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  1. The new Ford Focus ST looks gorgeous. That may be my first new car. Actually probably not, by the time I have the money for it there'll be used ones.
  2. I'm sure he'll get a chance when the inevitable injury bug hits us, or if Spacek or Gill prove to be too old to keep up.
  3. Just awful. Sid is the best player in the league, and if he stayed healthy would go down as one of the best players of all time. I really hope he can get back to hockey, players like him are just a treat to watch, and the NHL needs him.
  4. ^ With TB, it's not cap space that's the problem, they have an internal cap from the owner, and they're right up on it. @FirstStar, It's definitely an overpayment if you look at him as an RFA forward, but as far as what he brings to the table for the team, it's not a bad contract at all. AK brought up Ovechkin, Malkin, and Crosby's contracts, now as far as those go, I'd rather have Crosby or Malkin at 8.7 than Stamkos at 7.5, but I'd much rather have Stamkos at 7.5 than Ovechkin at 9.4M. And with my Cammalleri comparison, I'm just saying that there don't seem to be too many people thinking that's a very bad contract, when for 1.5M more than Cammalleri the Lightning retained a premier player capable of 50 goal seasons.
  5. If Stamkos at 7.5M is over paying, then what is Cammalleri at 6M? Stamkos at 7.5 is actually a steal. It's around 11.5% of the 64M cap, and Cammalleri's contract was roughly 10.5% of the 56.8M cap in 2009. So Stamkos' new contract is about one percent more relative to the cap than Cammalleri's was when it was signed. Sounds like a great deal to me.
  6. I for one, am excited to see another season of Spacek in those "get to know your canadiens" videos
  7. I know I'm bringing up an old post here, but you're absolutely 100% wrong. I have 4 guns in my house. I've never killed anyone, pointed them at anyone, or even thought of using them on another person. We hunt, and shoot targets or clay pigeons, not people. There's also the argument for self defense too. I know a lot of young women who have a gun in their house for this reason. One of my friends, she's 5'4" and 105 lbs. So in other words, if someone breaks in there's nothing she could do to stop it. However, if she has a gun it's even. That's how she (and I) see it, they make it possible for someone who would otherwise be too old, too young, too sick, too small, or too weak to defend themselves have a chance to survive an altercation. There's also that banning guns does nothing to take guns out of the hands of criminals. The two years after the UK banned handguns after Dunblane, handgun crime rose 40%. Why? Because criminals are criminals.
  8. One year at 500k again, if he wants more or a multi year contract, some other team will have to provide it.
  9. Really provided some good sandpaper tonight. IMO sit Spacek and keep Mara in tomorrow.
  10. I think Mara needs to return for the next game in Spacek's place. He was awful the other night. (So was Sopel, but Spacek was worse).
  11. ^ Agreed, we'd be better off with Mara in the lineup than Pyatt.
  12. Mara-White-Moen. Gill-Subban The Chara killing line
  13. I don't know if leaving Mara out is the smartest move. I think I'd rather have him in than Sopel. I know it's nice to have 3LH and 3 RH D, but I think Mara provides size and toughness out front, and against the Bruins that could be crucial.
  14. I'd much rather have Mara on our third pairing than Gill though, Mara's still (relatively compared to Gill) younger, and faster. I think Mara-Wisniewski could be a dynamite third pairing. I'd like to see Spacek traded, Hamrlik, Wisniewski, Markov, and whichever is cheaper between Mara or Gorges resigned. Markov-Subban or mystery #2 D-man' Hamrlik-Subban or other D man Mara/Gorges-Wisniewski I think that would be a very well balanced D corps, Hamrlik still has enough in the tank to be a top 4 guy, as long as he's not the #1 D-man on the team like he has had to be the last 2 seasons, he'll be fine. Markov is too good to just let him walk, we need to resign him, that's all there is to it. I still think Subban has a way to go until he's a legitimate top pairing defenseman (if he ever is a top pairing guy at all), so if we could find another top 4 guy to play beside Markov, that'd be great. How about this trade from NHL 11? Gomez and a 1st rounder for Shea Weber? That would work ... if only it was that easy.
  15. Mara seems a lot faster, much more physical, and just all around much more solid this time with the Canadiens. To the point where I wouldn't mind signing him as a #5 guy. Plus, he has an awesome beard, and that has to count for something
  16. What's that one Will Ferrell movie where he plays an adult that never really grows up and screams a lot? Cause I saw that one on the weekend
  17. There was a post on TSN's facebook recently, asking "if you were a GM, and you had one space left on your roster, and you had to choose between Sean Avery and Matt Cooke, which one would you pick?" I'd go with Avery. Avery's just a little "shift" disturber, he just runs his mouth, and is actually a half decent player in his own right. Cooke is just a reckless moron.
  18. Halpern's "save" on the PK shows exactly what role he should be playing. He's not a top 6 forward, that's that.
  19. I've never bought a car yet (I'm 16), but I agree with you here. Even looking at the cheapest cars, instead of paying $14k for a brand new compact car with no options, you could pay 14k for a 30 thousand dollar car that's a few years old. On topic, that Trans Am is/was a sharp looking car!
  20. The worst part is that my locker is in the hallway with a few popular kids. Everyone goes to talk to them, and they all stand in the middle of the hall, it's like a preppy tumour in the halls.
  21. Good game from what I saw, but the giveaway on the Thrasher's goal wasn't so good...
  22. True. Mara, Gill, Sopel... Are they not veteran enough? The poster below me thinks Gauthier will make a relatively large trade tomorrow.
  23. Wow, he's a lot faster than I remember!
  24. I only saw the first 2 periods yesterday, but Mara looked pretty good IMO.
  25. From what I've seen, he's a #4 D-Man and is a great presence on the PP. Him and Markov would be dynamite.
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