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  1. Trust me on this. It's a bell, behind a clock, in a big tower named after St Stephen on one end of the Palace of Wesminster. (I have "City of Westminster" on my birth certificate, not "London" ) Let's hope it doesn't toll for it's CH namesake this season. Who would people keep up if they want BP to start the season in Hamilton?
  2. Why on Earth would anyone want to nickname him "St Stephen's"? Big Ben is the actual bell in the tower, sorry Nice to see him put a couple away just in time for the season opener.
  3. Yes, that would be a good energy / hard work line but would lack a bit of muscle - would depend on who the opponents were, I guess. Horses for courses, as we say over here.
  4. 100% spot on. Why on earth would we want to bring a prospect up only to limit their ice time and moan harshly at them when they don't light the lamp / check like a train in line with "expectations" - let alone make a game-losing error? Also, I'd think that our forward prospects would find it easier to flourish playing on the wing without the added responsibilities that come with the C position. Solid move - welcome aboard, Jeff.
  5. Spot on. Sentiment would give Laps a little bonus for his work in the playoffs. Sorry Laps, but fair play to PG for hardballing you. What I think you "deserve" doesn't enter into it.
  6. Would seem like a good move - two "imports" from the same place are each other's "support network" in the big scary world of the Montreal organisation. Perhaps they are looking at offering Engqvist a 'Dogs callup? Any idea what he might be earning in Sweden? Either that, or the recently-overhauled scouting regime is looking to get noticed
  7. However, the Salary Cap lends itself to team selection and management by spreadsheet. I can't see them not doing a sensible deal for all parties concerned in Laps' case.
  8. Just stop poncing about and play a simple, direct game please, Benny. You've got a great shot so.......... That great shot will beat goalies much more often if you're near the paint when you take it, too. A good season now could set you up for a very financially-rewarding career, along with the fringe benefits that being a hockey hero in Montreal would obviously bring.
  9. Max could look decent this season as the energy and crash on Eller's wing or as the extra bit of offense on Boyd's wing. (Assuming they're the 3 and 4 Centres going forward.) Either way, give the guy a sensible 2 or 3 year offer at a bit over a million a year but give him a real shot at RW. I agree with those who don't think he's quite as *cheaply* replaceable as some may think. I also agree that this is based on the Max who turned up in the playoffs, but isn't that perhaps the better measure of his true ability? The playoffs made Josh Gorges and Hal Gill into valuable - irreplaceable - cogs in the machine, after all.
  10. Non still means no, though I have neglected to say "Hi" in here despite being a newbie to the forum this Winter. Hi from the South Coast of England (weekdays at work) and Hi in a slightly different accent from near Cambridge on the weekends, where the wife and kids live. Just for the extra confusion, all these "Hi's" and all other posts of mine need to be read in a reasonably non-cockney London accent. Allez Les Habitants!
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