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  1. Trade is off. Pierre LeBrun reported that there was a deal made, but Max couldn't agree on an extension, so it fell through. This is probably why Max fired his agent. The same thing happened with L.A. earlier this week. The plan seems to be to start the season with him in the lineup.
  2. According to Eric Engels, Vadim Shipachyov will not sign with the Canadiens. He is fielding several large offers from other teams and the Habs are looking elsewhere.
  3. Hello everyone. It's been a while. I'm in absolute disbelief. I can't wrap my head around this.
  4. Eric Engels reported yesterday that the Habs are among a few teams who are in on Martin Hanzal and that a deal involving him could get done relatively soon. The word around the league is the Yotes are asking for a young forward, preferably a C, in return. Some people are speculating that the Habs could be offering Hudon, hence his recent call-up. Let's keep an eye on the next few games to see which scouts are in attendance and where Hudon is placed in the lineup. If he's playing in the top-6, I'll start to wonder if he's being showcased.
  5. Honestly, I have no problems with the way he was handled. He looked a little green, and sometimes unsure of himself. The skill is there, but his decision-making needs to be faster and more authoritative. I think the experience of having a few games under his belt will be good for him. He got some practice time with NHL players and he now knows what is expected of him. The fact that he only played 3 games means he can have a 6-game tryout next season before we decide if he needs another year in junior. Personally, I think he stays with the team next season.
  6. DD was actually much better at wing. He shot more and didn't force passes like he does at C. He's an effective winger and I have no idea why Therrien can't see that.
  7. It's been a month and I'm still having a hard time caring about this team anymore. I'll always be a Habs fan; I really don't know any other way to be, but I'm reluctant and pretty apathetic towards them. Even during the losing streak, I was proud to be a Habs fan. I'm finding that much harder these days.
  8. Who would have thought that both DD and Emelin would be on the roster at this point in the offseason? I was expecting both to be gone. I guess that was a little naïve of me. So instead, we are rid of MT's two favourite whipping boys: Subban and Eller. How...predictable.
  9. Even if he does play in the AHL can anybody say they expect Lefebvre not to use him like he did Stortini or Tarnasky or Scott? No matter what he's going to take ice time away from a young, skilled player. I guess we know where the team's priorities lie now. We want to be the 2011 Bruins.
  10. Petry, for a large portion of last season, was playing through the sports hernia that eventually ended his season and forced him to undergo surgery. He was very good up until he took the check from Jamie Benn, which is what caused the injury. I'm not worried about his play when healthy, but I'm not big on him playing his off-side. This dilemma is yet another self-inflicted wound caused by lack of foresight by management and an obvious disdain for who Subban is. A massive overvaluing of Weber is playing into this too, considering what they were asking from Edmonton for Subban (Draisaitl, Nurse, Klefbom, 4th pick, + more).
  11. This. Where were the rumours of fighting in the dressing room in November this season? Literally everybody in and close to the organization said it was one of the best locker rooms they'd ever seen; DSP was in tears over being traded and stated this also. If the team is still not getting along while they are winning, then deal with the problem.
  12. The problem is, knowing MT and his lack of foresight, Weber will be paired with Markov. That would make for some real ugliness against fast teams like Tampa and Pittsburgh.
  13. Some people are sayinghe's one of four players from this draft who could play in the NHL this season. Doubt it happens but I'd like to see him get at least 9 games.
  14. This guy has nice hands and the ability to make high-skill plays at top speed. He's a steal in the 3rd round. Mitch Brown had him at #25 on his list.
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