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  1. Username: Turkbacca (My nickname is Turk and I quite like Chewbacca,

    also it's my XBOX/PS3 ID)

    Real Name: Paul English

    Live: Sunderland, England

    Born: Newcastle, England

    Age: 27

    Favourite Current Hab: I'm only a recent hockey convert so I have no

    idea who anyone is to have a fave!

    All time Hab: As above

    Hey everyone, as the above states I am an absolute hockey novice. I've

    always been interested in it but given I live in England it's not a

    readily accessible sport. Managed to grab a copy of NHL 10 on my XBOX

    and realised I did really love it, the reason I picked Habs is pretty

    geeky - they drafted me on my first game (I was pretty happy a Canadian team picked me though given it's been one of my dream destinations since I was young). Since then I've managed to

    catch a few games; The wins against the Bruins and Oilers and they further reinforced my

    love of the game.

    So I hope to get to know you guys, the history of the team and more

    basics of hockey (apologies in advance for any stupid questions I may


    Go Habs !!


    Hockey is a great sport

    and the habs are the history of this sport

    you picked the right team ;)

    and if you need any help just ask

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