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  1. I won't live to see my 20 bday Dec 27 too bad the world ends 6 days before.
  2. Rye bread is gross yuck.. I love pasta's any pasta i'll eat, the spicier the better too, I wanna cry when i'm eating my food keeps my metablism up
  3. I got this.. ima keep tabs on this post.. and what does the winner get a free Habs jersey
  4. Is there anyone else here who is below the age of 25 (sorry if you're over) who wishes music was not about material things or love 24/7.. that crap drives me up the wall.. hard to find any music that talks about things that a normal person can relate to.. heck i wouldn't mind if the song had something to do with the good life as long as it was creative.
  5. False the poster below me laughs when people get hurt doing stupid things.
  6. I'm not french i do think we should have french players.. but you know who else wants french players.. everyone... and it's because of the media and french canadiens that they(french players) may not want to come here to be judged and scrutinized every time they make a bad play or what not... it sure happened with MR and he went to dallas and played outstanding, making trades and getting better players( regardless of where they are from) is going to be the only way we can attract french players.. but imho i dont care where they are from as long as they win the cup.. every player on the team could be from russia and it wouldn't bother me as long as we won.
  7. just bought season tickets yeaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Didn't we have a famous habs fan thread.. and if i do remember correctly nobody mention this man
  9. ATM he is the starter? Don't forget how young the d core is in front of him in fact the whole team tbh.. and last pre season he played a game or two and looked fantastic.. i see him as a back up goalie in the NHL in 4 years.
  10. 6'1 190 sounds exciting.. i can't help but thinking he would of made the team had there been NHL hockey this year. Oh well DD played in the ECHL and he's not too bad
  11. Well he was considered the best dman in the league so im not surprised.
  12. Wow i had no idea they didn't win a cup.. i thought in the late 90'2 they won one.. i mean i know about hull and everything but i thought prior they might have been cup champs.
  13. did they resign nolan? i wish we could of mae an offer on king.. he's a massive beast who's great at playing offense on a fourth linr.. watching him drive players into the boards and fight off checks really impressed me.. imo he'll be a top six guy one day.
  14. with suter gone itll be obvious he'll become the A captain... i'd rather have him back though
  15. Karlsson is incredibly fast but man is he small im surprised he hasn't gotten injured.. but there is plent of time for that to happen.. i don't like how mouthy he is.. he'll get what's coming to him.
  16. They better blackhawk it before these guys want serious money.. i have a wishlist of who i want from this team when the youngins want more money
  17. I hope the enjoyed the playoffs.. we'll see ya there in another 10 years or so
  18. Kane is a beast i was soo hoping to to steal him from the jets.. They need a better defense though... i mean they have a fat guy that they try to get 20+ mins out of... i do believe the habs have proved how horrible the defence for the jets is. Great offense though. Pavelec im not sold on yet.. i compare him to hiller he had a great season but after that he got injured and i don't know what to think now.
  19. He is quite the player but has an attitude and no doubt is quiteeeeee injury prone lol.. sedin sister's too scared to battle.. the defense isn't capable so they need to trade robby lou for a top 3 dman. janik hansen is really great.. probably should not have traded hodgson.. i would have trade RK17 instead. I believe they are grasping at straws to try and become cup contenders they were but imo they were pretenders.
  20. what a waste of a 1st round pick.. could care a less if he's [k's bro ya he is athletic but how dare anybody compare him to price.. he doesnt have the technique price had when carey was in the CHL.. this guy only makes saves because he is athletic.. I saw him play and then went back and watched Price in the chl and other then the athletic attributes they both share the comparisons end.
  21. This team will make the playoffs when hockey returns.. three excellent center's good wingers.. a good deep d core and great goaltending.. it wont be much of a wings avs rivalry anymore but for a different reason then we are used to.
  22. I can't wait for this team to bite the bullet.. Datsyuk zetterberg old and after him they have no body that can even produce on their own.. franzen meh maybe, I do believe he benefits from Both HZ and PD... you look at the defence.. hahah they have nobody now.. even Kronwall doesnt put offense up most nights.. and finally Howard will suffer without Kronwall ROFL
  23. Price money for the other Kari... whatever i guess.. he has gotten in shape no doubt thanks to GR but wouldn't give him that type of money. I like the way the team is built though.. big and spread out with depth.. but they better attract younger players.. how many of their top 6 are older then 30? or even 33?
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