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  1. Agreed on all counts. I like what I see in Prust. Great with the kids.
  2. In my opinion he lay on the ice as if he was seriously hurt. Arms stretched out, head down, laying montionless until the whistle blew. He may have been a little shaken up but not that bad. He didn't dive persay but he did embellish. Immediately afterwards he was standing on the bench, a little hunched over, watching to see what was being called. He didn't appear to be in that much pain. I taped the game and watched the play a few times. His hips made contact with the top of the boards and it may have hurt a little but not enough, in my mind, to lay motionless.
  3. I never thought he'd be the type to feign injury like that. I hope that was a really small blip on his radar. Love the player, love the toughness, didn't like the act last night. The refs made the right call.
  4. Elliot Lake is correct. Now can you figure out where I live now. Sorry about the double post, I'll figure it out sooner or later.
  5. I grew up in a small northern Ontario town, thus the EL. I am a big HABSFAN of course. I now live in the TORonto area. I was too young to remember the 4 cups won in the late '60s. I do, however, remember the 6 in the '70s. What a great hockey childhood. I finally joined the Forum to add my two cents here and there to be part of the fun.
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