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  1. False. I've got a SonyEricsson. but thinking about buying me an iPhone 4. The poster below me lives not in Canada.
  2. Pendant que vous deux vous disputez, j'arrive aussi vite que Meep Meep et vous arrache la victoire!
  3. False! The poster below me has already tasted some original Cooked Cheese (Kachkéis in Luxembourgish, Cancoillotte in French), at least once in his life.
  4. Aàààààààààà moooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii la victoire!
  5. If you say this in my country, you are a fan of the national railway services! (Société des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois) False. The poster below also speaks French.
  6. I'd like to, but it's not cheap to get over the big pond. The poster below me thinks it's cool the Habs have finally a captain in the person of Brian Gionta.
  7. Ma copie du jeu semble arriver ce vendredi par envoi postal! Un weekend à nuits blanches semble arriver aussi!
  8. Half correct. My bro cheers for the Habs, but also for Cindy's penguins. (At least he doesn't cheer for the Laffs or the Booins.) The poster below me needs to see a dentist soon! (As I do...)
  9. One of the new Jamiroquai songs: White Knuckle Ride.
  10. I can't tell you, I don't have the full version yet. The poster below me will buy NHL 11!
  11. Je vous souhaite de beaux matches, avec plein de buts pour le Canadien!!! Cependant je reprends la victoire!
  12. False, I'm not a father (yet). The poster below likes Kraft Dinner!
  13. Completely false. The poster below me has never been on a big wheel.
  14. OK, it's not about a band, but my bro and I went to see the musical "Avenue Q" when we stood in London this week. Boy, what a musical!!! I'm usually not a musical fan, but during "Avenue Q" tears came to my eyes from laughter, especially in the first part! (You know, Avenue Q is the musical with the world hit "Internet is for porn".)
  15. Hier je suis revenu de Londres. Là bas je n'avais pas le temps de poster des messages sur le babillard. Il est maintenant temps que je reprenne la victoire!
  16. "L'as des as" ("The Ace of the Aces") with Jean-Paul Belmondo. 7/10
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