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  1. I've really been wondering about the whole autograph signing for a while...

    Why didn't he just take the signing outside? I mean, maybe there was more involved, like he had to go, or something, but I would have gone outside and signed autographs there, if I were him :wacko:

    ...But, anyway...

    Thank you, Jaro, for everything. Good luck in St. Louis

    It looked like it was in some sort of hockey shop so their may have been some sort of promotional value to the whole event which is why it was not done outside of all the mall. That would be excellent advertising for the shop and i'm sure they got lots of purchases of jerseys and such.

    Oh and Halaks new mask is SICK!

  2. I just watched a couple movies that are probably generally off the main stream movie map but ended up being pretty good.

    Walking Tall (The Rock) - 8.5/10 Solid movie. I actually really liked it but mostly because the rock was just so darn awsome in this movie. I won't spoil anything he does but lets just say he is the coolest sheriff you will ever see. And all the supporting actors in it were pretty good. It actually ended up being quite funny when i think it was supposed to be serious, but oh well it was still a solid movie.

    Last Legion- 7.5/10 (Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley) Very underrated movie. Colin Firth and Kingsley both played solid in it and it had a pretty good plotline although there was a bit to much lame to really call it a great movie. But it wasn't bad. A good rent, sort of reminded me of a low budget Gladiotar (which for the record is 10/10). And the kid who plays Ceaser is a total tool, he brought the movie down from 8/10. I think i might actually be generous with the 7.5 but at the lowest 6/10.

    Scott Pilgrim. 10/10.

    Really? I heard it was a huge flop and a generally awful movie.

  3. What's so stunning? The margin between a good season and average season often comes down to a couple of players. Look at the post-conference title season, Higgins, the PP and Kovalev took a nose dive and the rest of the team went with it.

    The habs have many stable parts, one would assume that the core millionaires are going to bring it, as are the veteran d-men. The 3 biggest variables at this time are:

    1 - Carey Price: Does the fresh out of AHL or fresh out of buffet kid show up? Nobody knows but he plays the most important position. So, he's the biggest key.

    2 - PK Subban: Will he continue his brilliance or will his risky style of play become a hazard? Can he do it for a full year at the NHL level, especially since Markov will be out at the beginning? Nobody knows, but he's likely going to be slotted in as our PP QB and top 3 d-man, so he is a huge key, almost as big as Price.

    3 - Benoit Pouliot: Why him? Because with his skill set and linemates if he elevates his play, he can make his line dangerous every shift, which has a domino effect on the Plekanec line because some nights the Chara's would have to cover the Gomez line instead of just shadowing Cammy and Pleks. So, I stand by my statement. Benny having a solid season solidifies the Top 6 and makes our forward corps as a whole more functional, which is why he's the 3rd biggest key to the season.

    Without a solid season from Puliot, we cannot count on our offense for a solid, consistent total.... or at least the first line. When Puliot was rolling last season the totals for both Gionta and Gomez increased. He had a very solid season last year before injury with the habs so i think that he may be able to do the job this season. But another thing is that he is not replacable. Unless Eller is ready to move up to the top line Moen was okay, but nothing special with the Gio- Gomez combo. Nobody else is going into that position unless Puliot drops to the second line and AK46 moves up to the top line, something that i don't see happening. He is a huge factor to how our offense fairs this year. Price = Goaltending , Subban= Defense, Puliot= Offense. These are the keys to this position for the season.

  4. I just saw Inside Man with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen. I'd give it a 7.5/10 not a bad movie, kind of slow and confusing but when you look back on the movie you realize just how creativly crafted it was. It was a good movie, not great but i was impressed. I didn't this Denzel played one of his better roles in this movie, but Clive Owen was exceptional, Cristopher Plummer wasn't too bad either. All in all not a bad movie.

    I also just saw S.W.A.T with Colin Farell and Samuel L. Jackson. I wasn't a big fan of Colin Farell from training day but this one was really good i'll give it a 8.5/10. It had a great plot and although i'm not a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson either, this was the best movie i have seen him in since STAR WARS, and he was probably better in this one. Very fast action packed movie.

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