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  1. Well it's a privilege to be in the NHL I don't care if he was the next 'one" he can play in the KHL if he can make it there.
  2. I actually think Poehling will end up being #3 Center to start and stay there. I also believe it will start out Romanov / Wideman with Romanov having the possibility of moving up as the season goes.
  3. If we let JK go there is one of the first. So maybe you could start to build around that? I do actually think Poehling if giving full opportunity will surprise everyone. He has good size skates well and may be better suited to the wingers and the team as it's being built now. I do think JK should of went to the minors for a year or two. That said he was given plenty of opportunities and this year was going to be break out or accept he's a 3-4 center. I know JK may have had his feelings hurt being benched ect. . He did have to see that the team was absolutely going to be giving him the full opportunity this season by not resigning Danault. So when he signed the offer sheet it is sort of a slap to Montreal that he didn't want to be here, because he was going to be the #2 center with good wingers and good opportunities. It was a great over payment that would be hard to turn down. He does now have to live up to that 6mil. a year though wherever he goes or stays and now that is completely on him! I'm sure we can bring Chucky back for less than 6 and with the wingers now available he actually might do better!
  4. He was actually having a good season last year. Great passing and his defensive end had improved greatly. With a line up of better line mates within the team should be a lot less pressure.
  5. This will eventually be awful. No matter what they say "one small" will lead to jerseys like foreign teams. May as well be NASCAR. Once they get that sponsor ship money it will grow. It was bad enough the boards covered then the ice , buildings names now are just advertising. All this extra money you would think ticket prices could be lowered............HA HA HA!!!. I love hockey but hat this turn in the future Molson Canadiens , Cesare's Wings and down the line. And so it begins ...........it will never end, all about the $
  6. That always seems contradictory that face offs wouldn't matter. Than I guess the advanced stats don't want you to have possession? The neutral zone draws usually aren't a big deal generally. All face offs in the defensive or offensive zones can be huge as a lot of zone time pressure can happen because of a face off lost. Which a lot of times leads to an icing or possibly a penalty when teams get chasing the play. It also as in the playoffs can be back breakers from teams winning and scoring off a face off. Of course timing is always big for face offs also. Teams trying to tie a game or defend from a team. I think face offs can be very important. (Late in the game defending or trying to tie who doesn't sit tight hoping your team wins the draw?) I also think "Advanced" stats are way over stated, especially when rating a defense man. I am not trying to start a debate which happens all to often just my own personal opinion!
  7. I completely agree with this line up. I would also start the season this way. It give you depth and great balance. Also you finally have a top line that is all skill. O-Zone starts especially after icings should be a dominant line "if" Suzuki can be better in the face off circle. I have a gut feeling he will be great on face offs this year. He just seems to get better with his overall game as he goes.
  8. I do think this team is capable of making the playoffs. That said I do think many of the fans are dismissing the impact of Danault and definitely Weber to the line up. Price and Allen will both have to be good all year and JK will have to make the jump or Poehling or someone else pick up additional play. Evans alone I don't feel is going to replace Danault. I do believe he has been highly underrated. His wingers have had very productive seasons. His own points have been down but that is while playing a shut down role while having zero power play time. Show me a top shutdown center with NO POWER PLAY time that has a lot of points? Most "top" players that most drool over if you remove PP points are average. I think we will make the playoffs but it will have to be a TEAM effort.
  9. This season will be telling for JK. He needs to make the next step...will he? I think with the group of top 9 players available this could be a good year for Droin. There shouldn't be near as much pressure and he's going to have good situations to be in. This may be his break out season?
  10. Basically in Canada there pretty much is only Hockey. So the scrutiny is far more impactful. This site alone is very telling. There is always a least something on here 365 days a year. In the states I hear football talk year around even though it has the shortest season. College sports get as much media and air time as pro sports. Tampa just won the cup back to back and they can probably go to the store and resume a relaxing everyday life. Foot ball season is starting preseason and fans have moved on. Along with Baseball, Baketball, Nascar, Golf ect. I love Hockey and don't pay a lot of attention to most of the other sports. I grew up on a border town though and played hockey starting at about 3 like most. Toews took the whole season off and even though Chicago is a good hockey market the fans there were fairly quite about it and let him be. I know a lot of Hawks fans.
  11. Weber, Petry, Price, Gallagher , Byron all playing with injuries some severe. Drouin and Tatar not even dressing. This team can win and should be able to make the playoffs. Missing Danualt will hurt depending on what others do. I really think Poehling can fill that role. I think the biggest question mark is if JK can take the next step and become what everyone is hoping a true #2 center?
  12. A lot of sports players and entertainers go bankrupt all the time. Having a lot of money doesn't mean you know how to manage your money. Lottery winners go bankrupt quite often.
  13. I hope the kid gets a shot and turns out to be great.........then of course everyone would forget.
  14. A lot of others may feel he can be more productive along with being great defensively. He was given almost zero PP time. Remember that when comparing to other centers minus their pp points then compare? We'll see what the market dictates. I will say I agree I think 5-5.5 will be the most he gets with the flat cap.
  15. Unfortunately "sexting" is very common place today. If anyone really thinks that pictures that are shared between two consenting individuals aren't shown to their friends then they're just being naïve. Yes it was wrong absolutely and it was a mistake. Male and female have both done similar things at spring break and parties and dares. We now live in the age of cell phone cameras and video monitors everywhere. He didn't attack someone. In Europe they have nudity in some of the local news papers also and kids drink at an early age. Non accepted here in north America of course. I'm not condoning what he did. Should his life be changed forever for a mistake as a kid? Not given another chance? I will 100% say I'm glad we didn't have cell phones when I grew up and people weren't so judgmental.
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