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  1. A lot of Euro play on the off wing,.
  2. In hind sight the Vanek trade did not work out even for the short run, however, these types of trades can always be gambles sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Vanek seemed to play well for us once he was climatized to the team, then playoffs came and he disappeared? This guy was suppose to be an allstar and you could tell he had all the skills that we needed however, he just did not work hard enough come playoff time. Prehaps it was all those years in a non playoff team that hurt him. On the other hand I think part of the responsibility has to be shared by Therrien for putting him on Plekanec's line. When he first was acquired that is the line that he was put on and you could tell from the start he had no chemisty with them, then they put him on Pacioretty's line and he started to produce. I do not think he was given enough time come playoff time to make that adjustment, but they might as well made him a healthy scratch than play him on Plekanec's line. I wish we had not made the trade now because we probably lose Brendan Lemieux or another character player by trading our second round draft pick. Too bad he did not work out because if he had I think we could have signed him.
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