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  1. Hopefully he turns it on for the playoffs
  2. Keep in mind, Thornton has a strange complex with hating the habs. Remember when he sprayed PK with the water bottle and tried to play stupid about it? He wasn't "answering the bell", he also once whined to the media about PK dropping down to take a shot and "ducking" from an oncoming elbow from Thornton, I say let him talk, Emelin may not be a superstar defenseman but hes still 100x the hockey player that Thornton is
  3. That Lindgren guy is ok too
  4. I honestly wouldn't be upset if we got Vanek back
  5. I was gonna say if Dudley is there it is probably a big deal. But isn't Dudley from Buffalo or something? Either way, must be a good sign.
  6. How could I not?
  7. My names Hatethosebruins, I left for a long time and came back once in a blue moon. I miss it here. I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure I don't leave again.
  8. I know. Im sorry. Please take me back.
  9. This is great news.
  10. I'll take one Boucher, Please.
  11. So how many teams are there?
  12. Basically my point. I saw on another forum someone posted had that been Price the league would have thrown the book at the player who hit him. I guess they forget pretty easily sometimes
  13. Mine was close though right?
  14. Its possible that was just the starting point, and Bowman was hoping to work Bergevin down to a more reasonable deal. I wouldn't even trade Beaulieu for Saad straight up TBH.