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  1. I don't really care at all about the trade itself because they moved 10-15 spots back very late in the draft, just disappointing that it's going to mean an ostensibly "defensive" 4th line of coke machines that can't actually defend.
  2. This time two years ago this team dumped Andrighetto and traded for King, Ott, and Martinsen who were all out of the league within 6 months. Time is a flat circle.
  3. Meh, I'm not concerned. There's no rush and learning to be an NHL center is learning to be an NHL center. He's not being sheltered in terms of matchups and Julien trusts him to take a regular shift which is more than enough for a player to develop at this level. I was super cautiously optimistic about Kotkaniemi and I really thought he would have been best to stay in FInland or at least commit to being in Laval for an extended period but he's just learning so fast. Keep in mind that Kotkaniemi is the youngest player in the league and he's going to play this entire season younger than a guy like Auston Matthews was in his rookie year (Kotkaniemi won't turn 19 until June 2019, Matthews was 19 in September 2016 during his rookie year).
  4. I don't have a problem with how they're developing Kotkaniemi. He's the youngest player in the league and has never played anything even close to an NHL level schedule in terms of games, travel, physical grind, etc etc. and he's doing very well in the current role. THey're not really sheltering him either, just giving him a regular 3rd line shift + PP time.
  5. Yeah this was 100% unplanned. It's pretty clear that Plekanec was signed because the intention was to run Danault, Domi, Plekanec, and Peca as the four centers, but Kotkaniemi ended up being too good to cut and the team rightly chose to keep Peca around as the 4C instead of platooning Plekanec and Peca there. There's no way they expected this, Kotkaniemi is the youngest player in the league and was not expected to be an NHL regular this year. I also have a hard time believing even the most optimistic cheerleader in Habs management genuinely expected Domi to be this effective as a 2C. They signed him to play a middle six role in the event Kotkaniemi and/or Domi couldn't hack it at C, and when both guys cemented themselves as middle six centers they no longer needed him beyond occasional 4C play and at this point in his career Plekanec doesn't want to sit in the press box.
  6. Peca didn't touch it. Watch from 7:49 onwards, you can see Peca's stick never gets close to the puck when Ristolainen shoots.
  7. Yeah he's been much better than last year but only because last year was so bad. He's around league average right now or slightly below which just flat out isn't enough. That's not panic button levels yet because it's not crazy for top end talent to have slumps (eg. a legit #1C might score 3 points in 10 games) and it's only magnified because it's the start of the year, but I'm not exactly thrilled to be saying Price has been just OK.
  8. Domi because a short run as something impersonating a cromulent top 6 center has been a huge help for the team. I don't really buy he's a top 6 center in the long run but he's far better as a short term stopgap than Drouin and that's been a big help for the team.
  9. It's possible I guess but I don't see it. Outside of massive injury trouble I don't see any way the Habs finish ahead of Leafs/Bruins/Lightning for top 3 in the Atlantic and I think Florida is clearly a better team. There's a chance the Habs could make it as the 2nd wildcard in that case but I'm doubtful none of the Flyers/Caps/Blue Jackets/Pens/Canes/Devils finish in the other wild card spot.
  10. Tonight is a great example of the state of the Habs, Sens and Habs are in roughly the same position in terms of expectations and being younger teams that are hopefully on the rise, but at the end of the day the Sens can put Stone and Duchene on the ice at 3 on 3 and the Habs have...Joel Armia and Mike Reilly. There's not a single star player on the roster and Gallagher is the only legitimate first line forward, there's still a long way to go.
  11. Lol Deslauriers in and Hudon out. Ca sent la coupe! Agree with @Litany too. Things look alright because they're playing well out of the gate but it's not hard to imagine a team led by Tatar and Gallagher might run cold for stretches during the season. I'm happy to see they're giving guys like Peca and Kotkaniemi a shot and that Alzner is only playing due to injury, but this team has precisely zero star players and I think Weber's return at age 33 after consecutive foot/knee surgeries and missing a calendar year is going to be a lot rockier than expected.
  12. Absolutely no way we're getting either Aho or Dobson out of NYI with Scherbak and Alzner. The value is more like Josh Ho-Sang and Andrew Ladd for Scherbak and Alzner.
  13. I've been pleasantly surprised by a few things this year. Especially that at least so far the youth/speed movement seems to be more than just lipservice. They've scratched Alzner all season which I'm happy to see, and I was impressed that Plekanec played under 9 minutes last night and was basically just used a a defensive zone faceoff guy when Domi/Danault needed a rest and Julien didn't want Kotkaniemi's line taking a defensive zone faceoff vs. Crosby or Malkin. That's the exact role he should be used in at this stage and I'm glad they aren't trying to use him in the top 9, and I get the impression that even if they send Kotkaniemi back they're going to use Peca as the other top 9 center and keep Plekanec in this defensive role. Team still really suffers from being completely outclassed by most teams in the league in terms of pure skill/gamebreakers, the Habs have 4 good lines with some offensive ability but the only guys on the team with any track record of good ES scoring are Gallagher and Byron which is an issue. Maybe but tbh I'm more worried when Weber gets back that the PP will be even worse. The powerplay was substantially better last season (like in Jan-Apr 2018 the Habs PP was top 5 in the league with Petry instead of Weber) after Weber got hurt because when Weber (or Subban/Markov/Souray) are on the Habs PP this franchise has a consistent issue with literally not being able to stop themselves from running the entire PP through telegraphed slapshots from the point.The problem on the PP right now is there's no Galchenyuk type shooting threat on the right side for Petry/Drouin to pass to and punish teams for overplaying Drouin/Petry. I'd like to see Kotkaniemi in that spot honestly.
  14. Drouin-Domi-XXX Tatar-Kotkaniemi-XXX Don't care who plays RW on those lines, don't care how they make up the rest of the lines.