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  1. Totally agree. Wideman isn't some top defenseman but at least he's playing OK and actually helping to generate some offense.
  2. And Eller scored a nice goal.
  3. At least Chairot is getting some shots on net and doing some scoring, I'm kind of surprised how much I see that people want him moved asap. Savard has been completely useless imo. I was cautiously optimistic when Savard was added but he's been a complete disappointment.
  4. Agreed, I was happy they went the long haul with his contract.
  5. I agree. I hope sending him down helps but in all honestly he's just a talented nhler who is slumping along with an entire team who is slumping/underachieving.
  6. So frustrating, on paper I feel like the lines look good and should be winning SOME games. That said, as far as defense, I don't love Romanov paired with Savard. Mainly because I'm not impressed at all with Savards play (and general effort) and I think it can attribute toward Romanov not developing as needed/projected. At least that is how I see it right now.
  7. Brutal...how many goals did Savard coast back while people are walking in on Allen like they are doing break away practice?
  8. This is a team that currently can't score and can hardly get shots on net sometimes, Danault and KK are not the answer to that issue.
  9. Things I didn't see coming...the Habs are the worst in the league and the Sabres are unstoppable
  10. It's an interesting experiment because you could look at as A) you don't want to squander Gallagher's ability or B ) use this as an advantage to run over other teams 3rd line and capitalize on mismatches. One game in, I'm not sure what will happen.
  11. My first thought was that a lot of people might see this as over payment but IMO this is one of those times you bet on the future and let Suzuki know you believe in him and want him here for the long haul.
  12. I know people probably don't mean any disrespect but not very cool with the drug speculation. Articles from the past or not. Every job/sport in the world has outliers that squander their talent and use drugs/party, really has nothing to do with Price unless verified.
  13. For sure, we are all human no matter how much fame/wealth/etc. I really hope he gets himself back in a good spot asap.
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