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  1. It's funky and Canadian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PydorZHI39k
  2. False. The poster below me hates to decorate for Christmas!
  3. "Troublemaker" a Luxembourgish movie from the year 1988, considered to be THE cult film here in the country! 10/10
  4. True indeed! The poster below me lives in a currently very snowy region.
  5. "Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob" (The adventures of Rabbi Jacob), a classic French comedy of the 70s with French comedy legend Louis de Funès. 9/10
  6. False, but I'll celebrate my birthday tomorrow! The poster below me knows about the Saint Nicolas celebration on December 6th.
  7. Indeed, especially now I quit smoking. The poster below me is an ex-smoker.
  8. Let me count: 2 jerseys, 3 T-Shirts, 1 cap, 1 flag, 1 scarf... That's 8, so false... But I will after my next order at the Zone Canadiens!!! The poster below me dislikes Don Cherry.
  9. False, although my girlfriend took the telly, I've had to watch the game on my computer via internet anyway. The poster below me is relieved our boys won against those Laffs!
  10. True The poster below me is getting impatient to see our boys beating up the Laffs.
  11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Classic English comedy at its best! 10/10
  12. Ghost Dog, the Way of the Samurai, film by Jim Jarmusch with Forrest Whitacker: 8/10 Scarface, film by Brian de Palma with Al Pacino: 8/10 I really dig Mafia and gangster films, one of the next movies I will watch will be "The Untouchables" with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Robert de Niro.
  13. True, the book by Victor Hugo and the musical. The poster below me likes to read books.
  14. Hello, I've got the same problem as you, regarding the matches. Where precisely in Germany do you live? Es könnte ja sein dass wir Nachbarn sind, ich bin aus Luxemburg!
  15. False. The person below me still knew those phones with analog disc dialers.
  16. Brother a film by Takeshi Kitano and with Takeshi Kitano (as Beat Takeshi). 9/10
  17. And now for something completely different... A film composed by probably the best Monty Python sketches, remade by the Pythons themselves. 8/10
  18. My favourite tune by Frank Zappa: Montana It's a song about a guy who wants to move to Montana to raise some dental floss!
  19. False! The poster below me thinks the US need a new prohibition on alcohol.
  20. Indeed, from India. And King Fish is a fishburger by a Belgian fast food chain implanted also in France and Luxembourg called Quick...
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