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  1. That season he also rode a red hot goaltender. He seemed to lose his players just as fast following that season. The "fiery" personalities like, Torts ect. wear thin quickly.
  2. What's funny about this is the automatic perception that another coach or organization is doing it correctly. "Shelter him" see what he can do? Whenever the Canadiens do this they're ruining the player ect. ect.. He's also not played a game yet as center for Carolina. The fans here would be screaming how terrible of treatment that would be! All players have to earn their spot.....NO MATTER OF DRAFT STATUS!!! You really can't blame him for taking the contract no where else was any offering 6 million to him at this time. That said if he looked at the big picture. Carolina is loaded at center. Montreal let Danault walk and he was definitely going to be given the opportunity to play 2nd line center with a good assortment of wingers. It was Evans and Poehling and others that the team and everyone thought were going to battle for 3/4 center spot. It could still work out for him. Yes Brind'Amour is known as a players coach. That said Rod is also known to continue to stay in the best shape and work the hardest which he expects from every player also. Small sample so far but it does show that most all coaches don't automatically give high draft picks the best positions and ice time without earning it.
  3. I think Edmonson should definitely help stabilize the defense. It wasn't just the post season Edmonson had a great season and was one of the top + guys in the league. He should help out Petry quite a bit. I did think right away the team would miss Weber more than fans were saying.
  4. I could definitely see Toffoli Dvorak Gally (Toffoli replaces Tatar ) Dvorak =Danault) similar games should work with Gally I'd like to see Drouin/ Suzuki/Caulfield They all play a creative game and I think would feed off each other Hoffman Evans Anderson ( more of a straight line forecheck with speed group) Lehkonen Poehling Armia ( I think Poehling with solid players could work) * Can't be worse.
  5. The league will cry when star players are hurt and try to take any hitting out of the game instead going back to having an enforcer who would take care of this crap. Unfortunate for Larking but if the same hit had been on McDavid the other player would have a lengthy suspension.
  6. Either way to win he would of had to have a shut out. Not going to win a lot of games 1-0.
  7. I agree he hasn't earned this contract yet.
  8. I agree completely this wasn't the goalies fault at all. Team scores 1 goal doesn't matter. Also missing Danault and Weber is really showing.
  9. Really his previous injuries are from Weber slap shots!
  10. I would like to see Lehkonen Evans Gallagher , it always seemed Lehks Gally worked good together. then Poehling,Perreault, Armia keeps Armia on his natural side and gives good size to this line. Also Poehling could take face offs when needed. He seems to have gotten better in the circle. It will change when everyone healthy.
  11. I have no feelings against women in any profession. I will say as a ref in hockey they still need to be able to keep the pace and be able to break up a fight.
  12. Kulak next to Petry for any length of time will be bad. Kulak is not anywhere near top 4 material.
  13. Good information that said none of these articles show a "high" rate 1%- 2% ? 60 players out of the whole league ect. A would think a "high" rate would be at least 50% or more? As with anything it's professionals and celebrities' so the "rates" are actually by an actual percentage are low.
  14. You say to "my knowledge"? What are your sources and or any evidence of this? Rumors , hear say are not a source anyone should repeat about any profession or group of people. At least not without first hand knowledge or evidence of some sort. A practice that may have been prevalent at one time in any industry doesn't mean it still exist today.
  15. It was a slew foot that we've all seen before.
  16. I always think it's funny where the same people who love possession which a lot of the time is a worthless stat also, because its what happens when you do have the puck not the amount of time you have it. The same ones about possession though usually say face offs don't matter, which together makes absolutely no sense. Last years playoffs alone we got scored on by set face off plays several times. If you win those face offs that play doesn't happen. Also unless those same people think PP & PK mean nothing both PP & PK the face offs are huge. You ether have a chance at clearing the puck and disrupting a PP or start with the puck and have a better start to your PP, especially when the other team may ice the puck and have a tired group on. Winning or losing face offs are huge through out the game. It's the difference from chasing the game or not.
  17. Why are all the pre season games against the same teams!
  18. Unfortunately that is happening all the time in the States. People that can't get the care they need because of covid patients that are unvaccinated taking up the needed spaces.
  19. Totally different reasons. The way our preseason has went and the way our young goaltenders have performed there has been a question mark with the possibility of Price not being able to start the season. So yes there was a possibility of a need. Also with being able to carry 3 goalies this season it may even make more sense. So there was no reason to even mention about the need for a defenseman and "infer" the reference. There is no easy simple acquisition for a LHD especially a skilled puck moving ist or 2nd pairing. Which a waiver player is an easy acquisition.
  20. Babcock's "mistreatment" of players is overblown. Prescribing drugs is totally different.
  21. I tend to think to many judge the young defenseman on joining the rush or being an offensive d man. The position of a defenseman is defense first. If he is strong in these aspects first the rest can be developed. To many players like "Ghost" ect. are all the next great defenseman because of offensive abilities. At the NHL it's harder to teach good defense than it is offense.
  22. So who was the top 4 puck moving d man on waivers?
  23. Well it's a privilege to be in the NHL I don't care if he was the next 'one" he can play in the KHL if he can make it there.
  24. I actually think Poehling will end up being #3 Center to start and stay there. I also believe it will start out Romanov / Wideman with Romanov having the possibility of moving up as the season goes.
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