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  1. True, but the old school Cookie Monster rocked!!! The poster below likes most of the hits by Stevie Wonder.
  2. True, but not as pilot. The poster below me loves the old school Cookie Monster!
  3. Moi je n'ai pas besoin d'excuses, je te reprends simplement la victoire!
  4. The 3 last episodes of the Star Wars saga: 10/10 I especially like the scene in the 5th episode, where Luke meets Yoda the first time!!! By the way, in the old episodes (IV-VI) Master Yoda was mainly played by Frank Oz, the inventor of such illustrous characters like Cookie Monster!!!
  5. False. I scream and you scream the poster below me also screams for ice cream!
  6. Psycho is awesome! I agree with your rating!
  7. Jamiroquai: Two Completely Different Things of their new album "Rock Dust Light Star".
  8. I can't tell, hot chocolate with marshmallows are very uncommon here in continental Europe. The poster below me didn't see the last game of the Habs against the Islanders.
  9. The first 3 episodes of the Star Wars saga: 9/10 Yes, only 9/10, because some fighting scenes are too long for my taste. If I could pick one as the best, it is the 3rd one, the one where Anakin Skywalker becomes definitely Darth Vader! Epic! Next on my schedule: The last 3 episodes of the Star Wars saga.
  10. False. Yes I had chicken, but I don't know how turtle tastes. The poster below me thinks rabbits are cute.
  11. Depends on which one. The poster below me like fresh whole fat milk!
  12. False, I don't even know what Twizzlers are! The person below me prefers real European bread to this mashy sweet American bread Frenchmen would rather call brioche than bread! (OK, they call it pain de mie, but whatever!)
  13. Désormais je ne boirai plus que de la "Heischter", bière au blé de la plus petite brasserie commerciale du Luxembourg (alors minuscule ), pendant les matchs du CH! Cela porte bonheur!
  14. False, I like meat. The poster below me is getting impatient!
  15. Aha? Mon équipe de confiance est le Tricolore! Alors ça devrait être moi le vainqueur ici logiquement!
  16. Sorry Evelye, I can't help you out. As far as I understood you, you said the poster below you will see a Habs game in the US, right? Well, this is unfortunately false again. The poster below me has never been to North America.
  17. Bienvenue chez les Cht'is: Nice French comedy, actually the most-viewed film in French cinemas ever so far: 9/10 Léon: I love Luc Besson movies: 10/10 The 5th element: I still love Luc Besson movies: 10/10
  18. Unfortunately false. But the poster below me will.
  19. True indeed!!! The poster below me is like me a Jamiroquai fan! (By the way, their new album is going to be released this week, in Europe at least!)
  20. True, if you're talking of that game where 11 men or women are running behind a round ball, trying to score goals! The poster below me likes beer.
  21. Allez les Canadiens de Montréal!!!

  22. False. The poster below me is a heavy smoker.
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