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  1. Year!!!! (Woohoo, I was faster than HRF!!!)
  2. Otto der Film A German comedy from the 80's from and with one of the most known German comedians, Otto Waalkes. 7/10
  3. False. The poster below me will fall into a post-Christmas depression.
  4. Happy Boxing day to you all! Joyeux jour de Saint Etienne à vous tous! Schéine Stiefesdag iech all!
  5. Est-ce que nos Canadiens arrivent-ils encore à gagner un seul match? C'est pitoyable!!!
  6. Indeed, like for instance a Maserati Gran Turismo convertible! The poster below me loves the smell of petrol (gasoline).
  7. I forgot to put Pierre Richard into the French column!
  8. Nur noch kurz die Welt retten, the German Hit 2011, played by my favourite (British) live band Incognito: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwbZse6crXk
  9. Custom plates are possible here in Luxembourg, although the problem here is that you can jut have whether up to 6 numbers or most commonly 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. My plate is AS 1126 AS for my initials. 1126 for my birthday. In fact I would have prefered AS 1977, 1977 being my birthyear, but this plate was already taken, I even see the car which has it on a quite regular basis, it's a nasty red Golf GTI Phase II...
  10. A moi la victoire! Pourtant je suis triste, vu que nos gars semblent que perdre ces derniers temps...
  11. A bit but not a lot. The poster below me lives like me in a monarchy.
  12. Neither, I don't like the military! Celsius or Fahrenheit?
  13. Here a list of comedians I like: For Italy: Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill Roberto Benigni ... For France (& Belgium): Louis de Funès Bourvil Dany Boon Kad Merad Gad Elmaleh Benoît Poelvoorde Roland Magdane ... For Germany: Otto Waalkes Michael Mittermayer ... As for British/Irish humor, I like TV Programmes like: Monty Python's Flying Circus Blackadder Allo Allo Father Ted Fawlty Towers ... And finally some North American comedians I like: Adam Sandler Eddie Murphy Charlie Chaplin (although he was English, I put him here) Jerry Lewis Bill Cosby sometimes even Woody Allen or Jim Carey ...
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