 6+ years depending on how quickly some of our future D develop along with some of our future forwards, and possibly even how quickly Primeau comes into his own. We realistically could compete for the next 6-8 years.
  12. I absolutely agree with this. I think next to Domi with his vision he would of excelled and if we had been able to keep him we would have that shot off the half wall.
  13. I actually feel with his skill set he could really excel alongside Crosby or Malkin. He will probably do great on their PP also with great passers to set him up. I really feel this could be a good fit for Chucky. Good for him. Down the road with Malkin and Crosby both older maybe he becomes on of their centers?
  14. If we did acquire D
  15. Of the free agents available I'm not sure we have the need. It would be nice to get a game breaker liker Panarin and he would help the pp. I just think he'll cost a lot. Duchene may not be the need we have , but he a similar style player to Bergereon by he is good defensively and good on face offs and has offense also. No not the McCinnon type of offense but more like a Bergereon. I wouldn't want to over pay but he is the type player with the right supporting cast that could take you to the next level. He is also the type of player that could possibly make Danault easier to move because he is good defensively. That way you could still keep the new core moving forward Domi, JK, Poehling, Suzuki. It could possibly be Danault + for a top LD. I actually like Danault quite a bit and think he's underated. This way though you keep the future and add a 30 goal scorer that wins face offs and can match up against the other teams top talents.