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  1. Not yet really. The poster below me knows who this is in my new avatar.
  2. False. The poster below me likes tea more than coffee.
  3. False. I might have one or a couple Fiederwäissen! The poster below me is confident our boys will make it tonight.
  4. Est-ce que je boirai bien un ou plusieurs verres de Fiederwäissen pendant le match?
  5. False, because we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. The poster below me will attend a Habs' game in the Centre Bell this season.
  6. Le match sera demain soir. Je me demande à combien de buts nos Lions Rouges vont perdre...
  7. Well true in one sense that the Haps need an opponent to play!!! The poster below me thinks Québec born Penguin Letang is a traitor to his "nation", saying that he despises, even hates the Montréal Canadiens and this in perfect Canadian French!
  8. Un autre vétéran que j'aimais toujours bien était Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair. Non pas dû à son style de combat, mais au spectacle qu'il faisait autour des combats.
  9. Le sujet est déjà vieux, mais il faut que j'y mette mon opinion! Mon catcheur en individuel préféré est l'Undertaker! La façon de croiser les bras de ses adversaires lors du pin! Trop bien!!! Mon Tag Team préféré était toujours les Quebeckers, ces gars-là savaient toujours faire de l'ambiance, même s'ils avaient l'air de deux bûcherons abrutis par leur travail et ayant posé leur haches juste avant leurs combats. A ce propos, en français européen on appelle ce "sport" catch, la lutte étant un vrai sport qui était déjà olympique en Antiquité.
  10. False, I'm depressed! The poster below me thinks that our boys will have penguin's meat next saturday evening!
  11. En général, une entreprise qui change tout le temps de patron marche mal. Mais dans ce sujet-ci c'est le contraire! Ah moi la victoire!!!
  12. True of course! The poster below me will watch the game against those Leafs live!
  13. Pleasure: Joyous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB36UVzWRTQ
  14. True! The poster below me owns a European car!
  15. False! The poster below me is Clues!
  16. True! The poster below me has been to Paris, France.
  17. Only shades, when the sun's shining too much! The poster below likes this tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1meTmBNi20U
  18. True, but are you trying to be funny there? None of these delicacies is truly American, except for the Tacos, which are as far as I know from Texas! Burgers are German. (Hence Hamburg in Northern Germany.) Pizzas are Italian. (From Naples in Southern Italy.) French Fries aren't American, nor French, but Belgian. (Try to go to Belgium once, you'll understand! ) And Chinese Food is Chinese! But it's true, all those dishes have been slightly modified by the Americans. The poster below me thinks we're talking too much about food in this thread here!
  19. No idea, I don't know what Timbits are! The poster below me craves for a poutine!!!
  20. The Great Dictator by and with Charlie Chaplin 10/10!!!
  21. My favourite tune of the moment: X by Moses Mayes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PydorZHI39k
  22. Not really, I prefer comedies (especially French spoken ones). The poster below me has got the song "Le but" by Loco Locass on his iPod/mp3 player!
  23. Allez Toutou, montre à ce chat qui est le patron dans ce sujet-ci!
  24. Je t'enverrai un gros chien, on verra bien qui va gagner!
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