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  1. What a day for the tank. Really looks like the Habs are going all-in this year, and this kind of big move is exactly what it takes to hang with the contenders like Edmonton, Buffalo, and Arizona.
  2. The more I think about this the more I actually get a bit frustrated with it. Why do we still have Morrow and Schlemko but not Davidson and Jerabek. Bringing in Morrow, Streit, and Schlemko (and Hemsky) was good, low-risk and potentially medium-reward. The problem is bringing them in and keeping them over Jerabek and Davidson. Instead of making small little low cost moves that modestly improve the team they continually make small little low to medium cost moves that make the team marginally worse. These things aren't huge issues and depth defensemen don't make your team sink or swim but these kinds of decisions all add up. Each individual move is whatever but the aggregate effect of having Martinsen, Schelmko, Nesterov, Morrow, Deslauriers, Alzner, and Froese in the lineup instead of Andrighetto, Barberio, Jerabek, Davidson, Beaulieu, Scherbak, and Carr is not trivial over the course of an entire season, or even (if we ever get there again) over a 7 game playoff series. Instead of 7 players that are OK and slightly move the needle in the positive direction, we have 7 players that are all slightly less than OK and have slightly negative shot impacts. Andrighetto for Martinsen. Assets for Ott and King who aren't even NHLers anymore. Eller for Shaw. Nesterov for a 6th. Smith-Pelley for Matteau. Tinordi for John Scott. These things all add up, in isolation each move isn't a big deal either way but it seems like every one of these moves we've lost a little bit of value. Eventually the thousand and first cut is what kills you.
  3. Happy for him, disappointed it ended this way. Jerabek was exactly what the Habs needed more of on defense, and while he didn't look like the top 4 guy we hoped for I still rate him higher than Morrow, Schlemko, and possibly Benn.
  4. Pacioretty-Drouin-Lehkonen lmao let's go baby
  5. This Weber injury stuff is starting to get a little concerning.
  6. Gudbranson signed in Vancouver for 3Y/4M per. Thank god, I just had this feeling the Habs were going to throw money at him and we already have one disastrous contract to a depth defenseman. Next potential Habs grenade that I hope gets taken care of is Bozak, and to a lesser extent Stastny.
  7. Scherbak thing isn't a big deal. Roster limits go away after the deadline and he'll be back up immediately. Don't get me wrong I think it's dumb to give up even a week of Scherbak playing in the NHL so you don't risk losing Logan Shaw or Byron Froese but it's at least in some way defensible and Froese possibly can get moved for a 6th or something.
  8. It's gonna be so dope watching Galchenyuk in Nashville.
  9. I've been thinking about it and honestly I won't really be too mad if they don't do anything major at the deadline. The only pending UFAs are Plekanec and Jerabek so hopefully Pleks is traded and Jerabek gets signed. I think it's reasonable to wait until the offseason to make decisions on moving Pacioretty/Weber or even Price. I know Pacioretty theoretically has more value now with 2 playoff runs to go at 4.5 but he also could be a sign and trade in the summer. There's also the Tavares and Dahlin X-factor. Getting even one of those guys likely changes the team's medium term outlook enough to make it worth hanging on to Pacioretty or making a "hockey trade".
  10. Scherbak sent down to Laval. Great asset management, just simply can't risk losing studs like Byron Froese or Logan Shaw. Might get a conditional 2069 7th round pick for them.
  11. Excellent tanking day today, Habs get rolled and both Arizona and Ottawa won. They've put together a great team that really knows how to perform when it counts.
  12. I'm lucky, I have Reilly Smith and Price so I got unexpected points from Price playing tonight (and he won't get the L) and I got 2G 1A so far from Smith.
  13. Lmaooo I totally forgot about Hemsky and Streit. Marc BargainBin at his finest. I don't actually have an issue with either signing because they're zero-risk and potentially medium-reward moves but it's pretty pathetic when those guys and Alzner are the "big moves". I wonder if Alzner will even be in the NHL during the 2019-20 season.
  14. The Habs are totally going to trade Pacioretty for Brodin and throw stupid money at Stastny and/or Bozak, right?