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  1. Damn Pacioretty! Broke Wisniewski's point streak!
  2. From Down Goes Brown (Leafs comedy Blog) Montreal Canadiens The good news: Carey Price has established himself as one of the best goaltenders in the league, so they should be able to get a couple of average prospects for him in the offseason. The bad news: Sources say that recently acquired defenceman James Wisniewski has made the team's traditional off day games of charades increasingly awkward. Worth mentioning: Are still trying to figure out how they can raise somebody's number to the rafters during the Heritage Classic game. The road ahead: The trade deadline acquisition of Alexei Kovalev for a fifth round pick will probably seem like a good idea until they realize he now plays all his shifts wearing skate guards.
  3. To be fair, the Penguins took Fleury 1st overall in 2003, and we took Halak 271st
  4. I guess that's true, but regardless I still think a 2nd and a 5th is a pretty solid deal for a top 4 D-man with offensive upside and a good physical edge.
  5. I still can't believe what a good deal this trade was. We got the Wiz for David Fisher and a 5th round pick which we got back by trading Lapierre. Pierre Gauthier has not made a bad move in his time here in my opinion.
  6. Great player, he's a good guy to throw out there in place of Cammalleri on the Pleks line towards the end of the game when we're defending a lead. He's dynamite in the faceoff circle. Great deal for $600K
  7. He's big, he's bald, he's Alex Auld. Good game last night, I think Auld's a great fit for the team. If Price falters for a few games, Auld will certainly be able to "Carey" the load.
  8. nice goal tonight. I want to see Pouliot given a proper chance (10-15 games) with Gomez-Gio before we put him on the fourth line again.
  9. Here's mine, Carey Price .png, a gradient tool, and a text box. Took a grand total of 5 minutes.
  10. True The poster below me has a driver's licence.
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