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  1. I would have a hard time believing Lehkonen over Drouin with Domi. Unless Lek somehow becomes a scorer , which I don't see him as. He's a solid 2nd-3rd line player because he's strong defensively. We have lacked scoring depth and even if Suzuki steps in Shaw is now gone. I think if you want to see Drouins potential you have to play him with other talented players like Domi. Some players are like that. The team did the same with Galenchuk. This year Chucky is playing with Malkin I expect he'll do great there. Drouin with Gallagher and Domi would work. Lehk, would help JK because he's solid all around letting JK be a little more offensive.
  2. I think everyone wants that 'elite" scorer. That said I agree with everything you said. He was in the dog house with the jets when not scoring. His overall game I don't think would fit well with Jullien and it does seem his attitude may be questionable. He also wants a big contract. We are going to have a few players that will need bigger contracts if they pan out the way we want. I also think we may have that elite score in Colefield in another year or so.
  3. I'm a little disappointed that it seems so far they aren't giving Poehling the same "level" of wingers as they have been Suzuki. Unless they feel Suzuki needs the higher level personnel more. It could also be that they see them playing different roles. I think they may look at Poehling as a future Eller who I really liked. I do believe that Poehling has a higher ceiling than that though and I hope he stays with the big club. I'd have no problem with Suzuki and Poehling both making the team , even if they are inserted in and out of the line up depending on opponent match ups and so on.
  4. I actually would of rather sign Markov at 1 year at 1 million than sign Gardner IMO.
  5. I agree with this and I actually liked what I've seen from Weal. I also don't mind that line up of centers. Even if someone is slotted as #3 or #4 it doesn't mean that they won't get PP or PK time. It also doesn't mean depending on the team we're playing a fast team or a physical team that any one line on a given night could play more than what would be considered the #1 or #2 line. Danault's line is the only line I can see not fluctuating to much because of the skill set and balance. McCarron I hope does play better because I could see different times he could be an asset being inserted into the lineup. Sometimes size can matter.
  6. I like this line up. I would love to see Domi, Drouin, Suzuki. In the future love to see Caulfield on Domi's wing. I also think Hudon with Lek, Kot could work nicely.
  7. PP is in the top ten Drouin gets 25-30 goals Weber has 15 + goals Price has a great year. Poehling scores 20 and 50 Points Mete scores 10 +/- Habs win at least one playoff round! Caulfield wins or is at least nominated for the Hobey Baker and signs after the NCAA playoffs in time for the NHL playoffs!
  8. For a player who needs to develop physically the NCAA is actually a great option. They get a lot of time in the weight room and good nutrition because they aren't totally living on their own. It's also a great league for coaching because they have the time to work on different things. Such as protecting the puck against bigger players. NCAA are all 18-19 to 23-24 and protecting themselves "Positioning" taking hits ect.. I think a year in the NCAA is going to be great for him and at Wisconsin they have a great program.
  9. Domi IMO is a much more valuable player. He plays hard and he plays the whole rink. Laine was in the dog house last year because he's to much of a one way player. Not surprising that Laine is the one with more trade rumors than Connor which the Jets need to sign also. I really believe with the right players that Domi is just going to continue to get better and most of all make players around him better. Laine is going to be demanding a big contract and then when he's not scoring it'll be like with Drouin the fans will be on him worse because of the cost. I know some of the argument is going to be JK, Poehling, Suzuki coming along but Domi is the type of player like Gallagher that teammates want to play for and with. Also I can't see Jullien loving a player that's not a 200' player. I wouldn't mind adding Laine but I'm not giving up Domi for him.
  10. I know he was a high draft pick , but he hasn't shown much and his attitude I wouldn't give up much a second rounder maybe or maybe someone down the depth chart aways
  11. In this case he's probably happy. He's traded to a team he has a shot at cracking the line up and to the guy who drafted him. So since Stevie drafted him he may actually have a shot with Detroit.
  12. I fully agree with this also. Within 2-3 years there will be a reason to trade PK again. The players themselves voted him most overrated and if he was truly a top 5 d in the league with no baggage than a team wouldn't just do a salary dump unless maybe it was for McCinnon or McDavid , Duchene really a #2 center?
  13. I would say a PTO couldn't hurt. Markov actually was a good skater and what really matters has a great hockey IQ. His passes were always excellent. A crisp headman pass to a moving forward is always faster than any defenseman skating a puck out of the zone. His passing is also what made Subban and others great goal scores on the PP. His passes were usually well placed and flat. He also always had great vision. With our group of speedy forwards he actually "might" make a difference.
  14. I agree 100% with this. We are at a good point right now no reason to sell off areas of strength when the future is looking strong. Price Weber and Petry will be good for a while still I don't see the rush. If we had done like a lot wanted a total blow up we could be ten years off. Those only work if you get a McDavid or something (oh wait what has Edmonton done?). I think a little more patience is needed.
  15. I kind of tend to agree. Sort of like Ghost also. Its' seems now any d that puts up some offensive numbers are automatically great guys 1st pairing. A 1st pairing better be the whole package an actual defenseman. Someone who can actually play defense first and the offense is a bonus. I don't believe Gardiner is good enough to warrant what he may want. He had good offensive numbers but that also was playing with a team with offensive stars! I'd be okay with a short term deal but I'm still not sold on him and wouldn't give him top dollar.