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  1. he won't even be nominated for the calder with this class of rookies.. and he's nothing like Gally
  2. I found that funny.. oh well whatever works right!
  3. His season stats weren't that impressive :/ although he had much more penalty minutes then his teammates
  4. Right now Fucale's stats are.. Season Team GP W L T Mins GA SO GAA SH SAV% SGA GAS SSH SSA% 2013-14 Halifax 11 7 4 - 669:09 29 - 2.60 299 0.903 26.8 1 13 0.923
  5. The trap system is a huge reason for Marty's wins anyways :PTo think he had Stevens and Niedermayer in front of him!!
  6. I agree with you about Forsbergs injuries... But Sackic is one of my childhood hero's Salt lake city that amazing goal.. so forsberg had stiff competition. If you were to ask me who the best goalie ever is I would say Roy not Broduer.. ahhh nastaglia
  7. As a kid i was a huge an of the Avs.. Roy was traded and so was my loyalty to the habs for a bit.. anyways i always perfered Sakic to Forsberg, both were great players though. Sorry both were phenoms
  8. I haven't seen him skating with his head down
  9. He's been doing great so far, he's outlasted Hudon, Leblanc, Fucale..His fist game he was all over the ice, Set up two goals as well.
  10. He'll make the fourth line dangerous, I think in the NHL that's where he'd be the most dangerous at 10 minutes a game, energy shifts and penalty killing.
  11. Well according to sbnation i do believe it wasMike is now 6'5 237, most of that isnt lean muscle yet once his body matures he'll most likely weigh in around 245 - 250 with his puck protecting skills and if he can improve his skating and become a strong reliable skater he won't need speed because he'll be bulldozing his way to the net, it'd take two defenders at least to stop him and that would open up space for Gally A
  12. Frank never weighed 230 and he wasnt 6'5
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