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  1. Not really sure how I feel tbh. Its hard to not get excited about Drouin. But i there are no other REAL moves to acquire centres that can dish the puck out, or a top 4 d man to alleviate Markov's minutes, Im probably chalking this move up to politics and pandering to the media. I do wonder as well how this is going to affect Radulov negotiations. At the end of the day, we really need to focus on our defense and our strength up the middle, so acquiring a winger for a blue chip defenseman doesn't make logical sense to me, but at least we got a winger with really good upside. Drouin should hopefully be a first liner for us.
  2. Hopefully he turns it on for the playoffs
  3. Keep in mind, Thornton has a strange complex with hating the habs. Remember when he sprayed PK with the water bottle and tried to play stupid about it? He wasn't "answering the bell", he also once whined to the media about PK dropping down to take a shot and "ducking" from an oncoming elbow from Thornton, I say let him talk, Emelin may not be a superstar defenseman but hes still 100x the hockey player that Thornton is
  4. I honestly wouldn't be upset if we got Vanek back
  5. I was gonna say if Dudley is there it is probably a big deal. But isn't Dudley from Buffalo or something? Either way, must be a good sign.
  6. My names Hatethosebruins, I left for a long time and came back once in a blue moon. I miss it here. I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure I don't leave again.
  7. Basically my point. I saw on another forum someone posted had that been Price the league would have thrown the book at the player who hit him. I guess they forget pretty easily sometimes
  8. Lets just be happy that for once a shoddy call went our way. But seriously, Gallagher cant be crashing the crease like that, its too reckless. And if that happened to Price, we would all be very upset.
  9. Not like they have very many options over there in Toronto anyways
  10. It means you pay less which is convenient for you, so they charge you for that.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post but hey why not. If you are looking to buy a jersey I would highly recommend buying one of the new ones. They are fantastic
  12. Hoping he gets his chance in the lineup soon. Would much rather have him proving himself on the bottom pairing than Tom Gilbert. I don't want to give up and trade him just yet, but part of me thinks he might be better off in a different organization.
  13. I'm with you Kinot. It boggles my mind people who ride too closely behind a motorcyclist. You can easily kill them, so its really not worth it. Also not a fan of motorcyclists who are too risky on the road, too many lane changes, speeding, not wearing proper clothing, and lane splitting. I don't get why they think thats a good idea.
  14. Oh god not the alley! I forgot all about that. Is FH_10 still the king there?
  15. Hello My name is hatethosebruins and Im glad to be here
  16. Not to be spreading rumors but there was one I saw that he said to a reporter he had trouble sleeping all summer, with headaches. He looked good before he got concussed by Orr, so it wouldn't surprise me if he has some post concussion issues. I always thought he was playing through injuries alot, alot of times he was, but the effort was definitely not there 100% of the time. Hope he can still find an NHL job eventually though.
  17. Been getting back into reading during my free time. Was hoping to start an interesting discussion and get some suggestions. I have recently read: Lions in Winter: A MUST read for any habs fan. The first version ended after the 86 cup, an updated one after the 94. An indepth look at the canadiens from inception with interviews from all sorts of people involved with the team. Great read. Anchorboy: Funny book, interesting if you watched Jay and Dan on sportscentre. Also worth reading if you are trying to get into broadcasting as he gives some helpful info. All The Way: Jordin TooToos autobiography. Great read and very emotional. Didn't give alot of interesting stories or anecdotes on stuff that happened on the ice during his career, was hoping to read into things that happened in the locker room or even for instance his hit on miller but he kept alot of the info about his family which is still well worth the read. An interesting insight on a controversial player. Common Ground:Another great read. Trudeau gives alot of interesting details on his life, well worth it if you are into politics. Currently reading Ken Drydens the game, and am thoroughly enjoying it.
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