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  1. Like this one here: John Coltrane Listening right now a tune of him entitled "Miles' Mode".
  2. Ah oui, allez le XV de France!!! Et allez les frères Schleck et Kim Kirchen en ce qui concerne le cyclisme!!!
  3. Pas de problème, je reprends simplement la tête!
  4. Salut, sur ma PS3 je joue surtout en ligne, jouant une équipe entière, et cela normalement avec le CH. Mes statistiques ne sont pas les plus brillantes, gagnant un peu plus de la moitié de mes parties. Si vous me cherchez, je m'appelle aussi ophone dans NHL10.
  5. Aha!!! C'est moi qui prend la tête!!! Allez ophone, allez!!!
  6. As written on the French section a few minutes ago, I've just watched "Click" on BluRay. A film which features Adam Sandler playing the main role. 9/10
  7. Sorry, but I don't find the edit button in this thread here. Well, I've just wanted to tell that I've just received this magnificent BluRay.
  8. Just watching and listening to the BluRay of the 30th anniversary gig of Incognito (one of my favourite bands) held at the IndigO2 in London/Great Britain. Concert I attended live, and yes, you can see mee in the video too, standing and shaking to the beat!!!
  9. Hello, as in the French section of the board, I've just discovered this thread here. Time to present myself: Name: André (official christian name on my ID) or Änder in Luxembourgish Date of birth: November 26th 1977 Hometown: Howald, little town just south of the city of Luxembourg, capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Height: 1,80 m (should be a bit more than 6 foot) Nationality: Luxembourgish Spoken languages: Luxembourgish, French, German, English and a bit of Italian Why am I here? Well, after football (game most of you guys call soccer) I like ice hockey the most. Why the Habs? Since I play hockey as video game (1993/1994) I prefer the Canadiens, mainly because I always wished to visit Montréal. Dream which came true in 1999. Unfortunately I have been in Montréal during summer, so no matches of the Canadiens in the Centre Molson, but I immediately bought a jersey. The all time Montréal player I like most: Patrick Roy, what a goalie!!! The actual Montréal player I like most: Michael Cammalleri (because he is my best player in my PS3 NHL 10 season), it could be that my opinion changes when I am finally going to see matches of the Habs on the telly in two weeks time.
  10. Born November 26th 1977, season the Habs have won the Stanley Cup!
  11. Le dîner de cons 10/10 One of the best French comedies ever!!!
  12. Aucune idée, mais une chose est certaine: La fin approche!!!
  13. Banda Black Rio: Vidigal Brazilian funk for the win!!!
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