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  1. I do hope tonight the team keeps the pressure on and doesn't ease up because of our last success against Vancouver. The last game is what the team needed to feel good again. The team needs to play hard the full game be aggressive and stay out of the box!!! Lets do this!.......................................................................GO HABS GO!!!
  2. For some reason I was never a big fan of Ghost. Though he might be good in a limited role. I just don't think we have a deep enough d to have someone of a limited role. I do think watching that if Romanov gets enough time on the PP and some OT time. I think he has the tools to develop into what were missing. He's just not there yet.
  3. I wouldn't do Suzuki. JK and a 1st and a top prospect not Caulfield or Romanov and I'm in. If we had to we could add Byron or Lehk. Eichel Suzuki Evans Poehling If we didn't resign Danault to save extra $.
  4. I will say he has a lot of talent and he can still learn and may turn out to be better. Sort of like how everyone was thrilled with the Ghost in Philly in his first season or so. Now he sometimes sits out. It's great to have offensive skills as long as a young player can learn when and where to utilize them. If they don't concentrate on being good defensively they can fall out with coaches and the teams quickly.
  5. Hmmm Quinn Hughes -9 and thats the kind of defenseman everyone is dreaming of Mmmmmm no thank-you!
  6. That is the real reason "corsi" ect . doesn't really show accurately because you have a player always throughout his time playing the toughest match ups and expecting to be more of a defensive player in their role to the team. Karlson for years was always considered a Norris candidate, when through out most of his time he rarely killed penalties or was out late in the game when holding a close lead. I will say Petry is a solid defenseman. That said Kulak and others haven't been put into the same roles as Weber has game in game out. I myself would like to see Romanov used with Weber more. I don
  7. But that year Markov was the one on the PP with Subban feeding him perfect one timers. If Markov wasn't on the PP with Subban he probably wouln't of had half as many.
  8. Going into the trading deadline aren't the contracts pro rated at that time for the rest of the season? I mean you don't actually have the whole 8 million at that point until the rest of the season? There have been times when a team will make a trade and worry about the cap part after the season if they feel the player they're getting may put them over the top as in a chance at a strong cup run. Weber can help a PP depending whom else is on that PP Krug feeding Weber? Also a lot of teams like the toughness for the play off runs, where there are less penalties and the games do get tougher. If E
  9. I agree with this. I don't think Petry would look as good as he has if he had Chariot and all the toughest assignments. First unit PK , always top lines ect. Even Subban in his prime when he was with Gill he didn't look great. Markov made Subban look better and in the 1/2 season when Subban won the Norris it was Markov setting him up. Unfortunately the Norris is now about the defenseman that puts up a lot of goals or points but isn't always the best all around defenseman which is what it should be.
  10. I understand if someone has to work at 06:00 but otherwise I'm 62 and a 22:00 start isn't to late?
  11. 1-Yes 2-N0 3-Yes 4-Before season ends Tatar , Danault ? 5-Ben Chariot
  12. The boldest part is what I think a lot have to consider. Just because they think Webers easily replaced. I actually don't think others on our roster are going to look better having his same assignments. It absolutely makes a difference the match ups night in night out and the role the player is asked to play. Would he look better with a Josi or a different type of player along side of him absolutely. There were comments about how Suzuki didn't look great last game. Well most of the game he was matched up against Winnipeg's top line. The Danault line had less pressure and looked better. I reall
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