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  1. Awesome band, guess you know about Infectious Grooves aswel?! Check them out. Funky fun band with Muir on vocals too. ~System Of A Down - Peephole~
  2. Wow, I saw some smashing signatures around already !! Nice work. Well, because I'm not really good at stuff like this myself I wanted to ask if someone would be kind enough to make me one? It will be much appreciated and, of course, including the deserved credits for the maker. Now, I was thinking of a sig with Markov, maybe Lapierre. And since I really have no idea how and with wich pictures, I'll let the maker do his/her thing. Thanks in advance and if you need more info or anything, let me know. Martin.
  3. Hello to everyone, My name is Martin and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm 36 years old and I've been a Habs-fan since the year 1995...(yes, the ' Roy-9 GA-Detroit-game ' and the last season at the Forum) Why the Habs, I can hear you asking?!...well...back in '95 I saw a game on the Dutch TV (satellite at someone else's house) between the Habs and the Leafs which the Habs won 4-3. (October 21st, 1995) Since then I got hooked on the Habbies and allowed myself to look into their history, players etc etc... I've been following it all since then, though not on TV unfortunately, mostly through this website and later the forum. Never been much of a "poster" , but now I thought...ey..why not.. Anyway, hockey here in Holland is by far not as big as it is in Canada but I love the game and the Canadiens. Over here it's all football, cycling and to some extend field-hockey. It's one of my dreams to visit Montréal one day and attend at a Habs-game... Some of my favourite Habs-players; Quintal #5, Markov #79, Gorges #26, Koivu #11, Cournoyer #12. Well, nice to meet you and see you around
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