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  1. Would be nice if he got some time on the 2nd PP unit, he's a great passer and it'd be good to see what he can do
  2. In Friedman's 31 thoughts today he talked about the Penguins being interested in Pacioretty if he became available. Could you imagine that top 6. Sheary-Crosby-Hornqvist Pacioretty-Malkin-Kessel Disgusting. Would be hilarious to me if both Kessel and Pacioretty got run out of town and immediately won a cup.
  3. Well it's time for our best player to be our best player. If we sputter for another week the season's probably over, so we need Price to immediately play at his best and maintain it the rest of the year.
  4. THE TANK BEGINS! Just a roster limit thing. They were at the 23 player limit with Jerabek called up, Weber/Price only day to day, and Schlemko close to joining the team. He doesn't seem to be in the plans so may as well get something for him.
  5. This makes my heart hurt so much. MB makes me so angry.
  6. What idiot called it being completely against an award for excellence in television acting granted to someone for his role as Colin Kaepernick and not being Anti Knee Emmy.
  7. Yikes those Nashville yellows got the worst of the transition to the Adidas jerseys lol
  8. Oh nice we get Dave Randorf instead of Paul Romanuk.
  9. I think I am unironically going to write a term paper about how the Habs traded for Weber and Drouin as simulacra of a #1D and #1C.
  10. Excited to see him play. Just hope that Jerabek called up and Schlemko getting healthy means Alzner, Morrow, or Davidson sit instead of Mete.
  11. Damn we gotta trade for that Devon Shore guy. Misses the empty net by 3 feet? He'd fit right in.
  12. So Mete has 5:38 of ice time so far this game. Would be peak Habs to burn a year of his ELC and send him to junior in November lmao
  13. Today I saw an older woman with chronic knee trouble that requires her to use a walking stick to facilitate sustained bipedal movement. I'm talking about Eve and her cane