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  1. I do think there is a distinct difference though. Dumba has came out against a national issue. Where as Subban it was more of a Subban first team second all about me issue.
  2. I am with you. A lot of analyst , I've heard on XM hockey channel have stated it's a good move at a good price. A lot have commented about how a player is utilized within the team they came from. The advanced stats I'm not sold on because if the player is used killing penalties and as shutdown not an offensive role it shows differently. I think he will definitely help because if he can log additional PK minutes and tougher match ups, that actually frees up guys like Petry for more offensive. It can help reduce the wear on Weber also. I also like additional size on the blue line.
  3. St. Louis last year had a lot of talent that had been through trades. This year look at Dallas , most of their talent has been through trades. I agree drafting is important but if done properly and the right timing trades can definitely make the difference. Also every draft year is different and the timing of where you draft on any given year can be a crap shoot.
  4. As elite as Laine can be the part about not getting along with, and his defensive lapses. How well do you think he'd get along with Jullien? I know sometimes scores have slumps. It's how they try to play through them. Do they pout or do they work their but off? If you're paying a big dollar contract I don't want a player whom is only good on the Power Play but can't be trusted protecting a lead or sulks if his ice time is reduced. I'm not sold on Laine myself.
  5. If you can build with players around these guys we don't have to have the "old" fashion #1 #2 #3 line ect. We can easily roll 3 maybe 4 lines and all get premier time. As it is Danaulit gets very little PP time so he's actually not being treated to #1 status already. He takes the tough defensive draws most of the time. His line with Gally and Tatar is great because they can produce and shut down the top lines of other teams. Suzuki looked good and JK did better. That said neither have been consistantly been put into those situations throughout a whole season. Can JK even stay healthy a whole season. Is his game good enough yet against the top competition? Suzuki I think will be better, but I still think we Danault and what he brings. It doesn't have to be #1 #2 ect. every night. It's a long season and it will depend what lines are going each night. I say we need to have additional wingers to support JK and Suzuki. We know the Danault line works why break it up. Boston rarely breaks up the Bergeon line and for good reason. JK and Suzukii will get the extra time on the PP Suzuki also PK. I'm noty sold yet JK will be ready next season yet. I think he'll have ups and downs.
  6. He does have size and blocks shots and is a positive +/- player. For a defenseman I'm more concerned what the player does defensively. So I'm not sold on corsi or possession numbers. We haven't signed him yet but I think he could be a good addition as Romanov develops.
  7. As much as Mantha would be nice , I live in Michigan have heard no talk of the Wings wanting to trade Mantha.
  8. I would definitely want to resign Gallagher. He is a leader and a heart and sole player that motivates the team. It will depend on how he does this next season. I would be okay at around 5.5 to 6.5 per year depending on the length of contract. Tatar it also depends , if Drouin doesn't take the next step especially if he plays with Suzuki, then I think we may need to resign him. I would definitely see how well Suzuki and especially JK progress this season before thinking Danualt is expendable. He again was our second leading scorer used killing penalties taking the majority of defensive zone face offs and playing against the top competition all while getting very little Power Play time and being a plus player. I think Suzuki , who already kills penalties and makes smart decisions will be good moving forward. I'm not totally sold yet on JK being able to fill that role yet. Also depending on what happens with Domi. There is no reason we can't have three strong centers and utilize them all without having to put Danault in a completely defensive role. Also if we move on from Danault we end up weak if Suzuki or JK gets injured. JK already hasn't played a full season yet? Depth especially down the middle is a good thing. I also would have no problem resigning Petry. His skating ability is great. I don't think even into 36-37 he'll be fine. I also think we may a shot at making the playoffs next season. If we don't it will be then because Suzuki has a sophomore slump. Teams know him now and if JK does develop like we all hope we should make the playoffs. If he doesn't then we have another issue all over.
  9. Not convinced JK is better yet and is JK going to be injury prone? I hope not .....but?
  10. I agree and I think Laine is over rated. I'm not sure how he would work with Jullien. He's been in the dog house in Winnipeg already. We may have a future scorer in Caulfield. I also don't see Laine bring the total production of Domi and Petry. I think those two together is an over payment. Behind Weber Petry we actually don't have anything for sure moving forward. So Weber ends up playing an extra 5 min a game? We may get the production already "if" Drouin playing with Suzuki lives up to his potential. Also a big "if" JK lives up to his potential. He looked better in the playoffs but I'm not totally sold yet. So maybe Domi can play wing or even end up at center with JK on the wing. With the right line mates I think Domi can have another strong season. If he agreed to wing he hopefully would be with Drouin Suzuki and get PP time. I'm not sold on Laine as the "missing" piece. If he's not scoring he seems to sulk. A lot of scores go into slumps but you better be willing to play 200' and backcheck if you're not scoring and expect ice time with Jullien. (Or most coaches actually)
  11. Hopefully after January 21st. (due to Nov. 4th) There will be a welcome shift in the US. With someone in charge actually using and applying science based strategies.
  12. IMO I think that would be a huge over payment. I just don't think Duchene is that great and we already have enough centers. It's not like he helped them in the play in. I also am not on board with giving up on Poehling so quickly. I think he could definetly be better than Evans and maybe even be a winger with size, something the team needs.
  13. I really think it's hard to compare Danaults goals points against another center unless that other center gets about zero time on the PP. take away PP points and see where the top guys rank. He actually might surprise if he was given a consistent (not occasional) position on the PP. I think a lot of top rated guys are over ratted because of their PP production. IMO Toews outplayed McDavid in the Chicago series because he played all the critical times in the game. Look at all the top stars out while guys like Bergeron are still in. I think Suzuki definitely will be a #1 center because of how smart he plays and his hockey IQ. JK had some lucky goals in the playoffs and looked better in some games. But I don't know if I'd say JK is already better than Danault. Also game 5 when he did put Danault back with Gally. Tatar was Gally's best game and the line looked great. If the center can shut down others while helping his line mates both score 30 +/- than he's doing a great job. He also owned Pitts in the face off circle. But I think how it ended with Suziki with Drouin /Domi looked good or Suzuki /Drouin /Armia . Keep Danault's line together and build around JK then next.
  14. Personally I don't read to much into what anyone has on 'social media" sites. I don't even know if all players have social sites. I could see how this could get overblown thought and not really mean anything. I'm not saying that it might but I wouldn't see it as a big deal.
  15. I just don't think you'll get much at this time. I say start next season with Drouin, Suzuki, Domi and see what happens. Two years ago he actually looked good alongside Domi.