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  1. Yes? Subban has played against the other teams best lines literally his entire career and has been used as the shutdown guy in Nashville the entire time he's been there, even with Emelin last season. He had a down year but there's a big difference between "29 year old with some injuries who was elite the season before" and "33 year old coming off consecutive knee and foot surgeries who was never fast and was last elite 5 years ago".
  2. One thing I'll say is people need to stop acting like he's actually going to play out the contract, it's completely juvenile. Functionally speaking Weber has 4 more years at 7.8M, if you believe he's going to play for a million bucks at 38 and won't suddenly come down with some back condition and go on LTIR I have a bridge to sell you.
  3. Drouin actually is what every dumb guy thinks the skill player on their favourite team is. What dumb Leafs fans say about Nylander etc etc is actually true about Drouin in terms of the scoring not making up for what you give up. He's a middle six winger at even strength and a good power play guy. He provides negative value when he isn't scoring because his defensive impact is negative and his possession impact is zilch. It isn't his fault, he had a significant body of work as a pro that suggested this was his value at the time of the trade and I don't think it's fair to dogpile on the player because management had dreams he would develop into a Marner/Gaudreau and traded a blue chip prospect for him. The biggest concern with Drouin is whether or not the team is realistic in what he provides. If they accept that he's a PP guy and a middle six winger at ES that needs to be heavily sheltered that's fine and at 5.5M that's not really a problem for the Habs to afford. It sucks in the context of the trade but that's a sunk cost and at face value Drouin at 5.5M is fine for a team that generally lacks flair and has the two way centers to insulate his defensive shortcomings. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the PP since he's been a successful PP weapon in Tampa and Montreal. The problem is if the Habs keep holding on to this hope that he's going to live up to his draft hype and become a Gaudreau/Marner level star winger and if they fail to add forward talent to the roster in the hopes Drouin will develop into a star.
  4. This team. Character.

    1. habs_93


      We're grinders!

    2. habs_93


      You know what this team needs? Patrick Bordeleau!

  5. Don needs to go. It's antics like his that make me angry that the CBC gets public funding. The fact that Don probably makes 6 figures or more sickens me.
  6. That PK tonight was dreadful. I agree with Weep, the fact that we have Hal Gill on our team and Roman Hamrlik is a Washington Capital is ridiculous. So what if he wanted a two year term, Hamrlik would be better in the second year of a contract than Gill this year. I'm sure Gill is a cool guy and all, but he's just not performing and it's painful to watch.
  7. I'm really missing what he brought to the team. Imagine if our top pairing was Hamrlik-Subban instead of Gill-Subban. Gill is painful to watch.
  8. Looked OK tonight. I'd imagine he gets sent down when White gets back from injury.
  9. Just our luck. I'm glad to hear it wasn't too awful, these injuries are always scary. I guess I just mean in our team's situation. Cammalleri is a good centre too, but on our team, for the style we play Plekanec is a better centre. Cammalleri isn't even close to Plekanec as a two way player, Plekanec is arguably the best defensive forward on the team.
  10. ...Why? Plekanec is a better centre and Cammalleri's a better winger.
  11. All these ridiculous shenanigans we're dealing with now could have been avoided if we had signed Hamrlik, the actual top 4, dependable, two way defenseman instead of Gill, a glorified PK specialist with "leadership".
  12. I'm impressed so far, however as FirstStar said, we'll see what happens when a star player takes a run at somebody.
  13. I'm happy with the way Shanahan's been handling these suspensions so far. These hits need to end.
  14. The new Ford Focus ST looks gorgeous. That may be my first new car. Actually probably not, by the time I have the money for it there'll be used ones.
  15. I'm sure he'll get a chance when the inevitable injury bug hits us, or if Spacek or Gill prove to be too old to keep up.