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  1. Saxophone of course! Ketchup or mayonnaise?
  2. Est-ce que tu parles de l'oiseau ou de l'horloge?
  3. Ah non, les vrais coucous viennent de la Forêt Noire en Allemagne, afaik.
  4. Mark Ronson with a cover version of Britney Spear's Toxic
  5. Bonjour Thal! A toi aussi une belle journée! ^^
  6. ophone


    I think tonight it's going to be a nice thick horse steak with a provençale sauce and fries!!! Yummee!
  7. Saving Grace 8/10: A film about an older Scottish woman growing pot. Le petit Nicolas 9/10: A film about the childhood of little Nicolas (not Sarkozy!), adaptation of Sempé's homonym books. La grande vadrouille 9/10: One of the classics of French comedy, with Bourvil and Louis de Funès. A must if you like French films!
  8. False, since I can't watch the games anymore... The poster below me prefers going to a pub/bar to watch sports rather than staying at home.
  9. Tough decision, but I'll go for Mexican. Seated or standing section at a concert?
  10. Oui, au fait il fait aussi trop chaud ici. Mais tout de même, une bonne raclette au fromage au lait cru suisse se renie pas!
  11. Cotton, my feet stink too much in woolen socks. Raclette or cheese fondue?
  12. Ce soir je mangerai ma première raclette de la saison!
  13. By the way, Poutine is also the way the French speaking spell this guy's surname here:
  14. Well well well, you guys should eat poutine for a change!
  15. Yes, on the Portuguese West coast! The poster below me likes raclette! (Raclette is a type of melted cheese you eat with potatoes and even some kinds of meat like bacon for instance! Some people also like to eat pickled onions and small French pickles with it.)
  16. Je viens même de remarquer que la LNH ne passe non plus sur ESPN America... Y EN A MARRE!!!
  17. J'ai le même problème que toi... Au moins je peux écouter le mach sur webradio et cela en français québecois!
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