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  1. GO HABS GO !!!! I hope if Desharnais does not wake up , the coach trys GallyA in the middle of PacMan and GallyB . Cant hurt lol.
  2. covered the puck lol .. Could have atleast penaiized the hit should be a 4v4 . What is this now 5 (+1 delayed) to 1 lol
  3. Good for the kids ! What kind of D is Paryn ? I have not really paid attention to Hamilton Much. Also has anyone announced Which Goalie is in ..I am guessing Price and Budaj will split the back to back
  4. Welcome back Michael ! Hopefully it sparks our PP Markov to Ryder.. GOAL Seems like something I would enjoy lol
  5. When we look back at this trade the 3rd round pick may be the factor I been thinking , I kinda like it because we free the money looking at having to sign desharnais this summer and the UFA pool this summer. Im guessing Kaberle is being traded or bought out so its gonna give us ~9 extra million going into this summer.
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