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  1. False. I currently am at the library, as I have not had internet since I moved away from Ottawa. The poster below me has eaten Marble Slab ice cream since it has moved to Canada.
  2. Knowing that makes me very upset...
  3. Man, was I excited when I heard that we picked this guy up. I didn't even know his name until the start of the season, but I noticed him the first time we played the Islanders this season. The first time I saw him play, I remember saying that I would love to have that guy on our team. I really like the way he plays and how he shoots hard AND accurately. I think he can do a lot helping PK pick his chances wisely. Hopefully he loves Montreal and re-signs for a multiple year deal. We can afford it with Hamrlik's astronomical 5.5 million dollar cap hit gone at the end of this season.
  4. I think Pricey should grow his mustachio out again. I know I'm not alone on this! :P

    1. roy_133


      I think he's fine just the way he is :)

  5. False. The Habs will have a mediocre season and another great playoff run! The poster below me is happy with our performance tonight.
  6. I was born in January 89 so I was around for the 93 cup. But I`m sad to say I was too young to watch it. The games went until past my bedtime
  7. False The poster below me has already seen the Habs play this season.
  8. Starchild- by Wintersun (One of the best melodic death metal bands in history)