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  1. Which I believe you're right. Price is playing like Classic Carey , but he needs support. I made those suggestions with the thought of adding (hopefully) some offense. We can't really play total run and gun against Pitts. At least not without being able to match the top lines scoring ability. So I know it's a team effort. That said we need additional offense! We can't count on winning every game 1-0, 2-1, or even 3-2. Even if Jullien doesn't want to change the top lines. At least give Domi Hudon and either Poehling or Evans. Pitts isn't an overly physical team so Weise isn't needed. Also I really believe Poehling can supply anything Weise can. He actually has a small history of playing big in tournaments. He was a beast in the World juniors. If Domi had at least one "Hudon" player with offensive talent it would make that line so much more dangerous. That would also play into C.J.'s 4 line team style. Otherwise move Domi up with Suzuki and Drouin. Then Poehling or Evans can center the 4th. line. The 4th. line wasn't really getting a lot of ice time anyway.
  2. I agree with all of the above. I didn't think Mete looked bad. I do think Quellet should sit and then Juelsen maybe in. That would put Mete back at Left side.
  3. I actually thought Chariot had a good game. Drouin is just so disappointing. He has talent but he isn't a confident take the game over or make a play player. He has talent but needs someone to set the play and get him the puck. I originally liked the trade. I watched the Bolts/Caps game and Sergachev is looking good. It definingly doesn't look good now. Let Poehling who has some size and can hang on to the puck along the boards play center or wing on the forth. Bring in Evans also. Weal out , Weise out. Domi is trying to make plays put him up with Suzuki and Drouin , either can play wing. I like that JK has scored but he's still getting knocked off the puck and looking timid giving the puck away to quickly. Hopefully scoring can gain him some confidence. I do like to see him going to the net.He has good hands in close. If Domi stays on the forth line than give him Poehling on the Left (size) and Hudon (skill) on his right.
  4. What a BS penalty . It should never be a slash if you just hit the stick. Years ago just learn how to hold on to your stick .
  5. I thought he has looked great killing penalties. JK I think is looking slow and is still getting knocked off the puck way to easily. I'd rather see Domi up with Drouin and Suzuki though. Let Armia be with JK put Evan or Poeling on the 4th line.
  6. I don't care what team it is , I absolutely hate those drop passes on the PP !!!
  7. Weber with a bomb for our first ! Or Tatar from the slot time to cash in!
  8. Big kill early...… about a shorty!
  9. To many men...… those are frustrating. It looked like confusion Petry running into Suzuki during a change trying to skate it up. Sometimes you have to dump it in when a change is happening.
  10. Petry lost his man , but as much fun as it is to watch. If we play run and gun with Pitts , it's not a good game plan.
  11. I like Suzuki but we need Domi centering for Drouin have Suzuki on the right wing. They can alternate for face offs if needed. We need the offense. Put Armia back with Lehk's and JK. Than have Poehling or Evans centering the forth line. Poehling , Evans , Byron. Tatar, Danault, Gallagher Drouin, Domi, Suzuki Lehks, JK, Armia Poehling, Evans , Byron
  12. Same people that own Paramount movie studios now have their own network.
  13. Nice hands by Byron!
  14. Paramount Network
  15. Great series! Though I have to watch hockey being live first.
  16. Nice pass nice GOAL!!
  17. You've got a team with speed and like a lot of teams that stupid back pass up the ice to enter the zone. Use our speed dump it in and retrieve it or let Domi carry it in.
  18. So far the future Suzuki , JK are both having a tough night.
  19. Stupid pass across the top of the zone horrible .
  20. I guess this is a give back pp which we'll take but these hooking the stick calls either way are weak weak weak
  21. No I don't know if I would even up. They are both small but Domi plays with a lot jam which the team needs.
  22. He hooked his stick? Like the "slash" very weak calls. I wonder if the playoffs will start with the soft penalties and get more like actual playoff hockey the deeper the series go? I'd really like to see Domi with Drouin.
  23. Agreed I see all sorts of complaints of our circumstances but we still have a shot at #1 and no way Detroit should of dropped down to 4th. If Montreal had been there what do you think would of been the response!
  24. Chicago could surprise and then of course Edmonton would get the 1st overall to prove again that doesn't mean you'll win the cup.