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  1. Woot i have close to three k in profile views.. am i popular or what!?

  2. they called jaro joseph on cbc...

  3. 0-2 with markov back???

    1. ColRouleBleu


      Send the bum to the pressbox! :P

    2. MkGee


      trade him for scraps hes so over payed...but i actually hada good trade planed out for us...markov and kristo for seabrook and sharp

  4. JM put halpern and beniot on the second line and teach gomez a leason by making him play only 10 mins tonight

    1. Lizardking89
    2. roy_133


      What has Gionta done to warrant his position? If you're going to teach Gomez a lesson Gionta should be in the same boat.

    3. powerplay2009


      I think Gionta might perform better without the C, although better linemates might help.

  5. i say we win the rest of the games

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