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  1. My favourite tune by Jamiroquai: Just Another Story from the 1994 album The Return Of The Space Cowboy, in fact my favourite music album ever!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS8V2bIaeio Here what they say about the album on Wikipedia:
  2. "The King Fisher" by Terry Gilliam with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges. 7/10
  3. Very true! The poster below me likes lasagne!
  4. Men in Black and Men in Black II. Nice entertainment, both 7/10
  5. Some good ol' jazz: Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers: The Egyptian
  6. True, you won't regret it! The poster below me has already been in Italy.
  7. False. The poster below me likes Italy.
  8. The Godfather trilogy. Probably my favourite movie trilogy ever, even if the 3rd part is weaker than the first two. Part 1: 10/10 Part 2: 10/10 Part 3: 8/10
  9. False. The poster below me prefers roast chicken to roast turkey.
  10. The three parts of the Lord of the Rings in their extended version. Nice films in which I particularly like the landscapes of New Zealand. 9/10
  11. True, but only when the games are shown on ESPN America. The poster below me thinks Evgeni Malkin to be a better player than Sidney Crosby.
  12. False. The poster below me reads every day a newspaper.
  13. A beautiful mind with Russell Crowe as the schizophreniac genius mathematician John Nash. This film depicts how schizophrenia is felt and endured by the suffering patient very well. 9/10
  14. Not at the moment! The poster below me will have a few beers watching the game tonight.
  15. True, I had loads of new clothes with me when I passed the border to the US and then later at Luxembourg airport! The poster below me smoked pot at least once in his/her life.
  16. Indeed! The poster below me likes the sound of saxophones.
  17. Angeline from the new Jamiroquai album in its deluxe version.
  18. False, I'm planning a short trip to Cologne/Germany, which lies north from here! The poster below me speaks more than 2 languages.
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