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  1. Million dollar question here people...if multiple Habs have tested positive shouldn’t training camp and their practice facility be shut down?
  2. Lehkonen a healthy scratch tonight? Has he been traded? Week find out tomorrow I guess!
  3. Nobody has mentioned Lehkonen!! He was a healthy scratch and he’s been in a slump...think he’s gone for a pick or prospect!
  4. Yeah and he played again today against Germany and didn’t get a point in a 6-3 win! He had 3 shots on net. His line mates not doing anything either. Dman, Jordan Harris did score for US today...I believe he was a 3rd or 4th rounder a few years back.
  5. Aho with the hat trick...haha...I think Suzuki scores the Habs first!
  6. Is anybody concerned about the kid Kotkaniemi? He’s done absolutely nothing in 4 preseason games...maybe he needs time in Laval...??
  7. It will be interesting to see how Mete does this year...he’s been working on his shot all summer allegedly...maybe this is the year he breaks out!
  8. There’s no thread for the World Junior Summer Showcase on this sight but Cole Caufield scored a great power play goal in a 4-1 loss to that powerhouse Canadian team. I know Caufield probable going to US College next year but that’s a great snipe I saw on highlights from the Gazette!
  9. Well it’s pretty obvious Subban dumped...they’re going to sign Duchesne...he wants to go there
  10. If Sieder gone it’s gotta be Harley, York, Broberg or Soderstrom...i’d be surprised if they didn’t take a d man
  11. I think the Habs draft that Sieder kid d man if he’s still available...has size, speed and a 2 way game...allegedly Bergevin travelled to Germany to interview him after the combine...if that’s true he’s a target!
  12. Subban was brutal today minus 2...he’s not producing offensively and defensively a mess too....reverting back to a turnover machine...let’s see if he shows up in an elimination game...so far a disappointing season from him
  13. Suzuki 3 pts....6-3 as of a couple of minutes ago!
  14. With regards to Subban and Serghachev has anybody noticed that they’re not having great seasons?? Subban I know has been hurt...but only 4 points on the power play?? No points the last 5 games...I assume his injury has hampered him...and Serghachev benched again tonight for the fourth time this season...is he falling out of favour with the coach?
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